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Found 1,963 results

  1. It does not really matter how you want to grow more food. Think beyond sand beds. Our children and grand children do not want greenhouse-gas emissions, poverty, and biodiversity loss. Let us do our bit whatever we can. Do something awesome! IAS = Aquaponics + Hydroponics + Organic Agriculture You can grow microgreens, greens, herbs, vegetables, fruits, fowls and small livestock using IAS methods.
  2. Wondering if anyone has tried to use a subterranean (below the frost line) evaporative cooling system to keep their water cool for raising trout and other cool temp fish in climates that reach 100 degrees plus. I'm suggesting essentially installing a small pool and swamp cooler in a storm cellar type enclosure, then recycling that water above ground into the stock tank.
  3. Fully operational 7800 sq ft greenhouse with mature aquaponic system. See flyer, call text or email if interested. Thanks Mike aquaponicsinfow:o.pdf
  4. Hello, we are planning after more than 5 years of trials, ups and downs, lessons learned , buffalo stomping through the greenhouse and developing a taste bud for red claw crayfish plus investing above 20.000 USD for the trial system (was well worth it, just to mention we had made a commercial system without this) to go commercial building a 10000 sqm greenhouse incl 12000 sqm outside area. Still there have been a few things answered by doing, but still the "i believe that is the right thing to do" is covered in doubts like "why nobody did this before. First I think you want to see pictures? here you go: That was early 2015, I tried to explain my wife and her family whats all about modern farming. Lots of laughing, not believing faces and the Palm Tree !!! NO WAY that thing should be cut off !! So I had to engineer (I am one with a hydroponic farming history in the Netherlands) my pipes around that bloody tree... 2 Buckets with Red Claw Crayfish were waiting that the water get filtered. Hence, wrong start at all. middle 2015 a lightning struck that bloody Palm tree and killed it instantly.. The first redesign was made because the static around the palm tree was just always going out of shape.. Here we end up with almost not controllable values, was it ammonium or nitrate, ph level and algae growth and clogged filters, pipes, pumps and and and.. name it we been there. end 2015 til mid 2016. My wife and her Auntie became addicted and Google is also in Thailand a good thing to burn money when you have Aquaponics questions. Both challenged me to make this and that In total 4 Upgrades: Ebb flood grow beds, a 4 filter system, grow up buckets, 2 more fish tanks as the crayfish population started to increase drastically. Meanwhile I started to let the Crays join our monthly BBQ Party and also Salad and Co were growing as mad. So beside my wife and her Auntie also some Nephews and Nieces joined that game and Google brought in more suggestions. End 2016: The crayfish made not enough dirt to get all plants fed and they were so lonely on the BBQ. We needed Tilapia to add more variety on the Grill. IBC Cubes for 20$ a go were just the most budget friendly investment since a long time. 2017 Thailands sun is a killer and so the shading roofs had to be implemented for a better harvest and because of the fact that Chilies and Tomatoes are a main dish in Thailand which kept hopping out of the pipes and ebb flow beds filled with clay pellets, a Dutch bucket system had to be built. Done end of 2017: Just to find out that.... Black tomatoes are only on the seed pack black... But the crayfish did well and a set of 20 aquariums had to be built and because the backyard was stuffed my office desk had to be moved and a part of the living room became a Sea-world. Last Picture: Where to go with all the poo? We tried our Bananas and a Vine called in Thailand Chicken Flower. Bang on. People looking for Lucky Lottery Numbers in the HUGE Banana Trees and wedding couples making Photos under the Flowers for good luck.. Enough is enough: Auntie showed us her land and after we realized she has a huge plot that plan continues: The Commercial System is now a daily part of my engineering tasks when bad weather days keep me off my real job. That will be 2020 the target. 100m x 80m greenhouse and also a copious outside grow area with all the family loves to have.. Bangkok is close and there is a good market for BIO products. Now my first question built on an experience we made by accident: The Red Claw Crays are everywhere and for the commercial System we want to raise them beside Tilapia right into the grow beds. The reason is we had some rafts floating in the fish tanks and against our fear they will rampage the roots of the plants they did well as free labor. They maintained the roots by clipping out every rotten piece and stimulated the growth of any plant. So why nobody ever tried to grow the Red Claws directly in the deep water grow beds? It will be a cheap labor, more harvest of Crays and bigger sizes as well. The poo has to be removed to avoid root rot. This will be the next step in our Trial System: First we scrap the Pipes as they are just trouble makers prone to clog and when we have a power cut the plants get "sad" with hanging leaves in minutes. The pipes will be exchanged by grow beds (with crayfish under the rafts) and in the center of the sloped grow bed we will make a pipe with holes to suck form time to time the poo (and small fry) off. I am looking forward for comments: bad or good all are helpful. Cheers all for reading.. Willroy
  5. Hello all, It's been awhile since I've posted, been a cold relentless winter and spring here in ontario, but the greenhouse is still going well. I have a 12x16 greenhouse with one warm water system (approx 400 gallons of tanks, 30 ish niles, 20 ish blues and seperate aquariums linked in with minnows and other fish) and am about to finish a cold water system no heat, on other side of greenhouse 450 gallon sump buried, 2 mechanical filter barrels and a 220 gal fish tank. In cold water system I hope to put perch or rainbows in. So I'm waiting a few more says for the silicone to cure around viewing window in cold water system. I tried a couple times to put window in bit failed. Determined I made this 'jig' and it went ok- i think- i will know this weekend when I test it. I'm trying to upload pictures from my phone. If it doesn't work right now I will download from phone to computer. I thought I'd post the pictures for people interested in installing windows and share my experience. Cheers
  6. Hello All, I am new to this forum. I would like to get some help from those who have experiance and can help me. I have an old green house in my farm, so i decided to make use of it since we didn't use it for a long time. Therefore, i decided to renew it and started my aquaponic in it with a total of 58 grow bed (IBC Tank). I connceted 1HP submersiable pump to the nearby fish pond (we have about 2000 Tilapia), the water comes and waters the grow bed for 45 minutes and then stops for 15 minutes. The plants aren't doing well! I honestly don't know why?! I tested the Ph last time and it was 7.6 I asked one of my local friends who have Hydroponic sysem and he said it might be because of the watering timing! He sugguest, i should water the plants for about 30 min. and stop the water for 3 hours and see how it goes, and if 3 hrs too much i should gradually decrease it to 2.5 hrs and so on till i get to the right level. <-- though I am hesitance about this; so thats why I searched in the net and came across this forum. I'll post a youtube video on what i've done and i hope i can see good feedback that will help me over comes this situation :-) Thanks all in Advance, Mohamed
  7. Hi

