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  1. Hi again Lukeboshier made some flowthru systems that worked cheers
  2. Hi Alexander Welcome to APN/HQ Thanks for sharing nice system I can identify with that, in my location I'w found hugelbeds to be the best method of choice. I think it's great fun though, to play, thinker and experiment with different ways of producing my own food cheers
  3. Hi Nello Welcome to APN/HQ Indeed you can, this is a "old" member system thread, not active in 8 years so you might have more luck on educational inputs in the Q/A section, or by making your own member system thread and lay out your plans and Q's there. You don't need a greenhouse, but you might need shading for both plants and fish, maybe a lid for the fish tank..... Why don't you introduce your self and plans in the welcome wagon and take it from there. cheers
  4. ande


    Hi again So the adventure started with my first class yesterday, after only a 14 days delay Fascinating stuff getting in to the, bee -colony -biology -lifecycle. But what a load of rules, laws, regulations, one have to learn and comply with, way beyond those of any other livestock I'w not decided yet, wether to get my first hive(s), this year or next year. My original plan was next year, but after yesterdays class, I might jump in this year, if the right colony is available at the "right price" before the end of May 🤞 Anyways I'm happy to 🐝 on the way for now. chee
  5. I wouldn't dear sending anything thru the pipe during a pandemic, we could get in big trouble 😱 lets keep the pipe a secret 🤐😷 I'm reading up on sousvide veges, I will try it all next in line is a moose Shoulder clod roast I wan't to see how tender it can become cooking it sousvide style cheers
  6. To me absolutely, the actual work/time, is less than cooking this dish, the traditional way. The timing to get it done right,, at a set serving time, witch can be a demand at a Christmas dinner is also much easier But even if it had involved more work the tase and end result would make it worthwhile cheers
  7. Hi again So after 28 hours at 63c I pulled the plug Water level maintained at the same level, no need to refill I got the steak out of bag carefully, so to not loose any gravy, put the steak on a tray/grating and let it rest until 5 hours before serving And pour the gravy in a separate box and put it in the fridge to use in the sauce The steak now goes in the oven for 4 hours at 80c, to dry the skin and ensure a perfect crackling, I then let it rest until 25 minutes before serving I get a nice byproduct, the lard separates perfect, before
  8. Steak out of fridge/brine and let it drip of Measure thicknes for setting cooking time/temp Ad two tablespoons of home made garlic/herb butter vacum pack control weight for choosing cooking time/temp put in box, I dropped in a grating, to keep the steak of the box bootom for better water circulation, also I cut the vacum bag long enoughf to lock it to the box top, with the boxlid Fill the box up with hotwater from the tap (at my house thats about 68-70 C ) Set the chosen temp/time I set it at 63c 30 hours based on weight/thicknes
  9. Hi again So whilst the steak was in the brine, I cut a hole in the box lid, for the sousvide heater a 15litre food safe storage box with lid, BPA free temperatur tolerance from -40 °C to +120 °C. I should have gone for a 20 or 25 litre, so I could use it to store the cooking unit in it when not in use.
  10. Coming soon, I just have my hands full with a new apprentice at my daughters houseMy soninlaw just ended his maternity leave, so I'm a full time grandpa for an 11 months old boy and his 2year brother when he gets back from kindergarden And my youngest son 14 demands the rest of my energy at home taking him to soccer/boxing/........ etc I'm not adjusted to such a fast phase yet I have the pics here, but the cooking notes are at home, so I just have to find that space in time cheers
  11. Hi The idea for Global Recycling Day was first announced at the 2015 World Recycling Convention by Ranjit S. Baxi, president of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR). http://www.bir.org/ The date selected for its launch March 18, 2018, was symbolic, marking the 70th birthday of BIR. https://www.globalrecyclingday.com cheers
  12. So here goes: out of the freezer I let it thaw a few hours (2-3) on the kitcken desk I allways cut the skin before freeze, so the meat thaws faster in the fridge, you can also rubb in the salt/spices almost at once then. You have to cut properly thru the skin, in to the fat ,but avoid gettin in to the meat .This is also important for the skin to drain propperly, and become real cruncy crackilgs not soft/chewy, in the final cooking stage. salt pepper cinamon Then in the fridge for furher thawing skin side up 3-6 hours. When thawed I brush the spi
  13. ande


    Hi I was suposed to start my theoretical course/training today 🐝 https://www.thebeeman.no/eng.html I gave my fosterson the course as a 40years birthday present, and to do it together Then new local covid19 restrictions put it on hold hopefully not for to long more to come.........🍯 cheers
  14. Hi all https://globalnews.ca/news/7584482/aquaponics-first-nations-food/ cheers
  15. Hi oldebow You might find some answers in this factsheet http://www.aquaponic.com.au/Fish to plant ratios.pdf from here https://www.aquaponic.com.au/fact sheets.htm cheers
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