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  1. Without some lab water tests, it would be difficult to know where your nutrient levels were. Your plants suggest that something bad is happening somewhere. The most immediate thing that I'd be doing in your situation would be to stop adding everything...and to flush your system. Clean everything up Are your grow beds and support stands well-engineered enough to contain sand? If so, I'd suggest that you adapt them for iAVs use. Actually, I just visited the Aquaponics Source site and they show one of their 75-gallon Auabundance grow beds full of gravel so the bed should be OK.
  2. Hi, A recent discussion initiated by Fizban on micro-cogeneration.....was about finding a means of disconnecting ourselves from the grid. That was on top of this discussion about diesel power. Around the same time, my own mental meanderings took me in the direction of remote controlled megabots......or remote-controlled mini tractors..... Anyway all of this resulted in a design concept that I have yet to name but which amounts to the modern equivalent of the 19th century steam traction engine. Traction Engines were self-propelled vehicles that came in a variety of configuration and
  3. Gary, thanks for the great info. A little more about my system... it's continuous flow system with bell siphons (specifically, its an "Aquabundance" system). I wouldn't think this would make any difference for transitioning to Maxicrop or other hydroponics option. I'm very interested in the Sandgarden ideas and will read up on it. I wonder if it would work with our bell siphons, however. The siphons have slits large enough to exclude the clay pebbles, but much too large to keep out sand. Our greenhouse is maybe 3 by 7 meters. We do grow a variety of other plants alongside the aquaponics
  4. Hi all. I'm from an organic farm focused on sustainability. We "homestead" in the sense that we attempt to produce what we consume as much as possible. We have a well-insulated greenhouse with a 400 gallon aquaponics system using continuous flow (200 gallon fish tank, 40 gallon sump, four 20 gallon gravel beds, and two 40 gallon deep water beds). The system is over two years old. We grew and harvested 50 tilapia initially, and for the past 9 months have been doing aquaponics without fish, supplementing with ammonia and more to keep the nutrient levels balanced. Our reasons for atte
  5. So that I can best answer your question, I've brought over the information you provided in your initial post: The advice that I will provide will be different to that of aquaponics enthusiasts. Take nothing that I say as a criticism of anything you have done. We all started in the same place...knowing nothing. We just happen to be at different points in our learning journey. What you had originally was a basic flood and drain aquaponics system...with an attached DWC unit. Suffice to say, this was a less than ideal introduction to food production. Your decision to cha
  6. Hi Nello Welcome to APN/HQ Indeed you can, this is a "old" member system thread, not active in 8 years so you might have more luck on educational inputs in the Q/A section, or by making your own member system thread and lay out your plans and Q's there. You don't need a greenhouse, but you might need shading for both plants and fish, maybe a lid for the fish tank..... Why don't you introduce your self and plans in the welcome wagon and take it from there. cheers
  7. hello, may i ask if i need to construct a greenhouse for my aquaponics system? The sunlight hit directly on my site from 7am up to 5pm. Thanks
  8. Any further updates, WillsC? Is your greenhouse operational?
  9. This is the greenhouse I just finished, well it is almost done still need to add one curtain. Please forgive the mess, I am not the neatest of builders. All of the work was done by myself with the help of hydraulics and electro magnets which are SO useful on a steel frame greenhouse. It is 24'X50'. The back of the greenhouse is attached to my woodshop. The trees you can see are Mango's and built the greenhouse around them while trying not to drop any steel on them. The posts and frame are all heavy wall 2"x2" steel. The purlins are all chainlink fence top rail. After The posts we
  10. If you are building a backyard sandgarden...or even a small commercial unit...beds that are up to six metres long are easy to level and will (all other things being equal) drain in a timely manner. Beds that are much longer than that will be more complicated when it comes to levelling...and you'll reach a point where you have to think about different drainage arrangements...to ensure that complete and timely drainage occurs. This is the realm of the more experienced horticulturist...probably working in a controlled-environment cropping greenhouse. We recommend a fall of 1:50. Short b
  11. Virtually anywhere - including: On pavement and sealed surfaces On rocky atolls. In hot arid environments...including deserts. Inside a controlled-environment greenhouse or an indoor grow room. Any balcony that is well enough engineered to support the weight of the sand. Wherever the local soil has been polluted with toxic chemicals. ...and anywhere else that you choose.
  12. There's no such thing as a typical sandgarden. They can range in size from a pair of 10-litre buckets to a commercial CEA greenhouse of 1000 square metres or more.
  13. Hi guys, Thank you very much indeed for your replies. In answer to the question why I chose mirror carp, its a number of reasons. Budget is a factor as well as supply. Also mirror carp are native to British waters and will stand up to our climate just fine. In terms of the colder months, as the fish calm down for winter the system will basically shut down (not filtration) as I don't have access to a greenhouse. So feeding will be at a minimum over the winter. I called the fish supplier and discussed stocking in my system. They were aware of AP and understood my plan which was helpf
  14. Hi all, I have extensive experience keeping fresh and saltwater fish, but this is going to be my first foray into aquaponics and I'd like to avoid as many mistakes up front as possible. I have a rough drawing of what I'm looking to build I made on Garage Greenhouse | Tinkercad that you can view to see details. Numbers details below: 4x 330g tanks that will be stocked with trout, striped bass, and talapia (2x) (dark blue) 100g conical tank for filtering solids (dark brown 1) 160g cylindrical tank with 200 cuft (about 140g) of k1 media (dark brown 2) 100g sump tank (horizont
  15. Hello fellows. It's been a few years since I've posted on this site, but I am now possibly in a position to build and install an AP system at my current workplace. We operate a moderately sized indoor greenhouse (concrete slab floor). There are so many options out there in terms of systems and components, but I've been looking into AP for many years, and have read these forums many times. The consensus these days seems to be iAVS as the go-to system for ease of design and operation. I can totally get down with that. We want something that is not too large, but can be potentially expanded
  16. Wondering if anyone has tried to use a subterranean (below the frost line) evaporative cooling system to keep their water cool for raising trout and other cool temp fish in climates that reach 100 degrees plus. I'm suggesting essentially installing a small pool and swamp cooler in a storm cellar type enclosure, then recycling that water above ground into the stock tank.
  17. So I've been farming for years and I'm finally getting a hoop house. I'd like to transition it to a continuous flow aquaponic setup as well. We'll likely be building an 18'x72' gothic hoop house, air insulated 6mil poly, and solid dual layer poly end walls. I plan on installing a climate battery and potentially a rocket mass heater to hopefully gain a couple zones (I'm zone 5b just outside Lafayette, CO and we get lots of sunshine) and extend my season. The greenhouse runs E-W with the pond on the north side and grow bed(s) on the south side and a small sitting area in the Southwest corner. I
  18. HI mrPickles, I read you about jumping in. I think bigger systems are probably more forgiving but there is more cost at risk if something does go wrong, so you need to know what you are doing to effectively manage it. I think if you can build and run a small set up, it is possibly a steeper more intense learning curve but that prepares you for bigger and better things in the future. If you built outside, you could position the system close and handy to your house and maybe build a small greenhouse and put your system in that. Or if you do it indoors you already have that, but an ind
  19. Hello All, I am new to this forum. I would like to get some help from those who have experiance and can help me. I have an old green house in my farm, so i decided to make use of it since we didn't use it for a long time. Therefore, i decided to renew it and started my aquaponic in it with a total of 58 grow bed (IBC Tank). I connceted 1HP submersiable pump to the nearby fish pond (we have about 2000 Tilapia), the water comes and waters the grow bed for 45 minutes and then stops for 15 minutes. The plants aren't doing well! I honestly don't know why?! I tested the Ph last time a
  20. Hi