    I'm in Hamilton,  on the outskirts.

    My greenhouse is 16x12, double poly in winter. Made brackets to keep approx 6 air space without blower. I'll add pics when on my computer, from phone isn't working.

    I plan to run  warm water system and cold water system simultaneously on either side of greenhouse.

    Warm has blue and niles, cold probably trout or perch.


  8. I have had a south facing 12x24 foot double-paned glass lean-to style greenhouse attached to my shed for 5 years now, but I have never been real successful with it. My main goal has been to use it to grow through the winter, but have problems with maintaining warm enough temperatures during the cold winter nights. I'm in USDA zone 5. I have tried using black painted drums filled with water on the back wall and that has helped a marginal amount, but I've always ended up losing plants because of the cold nights unless I used an electric heater. I am not hooked up to nat gas and I don't have a propane tank. I am all electric. I would like to get this thing churning out vegetables in the winter without spending an arm and a leg heating it. I also have some problems on real sunny days in the winter with the GH overheating. It can get up to 120F during the peak of the day when its clear out and then I have to vent off a lot of that heat that I would have been able to use over night. The floor is poured concrete so I can't do much of anything underground. It's also far enough from the house that I don't want to have to go out late at night to feed a bunch of wood into a stove. You good folks have any recommendations for how I can get this thing heated without spending a fortune or needing constant attention? Thanks for any ideas.
  9. Hello fellows. It's been a few years since I've posted on this site, but I am now possibly in a position to build and install an AP system at my current workplace. We operate a moderately sized indoor greenhouse (concrete slab floor). There are so many options out there in terms of systems and components, but I've been looking into AP for many years, and have read these forums many times. The consensus these days seems to be iAVS as the go-to system for ease of design and operation. I can totally get down with that. We want something that is not too large, but can be potentially expanded upon in the future. At first, we will probably be using non-food fish such as goldfish just to test it out and get a feel for regular maintenance and operation. I'm sure I will have more questions over time, but for the moment, here are the two that have been top of mind: 1. Since iAVS uses a sand bed as a biofilter, do folks using this type of system, (ideally if you're using it indoors,) find that there is much odor from the decomposing fish waste? 2. Do people use worms in their sand beds to help break down the fish waste? What are your thoughts about having worms in the sand bed? 3. Can the design of the system be modified to incorporate other modules such as NFT troughs, DWC rafts, (non-sand) media beds? I would assume that any of these would be placed after the sand bed for the purpose of filtration. If one or more of these modules were part of the overall design, would that necessitate a sump tank? Thanks in advance!
  10. ashleyg9


    Hi, I'm new to the site and everything is still an idea in my head. I'm looking for feedback on basically everything, but am also reading a lot of posts to find some ideas. I can't seem to find a thread on greenhouse choices, but if there is one please just direct me to it. I want to have a greenhouse system with aquaponics that can run year round and allow me to grow plants year round. I realize I may not be able to grow certain plants in the cold months, but I'm still aiming for a mostly year-round option. What has worked for you all? Did you build it all yourself or buy a kit? What kind of foundation do you have?
  11. We have a commercial sized 1280sf dwc Aquaponics system including all equipment along with a 35x96 Atlas Greenhouse for sale. It is 4 1/2 years old and must be sold in order to sell our home and property. Would like to sell as a complete package however will consider selling AP system and greenhouse separately. We are located in Western NC, Polk County. Please call for details 828-817- seven four four six
  12. Version 1.0.0


