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Found 35 results

  1. Just noticed one (out of 100) of my blue tilapia is now much darker at the back 1/3 tail-end of his body. Growing and eating fine. They are approximately 1 month old and in a 500 gallon tank. Is this a sign of disease? Thanks.
  2. I have another thread here but the title is no longer applicable as its about goldfish, and I'm setting up for betta and tilapia aquaponic tanks. Don't worry I won't be house the species together. If you're curious what MTS stands for its multi tank syndrome aka having a lot of tanks.. seeing as I am at 19 aquariums and possible getting another its safe to say I have mts... at this moment only 1 of the 19 is an aquaponic system but I'll soon have 2 75gs (for tilapia) and 4 betta tanks also set up for growing edible plants (total will be 7 of 20 tanks used for aquaponics). I come into the hobby with an aquarium hobby background. I've kept fish and aquatic plants for several years. I've also do a lot of riparium work-its pretty much the same as aquaponics only different being I use non edible plants and roots are right in the tank (instead of separate grow bed). I had an NFT system setup for a while a few years back which successfully grew lettuce and I think cilantro. The pleco (south American catfish) I had int eh tank below grew too lager and his poop kept clogging the canister filter I used so I re-homed him and took the aquaponics down. in April 2016 I got back into aquaponics again as I got some fancy goldfish and wanted to extra help with water quality. I ended up with some monster lettuce and a decent sized cucumber before taking those plants out and doing peppers:jalapeno and Pasilla Bajo. Next post will be quotes from old thread. All new posts/updates will be in this thread.
  3. So I've kept pet fish (non edible) for several years and use a dewormer called Prazipro, works great.. Now I'm prepping to keep tilapia as a food fish and was curious what others use as a dewormer medicine? Side question: how much of this dewomer medicine do you use per gallon (or per pound of fish)?
  4. I am setting up my first aquaponics system and I am considering either tilapia, bluegill, or crappie. Which would you suggest? I live in KY and tilapia require a license. My favorite to eat is crappie but I mostly find information on bluegill. Since they are both sunfish, they can't be that much different to raise.
  5. Pure Strain Blue Tilapia (Oreochromis Aureus) Fry and Small Fingerlings Available FREE sample of Premium Fish Food Co. Tilapia PowerStart Fry Powder or Crumble to get you started This is a picture of one of our young female Blue Tilapia with her offspring A Few Words about our Blue Tilapia Our Blue Tilapia are a 100% pure line. We use no hormones and no dangerous chemicals. Our fish are free from any kind of genetic modification. They are known for fast growth and fantastic cold water tolerance (down to 45 degrees). Our various Tilapia lines are used by a host of educational institutions throughout the US, and we supply fish to many commercial operations as well. They are high quality fish, and we believe them to be some of the best Blues available in the US. We are big enough to handle larger volume orders, but we primarily cater to backyard operations, home aquaponics growers, pond owners and farmers market growers. You should expect to get a roughly 50/50 mix of males and females in every shipment. We also include a free sample of Premium Fish Food Co. Tilapia food that is appropriately sized for your fish. More info on PFC Tilapia Foods can be found at www.premiumfishfood.com. Shipping Information and Live Arrival Guarantee We guarantee live arrival of your fish. White Brook Tilapia Farm (tilapiasource.com) takes great care to ensure you receive healthy fish. We carefully pack our fish in a special double insulated shipping container with just the right amount of conditioned/ammonia stabilized water and pure oxygen and ship them to you via UPS Overnight shipping. During the winter months, when temperatures are on the low side, we also place a special heat pack in the container just to make sure your fish travel as safely and comfortably as possible. We add some extra fish to take care of that extremely rare occasion when a few of them don't make the trip alive. Usually this just means you get a few extra free fish as we rarely experience mortalities in transit. We will replace fish or provide a refund for any shortages due to mortalities. Questions? Feel free to contact us! info@tilapiasource.com
  6. I am in the planning stage of a new RAS. I have been reading my Small Scale Aquaculture book and it has answered a few of my unknowns. It has also raised some new questions. Having had an aquaponics system running for a little over 2 years, I thought I knew what I was getting into. Nope, this is a new game. So, now I am wondering what to use as a bio-filter. Van Gorder suggest that his RBC is the way to go with a 2000 gallon pool, but he uses 2 55 gallon clarifiers. I am thinking of using a 12 ft. (2000 gal.) above ground pool to raise blue tilapia in central Florida. I was planning on using a 55 gallon radial flow filter for the solids, a 150 gallon Skippy filter for the ammonia and nitrites and a separate tank growing duckweed for the nitrates. My main objective is to avoid water changes. What do you guys think?
