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Found 21 results

  1. -- UPDATE -- Solar-Powered Aquaponic-Hydroponic PARTS - FOR SALE Disassembly In Progress - I'm currently DISMANTLING my Custom-Designed, Ken-Built, Solar-Powered Aquaponics & Hydroponics Fish-And-Food System and SELLING THE INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS. It was designed to be modular and has already been taken apart and moved once ((from the back patio to the new greenhouse)) and everything except the 4'x4'x4' 400-gallon fish tank can be removed from the greenhouse and transported anywhere you want to take it for re-assembly and operation. NOTICE: This system will occupy a 16'x10'x10' space (greenhouse) and can run 24 hours/day off sunlight supplying you with more fish (Tilapia) and vegetables than two people can eat. And, yes, it's perfect for growing cannabis REALLY FAST too. Initial asking price is $500 for everything.. If seriously interested, call me 817-944-7373 or email KenWinters73@gmail.com or send me a Private Message on FB. As I take it apart I am saving some of the major components and bundling them up for easy transport and re-assembly. - If you enjoy DIY projects, this might be just what you need. View photos of the system in my Album (( SOLAR-POWERED AQUAPONIC-AND-HYDROPONIC SYSTEM...")) https://www.facebook.com/ken.winters.148
  2. Hello all, I have greenhouse which have currently 58 GB's, and would like to add to it 40 GB's more, however, i don't want to spend that much on plumping and all that. Therefore, since I am having four lines of GB's, I want to make siphon for each two lines of GB's, meaning at the end I'l' be having only two siphon if all that worked out though. The Q. here is, is that possible? If yes how? if not, why not? Here is what i have at the moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2cW2ew7J7U&t=803s TIA all
  3. Hello All, I am new to this forum. I would like to get some help from those who have experiance and can help me. I have an old green house in my farm, so i decided to make use of it since we didn't use it for a long time. Therefore, i decided to renew it and started my aquaponic in it with a total of 58 grow bed (IBC Tank). I connceted 1HP submersiable pump to the nearby fish pond (we have about 2000 Tilapia), the water comes and waters the grow bed for 45 minutes and then stops for 15 minutes. The plants aren't doing well! I honestly don't know why?! I tested the Ph last time and it was 7.6 I asked one of my local friends who have Hydroponic sysem and he said it might be because of the watering timing! He sugguest, i should water the plants for about 30 min. and stop the water for 3 hours and see how it goes, and if 3 hrs too much i should gradually decrease it to 2.5 hrs and so on till i get to the right level. <-- though I am hesitance about this; so thats why I searched in the net and came across this forum. I'll post a youtube video on what i've done and i hope i can see good feedback that will help me over comes this situation :-) Thanks all in Advance, Mohamed
  4. Growing With Fishes Aquaponic Cannabis Podcast Episode 53 w Joe Pate of Kentucky State University Aquaponic Hemp Research Program. He will be talking with us about his ongoing research into how aquaponics effects hemp production. They are currently running side by side testing of soil grown vs aquaponics and other studies. Will be a great episode you will not want to miss! Live 6:30 pm PST Thursday Link: Growing With Fishes Podcast
  5. @ anyone - Do these parameters hold true Inoculate and startup a new aquaponic system : If one just fills the aquaponic system with water and put fish in it, it will start up all by itself. You can’t prevent it from starting up unless you do something really dumb. To start it sooner (so you have vegetables to eat sooner) simply “inoculate” it with some of the nitrifying bacteria that occur naturally in aquaponics water to begin nitrification. We recommend operating your system with 0.3 pounds of fish per square foot of raft area or media bed. However, we suggest starting your system with 10-20% or so of this recommended operating amount of fish. There are two reasons for this: first, it is difficult and/or expensive to just buy a large amount (by weight) of live fish. Second, until your nitrifying bacteria get well established and numerous, you do not want to inject too much ammonia into your system, which is what “too many fish” will do. Ammonia levels of 3 ppm or over in your water will slow down or stop nitrification (and your system startup) in its tracks, because the nitrifying bacteria in your inoculant are inhibited by too much ammonia, even though it’s their “food”. Although there are some nitrifying bacteria present in the water itself, these bacteria are primarily “surface colonizers”, which means that they live in colonies on solid surfaces; this is sometimes called a “biofilm”. There is a limited amount of surface area for them to colonize in your brand-new aquaponics system, and as a result, there is a limited amount of bacteria; and a limited amount of nitrification can occur because they can only process a small amount of ammonia. But, as you put baby plants into your system during startup, you are adding a tremendous amount of surface area (the bacteria colonize their roots too!), and as your plants grow and increase their root area, the bacteria colonize them and increase exponentially until there are zillions of them, and they can handle an incredible amount of ammonia. Hoping to get some positive feedback. Regards
  6. There is an existing Aquaponic Plant in India which need to be revived. Enclosing the pictures and video of the unit. We have theoretical knowledge and would really appreciate if aquaponic growers can support us to run the system correctly. Was really impressed with iAV Systems for sand grow beds and will be changing one of the DWC systems into that. We have to understand the economic feasibility for the farmers in India. Also planning to introduce gravel media beds. Fish Tanks : 10,000 Liters, Grow Bed Area = 500 sqft, DWC=150 sqft, NFT=245 sqft, Vertical Towers = 100 sqft. Fishes : Tilapia and Barramundi 1WhatsApp Video 2017-03-29 at 7.44.57 PM.mp4
  7. I'm very interested in closed loop Aquaponic systems... Meanwhile.... I am also interested in the growth benifits of high pressure micron aeroponic systems. I'm certain a viable hybrid is possible... yet... I have not foud evidence of a true hybrid system. If anyone has seen this Aquaponics proverbial Unicorn I implore you to share. Thoughts are most welcome.
  8. A question was raised as to how pH effects fish growth. While the answer is likely species dependent, here is one study that shows growth to be similar at pH's many have argued are too low to grow fish at. I always feel it is good to question preconceived notions whether others, or our own. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0044848677901569 Anyone else has links to other studies, feel free to post them here.
  9. Hey there fellow APers! Me and my friend Peter from Hungary are preparing an aquaponic workshop-gathering in June, if you live near by you are most welcome to join us! Here's the info: Central European Aquaponic Jamboree 2012 15-17. june 2012 Kerekestelepi Thermal Bath & Camping – Debrecen – Hungary The goal: The goal of the jamboree is to meet echother, and to provide more information for those who are interested in aquaponics. The invited speakers are each respected experts of their profession and their presentations will help to promote the organic and simple agricultural production system – the aquaponics. As a part of the event’s agenda each participant will build a model aquaponic system. All these participants will therefore become ambassadors of aquaponics and healthy food as they are entitled to offer the prepared model educational systems for a primary school of their choice. More info: http://www.aquaponics.hu/blog/central-european-aquaponic-jamboree-2012/ Have a good day, Matej
  10. www.theurbanfoodforest.com is our home on the web. We have multiple aquaponic systems installed throughout Florida in schools and residences and enjoy teaching anyone that will listen about aquaponics. Great thing is that so many folks out there want to learn more.
  11. From the album: Urban Food Forest