    I noticed that the link to this doc./pdf didn't work any more in the post/thread disscusion. I decided to upload it here instead of fixing the link in the post, the links seems to have a limitid life and this doc is to good to get lost again IMO cheers
  13. We've had a lot of new picture albums added to the Gallery here lately. Many times these go relatively unnoticed, as we all tend to focus just on the forum discussions, so I thought I'd mention @markor58's album for you guys to take a look at. Good stuff. Check it out here: Any member albums you guys find interesting? If so, please feel free to share them!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Fish Increase Greenhouse Profits An aquaculture study in North Carolina shows that fish and vegetables can be good companion crops. By Doug Sanders and Mark McMurtry February 1988
  15. Version 1.0.0


    IAVS Folio Reprints from Inside Dr. Mark R. McMurtry's Research Greenhouse by Dr. Mark R. McMurtry This document includes numerous photos of the inside of Dr. McMurtry's research greenhouse, the growbeds, plants, fish and more. Some production data concerning both plants and fish is also included, as well as some growth rate data pertaining to the tilapia.
  16. Had not thought about this a source of the warming. Guess we need Lake-o-ponics. Reservoirs play substantial role in global warming
  17. Cold water system ( on left side of greenhouse) consists of Fish tank is 220 gal,2 55 gal barrels swirl and filter, 450 gal sump buried. 1- 40"x40"x14" raft and one 30"x40"x14" raft. Both deep water are aerated and siphon air as flow in. Warm water system (on right side of gh) consists of 200 gal fish tank with niles, 75 gal tank with blues and 3 beds all 40"x40"x14" 2 filled with hydroten and one deep water raft. Sump is 2 55 gal barrels buried. Question is if I put 100 3" rainbow trout in cold water system will that be enough plants? There's around 80 plants (kale and lettuce). I have it plumbed to swap water between two systems (the warm water is well established and cold water is only about a week running with a few dozen minnows) so I swapped some water up to help mature the cold system. I can plumb in the warm water deep water bed to the cold system - not sure if that is a good idea. I also plan on adding some deep water and or hydroten beds around the outside of the greenhouse to increase filtration and gain more cucumbers and pumpkins. I also have a 500 gal tank in a shaded are about 15 feet from greenhouse, I was thinking I could link that into the cold water system to help keep the water temp for the trout between 10 c and 14 c. A lot of plans - I know - any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  18. -- UPDATE -- Solar-Powered Aquaponic-Hydroponic PARTS - FOR SALE Disassembly In Progress - I'm currently DISMANTLING my Custom-Designed, Ken-Built, Solar-Powered Aquaponics & Hydroponics Fish-And-Food System and SELLING THE INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS. It was designed to be modular and has already been taken apart and moved once ((from the back patio to the new greenhouse)) and everything except the 4'x4'x4' 400-gallon fish tank can be removed from the greenhouse and transported anywhere you want to take it for re-assembly and operation. NOTICE: This system will occupy a 16'x10'x10' space (greenhouse) and can run 24 hours/day off sunlight supplying you with more fish (Tilapia) and vegetables than two people can eat. And, yes, it's perfect for growing cannabis REALLY FAST too. Initial asking price is $500 for everything.. If seriously interested, call me 817-944-7373 or email KenWinters73@gmail.com or send me a Private Message on FB. As I take it apart I am saving some of the major components and bundling them up for easy transport and re-assembly. - If you enjoy DIY projects, this might be just what you need. View photos of the system in my Album (( SOLAR-POWERED AQUAPONIC-AND-HYDROPONIC SYSTEM...")) https://www.facebook.com/ken.winters.148
  19. Hello, brand new to Aquaponics. A lot to learn!! We're in southern Georgia, so it gets very hot in the summer (90-100) and can dip into 30's in winter at times, so was thinking about a 10x12 Greenhouse. Is this feasible? 1. Started design with IBC (275 gallon) but read ratio of Bed to Water should be 2:1 so, since I have only bout 70 gallon of "beds" decided to try a 55 gallon drum.2. Plan is ten 4 gallon double dutch buckets for things like tomatoes, squash, peppers, strawberries and the like. I've read that perilite works well with dutch buckets with painter strainer bags.3. A tray for things like garlic, herbs, or starter plants. Not sure if this should be water or have media in it.4. Square vinyl 5" x 6' posts with grow cups for leafy things, lettuce, spinach, some herbs, just water, no media?5. All this drains into a Reservoir, which is then pumped across the the tank.6. Interested in "geyser" type airlift pump, either to get the water from Reservoir to Drum or from Drum to Buckets, or both?7. Since Im in South Georgia, was think Tilapia (but some shrimp or mullet would be great bait to have on hand!)8. Based on my initial research was thinking about a "Constant Flood" system, seems a bit easier, and more forgiving? 9. Am I totally insane?
  20. Hi All, Just finished this system up for a friend. 12' x 18' greenhouse with 3' x 12' wicking bed, 4' x 12' DWC trough, radial filter, bio filter and fish tank. Just cylcing the system and hope to have it greening up soon. Best, Clint
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