  7. Hi all, I am in need of some expert help on why my fish are dying at a rate of 1-3 per day for two weeks now. I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the problem is. Let me give you all the particulars first: I have been running an IBC tote system in a greenhouse for 9 months now (based on Murray Hallum's IBC system) which is a 275 gallon tank with three 4x4.5 foot grow beds and a sump tank. I am using one pump to push water from the sump to the grow beds and fish tank. The fish tank return to sump tank is by gravity siphon and each grow bed is a flood and drain system with a bell siphon in each. The grow beds have hydroton material as substrate and are currently full with tomatoes, green onions, swiss chard, arugula, cucumbers, kale and sweet potato(all greens with no potato). I had around 50 (now more like 35) happy tilapia fish growing in my tank until around two weeks ago when all of a sudden I am experiencing fish death on a regular basis. My levels are currently set at: PH 7.2 (this is the only variable that changed in the past month), AMMONIA: 0.25, NITRITE 0, NITRATE 80-100. I run 7 air diffusers, with a cascading return from the sump tank to the fish tank. The temperature of the water is around 85-90 degrees, but I don't have fish gasping for air. I can see the bottom of the tank, so it's not a waste build up, yet I have been performing water changes every three days. The dead fish seem to have a redness around their gills and when they are about to die, I see some swimming slower and listing to the side at the bottom of the tank. I added about 5 kg salt to hopefully try and offset any stress they were experiencing, but don't see any difference in amount of loss. I was wondering if anyone else have had these problems all of a sudden and what solutions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  8. So I'm getting ready to fill my system once again for another summer (and hopefully winter this time) of Aquaponics joy. I was wondering should I paint my tanks black before I fill them? I was wondering this for two reasons. One it should cut down on the algae population and two to help over winter the tank when the time comes. Thoughts? (EDIT: If a mod could please move this to Aquaponics that's where I meant to post it and I don't see a way to delete it. Thanks!)
  9. Hi, We're starting a new aquaponics system (been running for almost 2 months now) and are having problems with fingerlings dying (1-2 every 1-2 days). The system has matured enough that a range of large fish have been living there comfortably now for the past 3 weeks (had some issues during cycling there but nothing since) and they're generally quite active and feed well. The water parameters all look healthy, Temp between 26-29 deg C (tropics! :-)), ph between 7.2 and 7.6, ammonia < 0.25, nitrite < 0.25, KH between 2-4 deg, sadly hardly any nitrates either but with a very low stocking density (about 15 larger fish for a 6m3 fish tank, 30m2 media bed system) that is not too surprising I guess and obviously shouldn't be causing problems with the fingerlings either. I have used the fingerling supplier multiple times before without any problems but this time it seems like we have something detrimental in the system. I'm attaching some pics which seem to show some kind of infection? Can somebody with more fish knowledge maybe help identify what the issue might be and what we can do to remedy the situation? Thanks!
  10. I am shutting down a system and have 100+ Blue Tilapia, juveniles and adults (including breeders) I will give away to a good home. You must be able to transport the fish from Fort Lauderdale, FL area. Email me at jimjallen@aol.com if interested.
  11. I have been into aquaponics in my backyard for over two years now and I am still learning. Now I am planning on getting an aquaculture venture going using above ground pools. I have already found that it is a different game and I accept the challenge. You can see my setup on YouTube by searching for HOWponics. Glad I found my way to the Aquaponics Nation.
  12. Have this system in mind. A picture is worth a 1000 words. Will this work?
  13. Allied Aqua is running a sale on Blue Tilapia Fingerlings. 59 cents each with a minimum purchase of 50 fingerlings. Live Blue Tilapia Fingerlings on sale - 59 cents each Excellent chance to get a great deal and support one of our sponsors at the same time.
  14. I have put together a 10 barrel aquaponics system with an IBC for my fish tank (total system is about 400 gal). I have been cycling for about 3 weeks now and looking to put fish in soon. Does anyone have a recommendation on how many fish I should start with in my system? I am thinking about 75? But I really dont have anything concrete to base that on. Also, is Blue Tilapia a good choice? I live in the Bay Area in Ca and I have been tracking my water temps at 46 deg F for a low and 70 deg F for a high. Does anyone have any recomendations on where to purchase? Thanks everyone!
