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  1. Hi Gary/all I do I belive Microponics Nation is the better of the two (I would maybe ad HQ or use HQ instead of nation ?) A forum name really dosen't matter much, other than being hit or found by random, by people searching the www without knowledge of the forums existence. If the forum name contains Microponics the likelihood of being hit by potential forum participants are higer IMO If one do a google search using the word Microponics vs Have more for less, you will see what I mean or why I mean it. It is also very likely that someone would actually use Microponics, as a search term, to seek info of the kind you find here in this forum, if you do use that search word on google, you will get 581 000 results, and also find a nice explanation or origin of the word Microponics at the bottom of the 1. page in this link : https://garydonaldson.net/2009/05/the-origins-of-microponics/ Quote: ................................ Integrated Backyard Food Production became too much of a mouthful and so it became Microponics. The name suggests its own origins…..the combination of micro-livestock, micro-farming and aquaponics. I subsequently discovered that the name is also used to describe an obscure grafting method using in hydroponics............................................ Quote end So I have now sheared my opinion cheers
  2. Hi All In Gary's 100-days sprint ...... thread he made this reference I never saw the video before, now I have, and feel it deserves a post with the video embedded, for all to watch, enjoy cheers
  3. ande


    Hi Struggling a bit with the pics in the previous post I decided early not to move my hives for the "ling harvest" (at least this 1. year) , but rather concentrate on learning my bees, behavior, reproduction ................. maybe try to expand and split the 2 in to 4 hives...... I never got to the point of producing my own queens, as the equipment needed for that, arrived to late in the season (so that's next years assignment now) . I have kept stacking new boxes on the 2 hives, so to keep up with the space demand and to avoid swarming, at this point in time I'm at 5flors or boxes on both. I'w watched a ton of youtube videos, read numerous books, blogs and articles on apiculture, alongside attending classes & excursions. Should have started years ago with this what a trill I'w bought loads of used equipment to process the honey, but I have not yet decided how to go about it, or method of choice. I have collected a bit of the "wild build" honey, and just pressed it out of the comb by hand. In my latest box/floor addition to the hives, I decided to try using a wood stick in every second spot replacing the traditional frame. I'll get back with a revue on that experiment later cheers
  4. ande