    I'm in Hamilton,  on the outskirts.

    My greenhouse is 16x12, double poly in winter. Made brackets to keep approx 6 air space without blower. I'll add pics when on my computer, from phone isn't working.

    I plan to run  warm water system and cold water system simultaneously on either side of greenhouse.

    Warm has blue and niles, cold probably trout or perch.


  21. It does not really matter how you want to grow more food. Think beyond sand beds. Our children and grand children do not want greenhouse-gas emissions, poverty, and biodiversity loss. Let us do our bit whatever we can. Do something awesome! IAS = Aquaponics + Hydroponics + Organic Agriculture You can grow microgreens, greens, herbs, vegetables, fruits, fowls and small livestock using IAS methods.
  22. I have had a south facing 12x24 foot double-paned glass lean-to style greenhouse attached to my shed for 5 years now, but I have never been real successful with it. My main goal has been to use it to grow through the winter, but have problems with maintaining warm enough temperatures during the cold winter nights. I'm in USDA zone 5. I have tried using black painted drums filled with water on the back wall and that has helped a marginal amount, but I've always ended up losing plants because of the cold nights unless I used an electric heater. I am not hooked up to nat gas and I don't have a pr
  23. ashleyg9


    Hi, I'm new to the site and everything is still an idea in my head. I'm looking for feedback on basically everything, but am also reading a lot of posts to find some ideas. I can't seem to find a thread on greenhouse choices, but if there is one please just direct me to it. I want to have a greenhouse system with aquaponics that can run year round and allow me to grow plants year round. I realize I may not be able to grow certain plants in the cold months, but I'm still aiming for a mostly year-round option. What has worked for you all? Did you build it all yourself or buy a ki
  24. We have a commercial sized 1280sf dwc Aquaponics system including all equipment along with a 35x96 Atlas Greenhouse for sale. It is 4 1/2 years old and must be sold in order to sell our home and property. Would like to sell as a complete package however will consider selling AP system and greenhouse separately. We are located in Western NC, Polk County. Please call for details 828-817- seven four four six
  25. Version 1.0.0


    I noticed that the link to this doc./pdf didn't work any more in the post/thread disscusion. I decided to upload it here instead of fixing the link in the post, the links seems to have a limitid life and this doc is to good to get lost again IMO cheers
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