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  1. Caca

    Hi ande

    first i wish you and your family all the best in 2017.

    My friend from Croatia want to build commercial AP trout system. Its around 500m2 DWC, So if you know or recommend someone to help him with that project and install that system ,how the can reach them, it would be awesome.

    He ask for my help , but I don't have experience in big systems , so I remember you. :) 


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    2. ande


      Hi again Caca

      This company might be more in to trout farming, but have buildt aquaponic systems as well  http://www.akvagroup.com/news/fish-salad


    3. ande


      Hi Caca

      The EU aquaponics hub may be the best place to go first https://euaquaponicshub.com/about/

      Iff you scroll down and click on

      you'll find contact info for Croatia all employed at

      University of Zagreb

      Faculty of Agriculture
      Svetosimunska 25
      10000 Zagreb

      This doc/pdf  (Association of Commercial Aquaponics Companies (ACAC) )

      contain some contact info http://euaquaponicshub.com/hub/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Association-of-Commercial-Aquaponics-Companies.pdf

      Also this doc/pdf http://www.nordicinnovation.org/Global/_Publications/Reports/2015/P11090 - Aquaponics RAPPORT -13 01 16.pdf

      gives valuable info regarding AP in Europe


    4. Caca


      Hi ande

      I'll forwards all information to Croatian. He ask for my help bs he never try AP , but he want to go commercial and he saw my tread  " AP for beginners " in Serbian gardening forum where I promote AP and share my experiences.

      I thank you on his behalf

      cheers and beers


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