    Hi again So I added another box end of June, and got to inspect my plastic frames. seems to work just fine compared with the wood frames here Looking at how they have built in the siling the expansion was in do time. cheers
  5. Hi I have yet to try out the flowhive, so I have no personal experience with it. I do know I will buy/set up one, at some point, then I'll get back and share the pros/cons I see, compared with the traditional hives I have now. I think they are "to expensive" around here, how ever I do come across some "used"/secondhand (new), at half price or less, so I will eventually buy at least one, when the time is right. I find some of the criticism odd, like this (and other statements) If one reads the support pages the above should be obvious IMO Quote : Manuka honey (and Jellybush in Australia) are thixotropic honeys. This means they do not run or flow unless agitated. To date, we have not had any success removing Manuka from Flow Frames. This includes trialling a ‘honey loosener’ as used in commercial Manuka extraction. from here: https://support.honeyflow.com/do-flow-frames-work-with-manuka-jellybush-honey/ I have been visiting different Apiculture farms this summer, and seen a few flowhives in use, here and there. One thing that is common advice where ever I talk to the operators is: - It does not work with heather honey, but is great with "summer honey" So why is that ? Well it's for the same reason as Jelly honey wan't work in a flow hive. Ling heather honey has unique qualities and is very jelly like and will not run, so extracting is a problem because the honey will not spin out of the combs in the normal way. It is thixotropic which means that it is normally gel-like and firm, but it will become temporarily liquid if stirred or agitated. I think this article is a balanced review/opinion on the "flow hive" (still just a opinion and not a fact) https://beekeepinglikeagirl.com/is-the-flowhive-bad-for-bees/ Mean time I'm really fond of my traditional hives and enjoy the experience of keeping honey bees that way cheers
  6. Hi all Thought I'd share this cool video cheers
  7. Hi I'm currently reading - Queen breeding (Køniginnenzucht), by Friedrich Ruttner. It's a nice book, however I have to read it a chapter here and a chapter there, as my understanding/experience develops. So it's more like a illustrated dictionary than a book, to me. But still a really good read on apiculture. cheers
  8. Hi Gary I belive picking all those "low-hanging fruits" are really important and to often overseen We have a saying here in Norway : "Mange bekker små, gjør en stor å" directly translated : "Many small streams, make one big river" I think it's real cool to see how you in fact make a difference, in your over all environmental footprint cheers
  9. Hi all Key witness in Assange case admits to lies in indictment A maj­or wit­n­ess in the United States’ Depart­ment of Justice ca­se against Ju­li­an Assange has admitted to fabricat­ing key accusati­ons in the indict­ment against the Wiki­leaks found­er. 26. júní 2021 10:00 https://stundin.is/grein/13627/key-witness-in-assange-case-admits-to-lies-in-indictment/ https://www.medialens.org/2021/a-remarkable-silence-media-blackout-after-key-witness-against-assange-admits-lying/ cheers
  10. Hi all cut/paste : Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. In 2021, it falls on July 29. We know it can be overwhelming to think about the various impacts of global ecological overshoot such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and extreme weather events (to name a few). However, thriving lives within the means of our planet are not out of reach. For 100 Days of Possibility, we’re highlighting ways for each country, city, or business to ready themselves for a world increasingly defined by overshoot. These responses also #MoveTheDate of Earth Overshoot Day. Check out the solution-of-the-day (at right), or explore solutions from 100 Days of Possibility that have already been unveiled (button below). 100 DAYS OF POSSIBILITY https://www.overshootday.org/about-earth-overshoot-day/ cheers
  11. Hi All here: https://thefishsite.com/articles/high-hopes-for-aquaponics-system-inspired-by-sewage-treatment Quote: In a recent study, researchers demonstrated that the system could improve nutrient remineralisation for the plants, while removing excess nitrogen and carbon from the system, creating a healthier environment for fish. The study, published in Frontiers in Plant Science, was undertaken by researchers from the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Gothenburg and involved the production of rainbow trout and lettuce. cheers
  12. Hi All Latest from W Lennard here : http://www.aquaponic.com.au/index.htm Quote: Our Brand New Aquaponics Book is Here!! Aquaponic Solutions is pleased to announce that our new book, "The Symbioponics Aquaponic Method" is now available for free download! The new book outlines our unique aquaponic system sizing and buffer proportioning/formulation model that we use for the accurate sizing and management of aquaponic systems (fully recirculating or de-coupled designs). Please simply click on the image directly to the left for an instant download of your free copy. cheers
  13. Hi tzn0034 Welcome to APN/HQ It would be nice if you took the time to introduce your self in the welcome wagon I fixed the link and did the survey don't know if me doing the survey means anything to you in the US, me living in Norway? cheers
  14. ande


    Next step, add the boxes with the new frames to the hives, so to expand the space available. I had my youngest son to "assist" meaning taking pics from a distance, and I got my phone ready to snap a few. Impossible task the bees got really aggressiv, so my son had to flea the place and I just quickly added the two new boxes, but got confirmed a nice level of activity in both colonies The next expansion I had some nice assist by my fosterson in full protection gear so I could snap a load of pics more 🐝🐝 to follow soon cheers
  15. ande


    Hi again So, getting things ready to expand their hives, to avoid any swarming, is the next move on the agenda. I'v chosen plastic frames for my hives, as that seems to be the less work route ? Getting the frames ready, means applying a thin layer of wax on both sides of the frames I melted the wax in the oven at 110C and rolled it on with a paint roller. I had 2boxes of wax going, so when the wax in one chilled and started hardening, I swapped it with the hot/liquid one, standing in the oven. I understand that I applied way much more wax, than needed. But that only means about "double cost" in wax, witch obviously means a lot if you have 100++ hives, but for me only having 2 hives (for now) it is marginal and a learning process. The pic above also shows the two frames that got the most wax of all, on some (the ones I got right) you can hardly see the wax on a pic cheers
  16. ande


