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Found 13 results

  1. Hey, I'm putting together a business plan for a commercial pilot system. Something I have had difficulty finding is the wholesale price paid by distributors for various crops, so that I can begin some calculations determining the scale of the system. Are there any resources available online showing current market prices of various crops? Cheers
  2. Hi all, I am conducting research exploring the visionary ideas present in the field of aquaponics for a 2030 future, in accordance with an undergraduate dissertation project at the University of York, UK. The research includes conducting semi-structured interviews with EU based non-commercial and commercial practitioners to understand their opinions on what should be included in a shared vision for the field for 2030. Just posting to enquire whether anyone would be interested in being interviewed for this research? The interview should last 45 minutes at the most but can be shortened as much as is convenient for you. Also it can take place via Skype or telephone, whichever you prefer. Additionally, by participating you will also be entitled to receiving an executive summary of the findings, or the full dissertation once it has be completed should you so wish. However if you decided to withdraw from the research at any point you will still be entitled to receiving this. Please email jw2264@york.ac.uk if you would like to express your interest. Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you. All the best Jake
  3. We have a commercial sized 1280sf dwc Aquaponics system including all equipment along with a 35x96 Atlas Greenhouse for sale. It is 4 1/2 years old and must be sold in order to sell our home and property. Would like to sell as a complete package however will consider selling AP system and greenhouse separately. We are located in Western NC, Polk County. Please call for details 828-817- seven four four six
  4. We are selling our 3/2 home, 4.46 acres and commercial sized greenhouse with Aquaponics system in Columbus, NC. The Aquaponics system is mature and has been fully functioning for over three years. It has 1280sf of grow space, a 1500 gallon fish tank currently with approximately 105 catfish. We have a 300 gallon nursery tank which is plumbed into the main system for growing out fingerlings before transferring to the main tank. The commercial greenhouse was made by Atlas and is 35 by 96 and has 2 by 4 beams, a double layer of poly with air blown in between for rigidity. The side walls roll up and down for temperature control. This is a video of our home and property. https://youtu.be/rFclhwAmcJ4 http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/2560-Chesnee-Rd-Columbus-NC-28722/107056559_zpid/?view=public
  5. Can anyone suggest some funding ideas for my new aquaponics system I am going to build, I am based in South Devon, United Kingdom thank you
  6. Looking for others who want to help put together a large Aquaponics system in Ghana Africa. Three 800,000 Gallon Ponds, 10 Acres, Talapia and Catfish, Traditional Crops, medical herbs, Off Grid, Renewable Energy Implementation/Genset power system. This wil be a very large commercial based system looking for others who are interested and who have experience. Any takers, Thoughts? Thanks
  7. Hello! We started as backyard enthusiast and we are making the leap of doing aquaponics at a commercial scale. Check out our new company video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83jA4AvlCE8 http://www.merchantsgarden.com
  8. HI Y'all, I have a small aquaponic farm in Central Texas, pictures and such can be viewed on the website (see link below). First, I will tell you about the configuration: 32' x 132' high tunnel, shade in summer, single poly in winter, no heat no cooling. From the 2200 gallon fish tank the water flows continuously to two 4' x 12' media/worm beds with a Flout (mechanical drain) in each to fill and drain 24/7. From here the water flows to a 110 gal stock tank (biofilter/clarifier/polisher/whatever you want to call it) rising from the bottom with 3 Matala filters (3 differing densities) and some bird netting then into the first trough of 2000 sq ft (2 - 2' x 100' and 2 - 8' x 100'), where the pump pulls from the last trough back to the fish tank. I germinate in some nursery stands I have made in the green house when temp permits and otherwise in a heated or cooled room I have, depending on outside temps. Some back story, I started in aquaponics in May 2012, when I teamed up with a local farmer, bought the FAP DIY manual and built the first high tunnel and system from those designs. I had some previous experience with aquarium fish and hydroponics, but only at the small hobby level. I am pretty handy with construction and understanding how most things work so with the help of the internet we were off and running, so to speak. I learned pretty early on that working for the farmer was not going to be the experience I hoped for so started looking to get my own property and system running. In June 2013, I moved onto the present property and began building. With only the occasional help I got the new and improved system up and running with fish going in in early August. The improvements or some would say and I agree, necessities from the earlier build were the additions of the media/worm bed and the tank filter. A system without filtration is only asking for anaerobic activity, fish deaths and the wasting of time cleaning troughs of smelly anaerobic fish waste. By mid Oct. 2013 I had my first crop of lettuce and have grown around 16,000 products up till now (primarily lettuce, but also kale, Swiss Chard, couple types of basil, radicchio, Napa cabbage, bok choi, tatsoi and the list goes on, some with success some not). I was able to learn about the surrounding market demand (within 3 hours of me there are nearly 20 million people) while working at the first farm and used those contacts to develop my sales and marketing leads for my primary sales to wholesale buyers. In developing my business plan I also was looking at Farmer's Markets and my own CSA. For my wholesale buyers I was hoping to produce 500-900 products per week for 40-45 weeks of the year. For this first year I will be a little off the low number but I did go through many product losses, bugs and what not. I am still happy with the point I have gotten to but realize that I need to add another 2000- 4000 sq ft of growing area if I am going to make a better than break even living at this. I will also have to move from a simple one man operation to have 2-3 workers, mainly for harvesting, but also some planting. The above takes me anywhere from 30-40 hrs per week to run, but doubling grow space would not double time required as some synergies of scale could be achieved. I had envisioned the aquaponics to be the backbone of a small farming operation (microponics) with maybe a few dirt crops (eg. sweet potatoes, melons, squash) some chickens (eggs mainly for the Farmer's Markets and CSA), rabbits (good meat and would give my kids something to help with), vermiculture (I have all the waste from harvesting to compost), maybe some pigs and I always have other ideas coming but only so much time. I wanted to grow my own food and make a decent living while enjoying the work I do. There is much more I can write but will leave it with that and answer as many questions as I can, want or have time too.