  15. Here's a great deal for you bargain shoppers out there! We routinely have some extra fingerlings from every production cycle, so we combine them and offer them at a special price to make sure we keep fish efficiently moving from the hatchery. These are the same high quality pure strain tilapia we always provide. They are not hybrids. The fish will be around 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/2 inches. Usually around 1 inch. Typically, you will receive an assortment of at least two pure strain varieties of the following: Blue Tilapia, White Brook White Nile Tilapia, Red Nile Tilapia, Hawaiian Gold Tilapia or Wild Color Mozambique Tilapia. If you don't have a particular strain preference, and are just looking for some high quality tilapia at a fantastic price, this special is for you! Minimum order of 50 fish required. Quantity discounts also apply! Buy 50 for $0.99 each Buy 100 for $0.89 each Buy 500 for $0.79 each Buy 1000 for $0.69 each Buy 5000 for $0.49 each NOTE: The fish will all be packaged together. They will not be separated by strain. No special requests for specific strains are allowed, sorry. If you want to be sure you get a specific strain, you should not order the hatchery choice special, but instead order the desired strain specifically. Hatchery Choice Tilapia Fingerlings For Sale
  16. Hi, I'm Bob, and new to the site as well as new to the world of aquaponics. I just designed, built, and started up my backyard AP system. I based it on 3 - 275 gallon IBC totes. I have 4 - 75 gallon grow beds filled with clay growing media and 2 - 200 gallon fish tanks (piped together as one). I'm afraid that in my excitement to get it all up and running, I jumped the gun in adding fish to my system. I had it running about a week and I couldn't stand it - I added fish. I did use some "seed" water (water from my friends established AP system) but I think that I have not got the proper bio components balanced and functioning properly yet. So the fish are stressing - gulping air. I have the water being oxygenated well with waterfall and air stones. It is my basic understanding that fish will also gulp air when the water chemistry is off, not just when water is not well oxygenated. I probably do not have enough plants going either to support the cycle. I do not have a specific filter (bio or mechanical) other than the grow beds and the strainer on the pump. I thought that these systems did not necessarily need special filtration - that the grow beds would provide that. Yesterday evening I did a partial water change (about 20%) and added some bottled pond bacteria product. This morning the fish are not gulping but they still seem sluggish and not that excited about eating. Any thoughts out there? Thanks, Bob Glad to be here!
  17. Hello, this is my first forum i have ever joined so looking forward to discussions. i have several systems currently in varying stagers of completion from small to this really big one: i would love some constructive criticism and discussion around the system regards and looking forward to sharing luke
  18. Since a lot of people seem to have their own thread that's dedicate to their system, I guess I'll start my own My main goal is to grow some blue tilapia here in Florida, with the plants mostly just for filtration and occasional snacking. I've found a few fairly cheap food-grade 275-gallon IBC totes and I'll probably grab a couple food-grade 55-gallon blue barrels in the near future, too. When I first started looking at various AP setups, I figured I'd do something along the lines of CHOP2. After reading about the limitations of it, I decided to take the advice of Gary and the rest and at least add a settlement tank to it to help filter out some of the solid waste. As I understand it, I'd want the sump tank pump feeding the FT, the FT draining into the settlement tank, the settlement tank draining into the GBs, and then the GBs finally draining into the sump tank. If I want to grow duckweed (as extra fish food, in addition to some extra O2 in the water during the day), could I just do that within the settlement tank? Or would I be better off having a separate tank for that, maybe between the settlement tank and the GBs? If I go with separate tanks, am I correct that the settlement tank would work best as a vertical barrel while the duckweed one is better in a horizontal (half) barrel for extra surface area? I'd probably want sump tank at least halfway in the ground just to make things easier (and look nicer), but that's about as far as I've gotten as to where things should go... Advice on how to arrange this all in the most efficient way is appreciated. First and foremost, where/how should I be pulling water out of the FT for settlement tank? I assume I'd want it to be as close to the bottom as I can get, but then how does that water get up and out from there, an additional pump within the FT? Or does gravity make this work "automagically" in a way that I am not quite grasping just yet? Lastly, would you recommend starting out with a dedicated fingerling tank? Or should I just use my sump tank for that?
  19. Hi, Finally joined and am interested in growing Blue Nile tilapia in Cold Canada. Basement system it is. Any tips? I'd love to hear them. Cheers, Greg
  20. Hello Aquaponics HQ members Great deal for your Golden Tilapia fingerlings needs, check us out at:
  21. Hello Aquaponics HQ members Great deal for your Golden Tilapia fingerlings needs, check us out at (Link Removed) -jobney Please review the Forum Rules here. http://www.aquaponicshq.com/forums/showthread.php/2-Forum-Rules
  22. White Brook Tilapia Farm is having their annual Summer Blowout Sale right now. Select tilapia strains are on sale for a limited time. Sale pricing is as follows: Blue Tilapia Fingerlings - 99 cents Hatchery Choice Tilapia Fingerlings - 89 cents For more information or to place an order, please visit www.tilapiasource.com. For even better pricing on large quantities, please shoot Sarah an email at sarah@tilapiasource.com. Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested! :-) Thanks, Kellen
  23. Hello APHQ family, I'm new here and excited in gearing up for my second season of backyard aquaponics. I'm looking for a supplier of tilapia fingerlings (in Canada) to raise in my greenhouse.
  24. I have a 150 gallon aquaponics system inside a greenhouse that I started in early May (greenhouse just closed in this month). I have 4 grow beds which equal 150 gallons and a 150 gallon underground fish tank with about 35 tilapia which are now 5 to 6 inches long. Everything has gone beautifully -- I've had an incredible crop of tomatoes, peppers, okra and basil. My fish are healthy and the water perfectly clear and balanced. I have red wriggler worms in all the beds. My problem is this morning I have an explosion of aphids in two of the beds, covering the gravel and the pepper and okra plants. Obviously I can't spray anything on them that could get into the water for the fish. Anybody have any ideas of what I can do? There are very few adult aphids (green) but thousands of white just-born ones.
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