    Hi So all seems fine in their new location. This is a pic from the first day, and you can clearly see activity around both hives, although a lot more around QE's hive on the right. cheers
  17. Hi 4juli Welcome to APN/HQ It would be cool if you introduced yourself, in the welcome wagon. It makes it easier for other members, to respond to your system(s), if they can identify with your system(s), specie(s), climate..........etc. Also your location is interesting on a lot of matters, eg I live in south of Norway, (Europe). Rules, regulations, available equipment, climate (weather pattern) temp. C/F................ in my case, might not be relevant at all for you in your location, I have no idea where Ist is ? Is it short for Istanbul ? or is it somewhere in the US ? or maybe Asia ? A lot easier for all/anyone to toss in tips & trix experience made in a similar environment to yours if one have/feel a slight sense of fellowship . Anyhow thanks for sharing pics/video You say your Koi is 1.5-2" Thats 3,5-5cm, yet you have chosen food made for Koi in the 15-35cm range. That can become a issue unless you grind the food down in size http://www.koifoodshack.com/what-size-pellet-do-i-need/ I think you might encounter a density problem as the koi grows, 20 koi requires a lot of space (water volume), witch again might create another issue for you. Weight Water and grow media in high volumes might not be compatible with a balcony system, be careful to check out the limitation of your balcony, so that you don't end up in a financial mess do to a building collapse. cheers
  18. ande


    Hi All So last Saturday I brought my hives, to transfer the colonies after a thorough inspection. You can see Queen Elisabeth in the pic above (blue) Queen Ziegfried in the pic above (blueish) Both colonies looking good and healthy IMO so They where left to settle in their new hives until after sun down on Sunday I picked them up Sunday evening, arrived home about 01.00 in the morning Monday, a 3 hour drive both hives planted in their new permanent spots cheers
  19. ande


    Hi all It's been a cold spring around here, all & everything is "late" this year, but better late than never Seems I'w got lucky 🤞 Had a long nice chat with a lady yesterday, that was willing to sell me 2 🐝 colonies, so I'm off next weekend, to pick them up 👍 cheers
  20. Hi all This year, World Bee Day will fall during an exceptional moment in history, where many countries continue to deal with the widespread effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. On the occasion of the fourth observance of this International Day, FAO is organizing a virtual event on 20 May 2021 under the theme “Bee engaged – Build Back Better for Bees”. http://www.fao.org/world-bee-day/en/ cheers
  21. Hi I took this pic at my mums house the other day And here is her "working dog" It keeps my mum alive, fit, and kicking, as she walks the dog, 3 times a day at age 88, summer or winter, sun, snow or rain I can not imagine anything else that would do "the job" IMHO it's the ultimate working dog cheers
  22. ande

    Bee Motels

    Hi and this is mine I got mine for Christmas, some years ago, my youngest son made it to me, in wood workshop in grade school . cheers
  23. Hi again Tariq Yes that's possible you'll fine the equations/formulas in this doc/pdf https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/5468894/assets/docs/Evaluating-Hydrokinetic-Turbines-Alden.pdf cheers
  24. Hi Tariq Welcome to APN/HQ Nice if you took the time to introduce yourself in the welcome wagon. No that's not possible https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perpetual_motion However low energy systems (LEAP) have been discussed on the forum here is one thread cheers
  25. Hi International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) is the largest and most comprehensive education initiative of the compost industry. It is celebrated nationwide and in other countries each year during the first full week of May. Started in Canada in 1995, ICAW has continued to grow as more people, businesses, municipalities, schools and organizations are recognizing the importance of composting and the long-term benefits from organics recycling. The goal of the program is to raise the awareness of the public regarding the benefits of using compost. The program includes a poster contest in the fall and activities and events held during the week in May. cheers
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