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    ande got a reaction from vkn in Hi ande first i wish you and your family all the best in 2017. My friend from Croatia   
    Hi Caca
    The EU aquaponics hub may be the best place to go first https://euaquaponicshub.com/about/
    Iff you scroll down and click on
    Action participants you'll find contact info for Croatia all employed at
    University of Zagreb
    Faculty of Agriculture
    Svetosimunska 25
    10000 Zagreb
    This doc/pdf  (Association of Commercial Aquaponics Companies (ACAC) )
    contain some contact info http://euaquaponicshub.com/hub/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Association-of-Commercial-Aquaponics-Companies.pdf
    Also this doc/pdf http://www.nordicinnovation.org/Global/_Publications/Reports/2015/P11090 - Aquaponics RAPPORT -13 01 16.pdf
    gives valuable info regarding AP in Europe
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    ande reacted to phri in Any words of encouragement for nitrites that don't seen to want to go back to zero? T   
    Hi Cecil,
    Hard to say based on the info you provided. Need to know load (kg food/day), fish density (kg/m3), filter size and time when cycling started.
    Add salt asap as this will protect the fish.
    There is a correlation between nitrification level and substrate available, in other words if you remove all nitrite (neutralize) there is no food for the bacteria and this will slow down the maturation. Thus best to run at slightly elevated nitrite levels (not sure on your species but 1-3 mg/l is probably ok).
    In general low temp really slows down filter maturation, in addition moving bed biofilters (I presume) mature very slow and tend to show nitrite when not fully matured.
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