  9. I've been working for some time now to come up with an affordable alternative to auto siphons. They may be fine for the home garden where you can fiddle with them and check daily, but in a commercial system (i.e. lots of media beds!) I want something more reliable and with more control. One of the other issues that I've dealt with is the heating/cooling effect of flood and drain beds. I manually alter my system by pulling out the siphons during the winter and turning my beds into either constant flood or wicking mode in order to minimize heat loss. If the sun is out, my greenhoused beds can actually pick up quite a bit of heat, so during the winter I can effectively heat up my water by turning the siphons on only during the day. Obviously this is really tedious to do by hand twice a day and I'd love some sort of method to automate this whole process. The ultimate level of control is to have a custom valve in each bed that is electronically controlled by a common irrigation timer. Each bed would be a zone and you can totally customize the flood and drain times for each. I'm still working on a prototype of this, but alternatively, I found some ready-made parts that are a bit too expensive to use on each bed, but that could be used to control a group of beds as a zone. For this to work, each bed needs 2 drains: one is just a hole at the bottom for when you want to drain the bed, the other is a stand pipe for when you want to flood. By opening or closing the outlets with an electronically-controlled valve you can decide when to flood and when to drain. Connect this up to one of the new wifi connected irrigation timers and you can automate or adjust it all remotely on your phone/computer! While this particular approach uses currently available parts, it does require more plumbing and a second drain taking up space in each bed.....something I'm not entirely happy with. The valve + actuator costs $120. Obviously too expensive to have one for every bed.
  10. Anybody have a sense for Friendly Aquaponics? Do you know anyone who's taken their classes, or bought a system from them? How do they compare to Nelson & Pade? Their system designs look impressive, though their website isn't all that professional. I'm curious about their reputation.
  11. Ok, there is no certification or qualification process yet. But what would it take to be a qualified aquaponics teacher to hold classes and teach the masses either backyard or commercial? I know that a few of you are more than qualified to teach but do not have the time or inclination to do classes. What would it take to become an apprentice of yours? There are many organizations that are self regulating that come up with standards for teaching and whether we like it or not this will be something that happens. Why not start it here with the best and most knowledgeable people in the business?
  12. Hi, My son and I have been experimenting with Aquaponics for the past 4 years and last year built a commercial facility in Londonderry New Hampshire. We are currently only at about 30% capacity plant wise as we cycle the system with four of the twelve 650 gallon fish tanks and two of the three 8' x 75' deep water beds in use. We also have an 8' x 12' NFT area and are experimenting with a few Zip towers. One of our problems was the importation of Tilapia into NH. It took us a while to obtain the licenses and find a breeder the meet the requirements of the NH Fish and Game. As a result we can tell you that tri tail Goldfish will grow as fast or faster from fry than Tilapia in 70 degree water in the same tank eating the same food. We are keeping the water warm with a high efficiency wood boiler that heats the curculating water through a heat exchanger in the sump tank. Because we are in NH and experience cold winters we built the fish and sump tanks in an insulated basement under the 96' X 34" greenhouse. We have a propane modine heater in the greenhouse set at 34 degrees to prevent the plants freezing during the current cold snaps. We are producing Kale, Swiss chard, Lettuce, Arugula and Mustard and have started selling a local farmers markets. If you would like to learn more go to https://www.facebook.com/victoryaquaponics and wish us luck, we may need it. Thanks Ross
  13. My name is Martin and I would like to introduce myself and tell Aquaponics Nation members about the upcoming Texas Commercial Aquaponics and Solar Greenhouse Training Course from January 13 to January 17 at Sand Creek Farm and Dairy in Cameron, Texas. Sand Creek Farm has three commercial aquaponics systems along with a raw milk dairy, farmstead cheese house and a vegetable CSA that provide food to over 225 families in central Texas. For more information about the course, check out [REMOVED]. Our setup is based on the Friendly system and our tanks stock bluegill and tilapia. We produce mainly lettuce and asian greens for commercial wholesale and we have a fourth hoophouse that uses aquaponics water for tomatoes, peppers, and fruit trees as well our experiments, and a demonstration mini system.
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