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  1. Hi Krimann, about 18 months ago I was at a gardening show at the Brisbane Convention Centre and saw a small setup that Martin has on display from the Aquaponics Shop. I wanted to purchase a system there and then but my other half wouldn't let me at the time. That sparked my interest in AP - it all made lots of sense. I googled and found all of the forum sites. A couple of months ago I attended the Brisbane AP day course that Murray puts on (and Gary gives his Microponics talk at). That gave me the confidence to take the plunge... So a month ago I purchased a Quad Patio kit from Murray. I am still in the process of setting it all up (had to do lots to my site to make it ready for AP). I believe that we need to have more public "open days" so that more people can see operating backyard setups - nothing beats seeing a system in operation to get the creative juices flowing and encourage people to start. I also think that more online video and DVD content will help - Murrays DVD is an excellent start and we need to put more AP knowledge into this type of format. Cheers, Andrew.
  2. I recently received a BioPod and thought that before I start using it I should video it so that those that haven't seen one before can get a better idea on how they work. So here is the link to the YouTube video: When researching the BSF I also found some interesting info about it so put that into the video as well. I also wrote this blog article on it which is basically a text version of what I say in the video. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers, Andrew.
  3. I like the concept of putting together the info into a wiki - like what was started at AquaponicsWiki.com - issue is, updating it. Looking at the AquaponicsWiki.com site, nothing has been updated for quite a while. Wiki's are great in that they are relatively easy and quick to update.
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    Hi Pat - when you get it all going, would you mind posting the details of what electronic measuring equipment you end up using? I am interested in the type of equipment that would be able to connect up to a PC and log all of the data. Cheers, Andrew.
  5. It states on the website that Murray referred to that "Brisbane Gold & Sunshine Coast applications close 31st May. Other areas close 15th June". KenR60 - the conditions state that household income must be under $100,000 to be eligible for the rebate. I think the BlueGEN ceramic fuel cell system that will be available next year (developed by Australian company) is another option for distributing energy creation. It is the size of a dishwasher and produces 2kW of power plus hot water and will cost about $8,000. See PDF infosheet on the BlueGEN here. Yes, it still relies on a fossil fuel (natural gas), but would be a good interim solution to prevent the need for the creation of any future power plants. Cheers, Andrew.
  6. Hi Phil, Once my setup is going I too will be planting dwarf fruit trees. I will be putting them in Autopots. Where will you source your fruit trees from? I was told by my neighbour today that Flemming's Nurseries is quite good and they ship to QLD. Why did you choose coco coir as the media? I haven't decided on what media to use yet and would be interested to hear why you chose that. Gary - excellent suggestion on the sump. I will shortly be getting a Quad system so will have two. Thanks to your comment, I am now thinking of using one of the sump tanks for duckweed - do you think there would be too much water movement in the sump tank to grow duckweed in it? Andrew.
  7. Hi Murray, Love the concept of CHOP. How well would CHOP work using larger tanks/beds? For example, using one of your 2300 ltr parabolic tanks and 4 500 ltr growbeds? I would assume that CHOP would work as long as you have the height of the growbeds correct (regardless of the size of the system). However, are there any disadvantages in this type of a system??? On a side point, the dimensions of the 2300 ltr parabolic don't appear on its product detail page. Cheers, Andrew.
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