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  1. Hi again Hunter Pehrson Here is 2 links on the matter, you will see that the "ideal" varies a lot, depending on fish species tolerance to ph swings https://thefishsite.com/articles/water-quality-a-priority-for-successful-aquaculture https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/aquaculture/publications/water-quality-management/monitoring-alkalinity-and-hardness I just uploaded a pdf on your Q to the download section as well, since links seems to have a limited shelf life Keep in mind that fish husbandry is just the same in aquaponics, as it is in aquaculture cheers
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Alkalinity and Hardness in Production Ponds
  3. Hi Hunterpehrson Welcome to APN/HQ To answer your Q on alkalinity, I find it easier to point you towards a thread/post and a APN article where the complexity are pretty well explained IMO Quote : Here are the most common scenarios you will encounter that require adjustments: Declining pH - Generally speaking, you will want to maintain your cycled system pH around 6.8-7.2. If it falls below this range, the nitrifying bacteria will be adversely impacted. You need to add a base. There are commercially available products for this, but you can also use relatively common chemical salts like sodium bicarbonate, calcium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, calcium hydroxide, calcium chloride and many others. Specific recommendations are beyond the scope of this article, but will be featured in a later article related to maintaining pH levels....................... cut/paste from this article : I recommend you read all the answers in the post and the full article cheers Edit: I'll add this link here as well: cheers
  4. Hi Mohamed Welcome to APN/HQ Sure you can use buckets, however the container you choose to use is not representing the main load, so I can't see how that will represent much of a weight reduction on a system ? The sand & water is what should be your main focus and/or concern regarding weight, and it is a really important point to be sure that the place you put it can handle the total load There is a few pictures of small "bucket size" systems in different threads/posts, @vkn have some nice ones in his trial thread IMO Here is one " EASY " You being from India I recommend reading the hole thread, let us know how you progress with however system you choose, good luck on the journey cheers
  5. Hi OneTree Welcome to APN/HQ Mine is fine as well, that is after the last forum upgrade cheers
  6. Hi I just had to harvest some rowan berries ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rowan ) as the trees are really full of them around here, this year. They are really bitter and need to be frozen before use to release the sugar content . So I washed/cleaned them and got total 2,8kg berries for the freezer. Then I got on the net to find some recipes on how to make rowan jelly more to come cheers
  7. Hi Tam try this You can also use the search function (on the top right) just type in the word salt cheers
  8. Hi Tam When replying to posts, you do not use the report post button. That's for reporting spam abuse etc. , and can only be seen or read by moderators. I will copy your responses (in the 2 reports) to vkn & Toga here: Tam Submitted 5 hours ago Dear VKN, What temperature are you at? Do you have more turbidity due to the Silica dust? The temperature is 30 Celsius. I don't see turbidity from silicate dust so much. If it is not a lot, once essential microbes are established, the fish deaths rarely happen. What have you done to jump start the nitrification process? This picture show the way I used to raise bacteria. I use feed as source of ammoniac, bacteria I add in flour form. I add fish after nitrogen cycle is ok (nitrite is slow down 0.1; nitrate has increased more than 40 mg/l) on 7-Aug, Thank for your advice! Tam Submitted 4 hours ago Dear Toga, Thank for your help, Tomorrow I will follow your instruction, I will change water, add salt batch for cure fish, stop feeding, As I post to reply report to Vkn, I had create the nitrogen cycle before adding fish on 7-Aug, I willing to hear your help on my beginning small system, Thank Tam cheers
  9. Hi Tam Welcome to APN/HQ Hopefully @vkn @Aufin or some other member with hands on IAVS experience will see your post and chime in cheers
  10. Hi Gary Yes I'm still in to quail, but I have to "refresh" the blood lines so I'm down to a handful right now. I plan to hatch out a new badge in september cheers
  11. Hi richinC Welcome to APN/HQ Hopefully @bcotton will chime in, he has some experience with the species in Q cheers
  12. Hi Amazing journey https://polarresearch.net/index.php/polar/article/view/3512 Quote: The fox was under a year old when she set off west in search of food, reaching Greenland just 21 days later - a journey of 1,512 km - before trudging forward on the second leg of her trek. She was tracked to Canada's Ellesmere Island, nearly 2,000 km further, just 76 days after leaving Svalbard. https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-48824181 cheers
  13. ande

    IBC Tote with.....

    Hi Wenger Welcome to APN/HQ I wouldn't worry at all cheers
  14. Hi My sister plan a family gathering mid July, she asked about the possibility of me fixing some crabs for the occasion. So I did a test/traping (first go this season) with 5 traps for 2 days. I got 90 and they where nice cheers
  15. If you live close to the sea you can make it DIY cheers
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