    We had a great time showing teacher from around the country aquaponic and how it can be integrated into their schools.
  12. From the album: Urban Food Forest

    This is an example of our Aquaponic Victory Garden System. By utilizing items already out there we are able to offer the a great price for a large amount of grow space.
  13. From the album: Urban Food Forest

    The UFF Green Thumb system is 100 gallons system for growing great fish and vegies
  14. From the album: Urban Food Forest

    This is our smallest system at just about 36" tall and 18' round. Fun for indoors or out or add educational graphics to it for a great classroom project.
  15. I'm new and am looking to set up a system. Does any one have positive, negative, or other comments regarding the system I am planning on making?
  16. Just thought I'd add to what is currently happening with our current farm yields (none aquaponics) that seem to be going down and when this happens prices go up. All this and how this news may affect our food cost, food availability and knowledge in terms of what we are eating (organic, pesticide use or GMO's - GE [genetically modified organisms or genetically engineered foods). I feel it's important to understand that we should have more personal control over our food, our food sources and ways (aquaponics) to grow our own. Thank you for the opportunity to share with a great community of people trying to do the right thing. Ernie; Thank you again!
  17. Hello, I've decided not to waste my time by growing vegees in soil or even designing a hydroponic system. I decided to start from a point that is the best for now and for the future .. I mean if I want to expand it to a real business. After months of research I've come up with this idea that the features an aquaponic system has makes it perfect for a highly effective and natural growing system. There is no mystery in it. It's and has always been in the nature ... what you need is just a little concentration and study about the requirements and necessities.
  18. I'm sure many readers may have clicked this hoping for the said list, but I too am on the search for one. If one had the money, what could the total potential crop variety of an aquaponic system be? I've heard of people doing tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, potatoes, cucumbers, and strawberries. Anyone had experience with anything more interesting? How about types of trees? What if you planted an avocado tree in a large DWC in a greenhouse? Similarly, what plants grow well together on the same reservoir? Obviously that's the first limitation to what you can grow on the same tank, so we'll assume I'd have multiple tanks. The root of my question is, is there anything that has an absolutely low chance of aquaponic survival?
  19. for many years in tropical fish growing them in concrete ponds i have gain a better understanding on how bio bacteria,algie works. for the past few years i have build a backyard aquaponic system in which i grew lettuce,cucumber, tomato in a small space.Presently i have cucumber and tomato flowering and some green ones.
  20. Hi guy and gals my name is Josh I am 35 years old. I am happily married for 17 years but no kids. I have a fair amount of free time and love to garden. I have recently been learning about aquaponics and hyrdoponics. Both are very intriguing to me but I think my love of fish and keeping them will come in handy for me in my endeavor to make my first aquaponic system. I have watched countless videos and read many blogs and have finally settled on design and size to start out with. I am documenting my build and hope to have it done in the next couple weeks. I am converting a corner of my basement to this project and hope to be able to move one step closer to not needing store bought produce or other foods. I hunt and fish and eat the meat from both. Thanks for letting me join this forum and I look forward to learning from you guys. If you want to see what I've done so far visit my blog I started yesterday. I have quite a few pictures up. http://aquaponicbasementgarden.blogspot.com
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