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  1. New plan... I have leftover cedar boards from patio tables I made for the bar. Cut them into 15 2' sections to sit on the DWC trough sides with holes drilled in for net pots. The boards would be about 2" above the water level. My not so informed mind is thinking the air space would be beneficial, but the surface area in the water would be less for the micro creatures.
  2. Here's a couple pics of the work in progress.
  3. I plan on growing a variety of lettuce in the rafts. I go through lettuce quickly at my bar. The rafts are my current project right now. I have some Formular 150 2" panels left over from a walk in cooler I built. I've read mixed reviews on using it for a raft. Some say it is safe even though it is pink, but I should paint it anyways. 2 questions: is Formular 150 2" panel a bad idea and what is the ideal paint to purchase to paint the underside of a raft? Thanks for all the help
  4. Thanks for the help. I've got the whole new system built and plumbed in my green house. I was going to be crafty with bamboo, but I'm just going to use styrofoam floats. Any good deals on net pots? Amazon has 100 for $10.66 and free shipping. Any advice for starting this new system? It is a 2' X 10' DWC. The I was going to use 5 2'X2' foam boards with hydroton or river rocks in the net pots. Should I seed directly into the net pots or sprout them a certain way? Advice on spacing the holes would be nice. Thanks again for all the help.
  5. I have a Smartpond 560 GPH submersible pump at the moment. With this new 125 gallon trough, I'll have about 550 gallons total in FT, sump, and growbeds. I'm assuming the DWC trough design is simple. Water pumped in one side, and drained out the other with the drain at the height I want the water. I was planning on 10". This will be for lettuce, and some other random greens. Thanks for that link Ravnis. Do the threads on the 2" bulkhead outlet connect to 2" PVC threads or are they different thread types?
  6. I am building a 10'X2' DWC trough and was wondering about drain fittings. I've only done media filled bell syphoned systems so I thought this should be an easier design. I can't quite figure out the best way to instal the drain. Options.... 1- drain through the bottom with a bulkhead and a standing overflow drain at whatever depth the water should be. this may be annoying with the floats 2- bulkhead fitting on the side at the height I want the water to be. I can't figure out the plumbing for this What is the best bulkhead fitting to fit through a 1" or 1.5" board? I can't
  7. Surewood


    does anyone have a link to plans for a good DIY venturi aerator device? I've tried Affnan's, but I can't get the same parts here.
  8. Surewood


    Hey Gary, that link is exactly what I need. My in-laws live totally off the grid and have a constant flowing spring. I was planning on having their spring water constantly flow into an IBC tank filled with catfish or blue gill. Since power is an issue, I thought a venturi on the inlet would provide the DO. Then add the suckeruppa to keep the poop off the bottom and drain to one of the gardens. No need for filtration since the spring water has never stopped flowing for 30 years. Hopefully I can raise fish there with no power.
  9. Are you trying to teach the fish how to speak English? haha. sorry. aquaphonics. it was funny to me
  10. Surewood


    I need help with the suckeruppa. I've been searching but I can't find any detailed specs. The pictures on Gary's 3 mega bin setup is all I have to go by. I'm going to guess I could use the bottom of a bucket and a couple sink drain connections.
  11. I currently just have an IBC setup with Koi fish http://www.aquaponicshq.com/forums/showthread.php/5950-Backyard-Ghetto-Farm-in-Nashville-TN I am building an in-ground greenhouse right now, should be done in a couple months. It is a 1 room earthship http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earthship This will be home to a system 4 times the size of my current setup, but just for family use. It would be nice to one day have a system like the Aqua Ranch http://www.aquaranch.com/ My business now is a super unhealthy, booze fueled, smokey, rock'n roll club. Making that a sustainable business would be
  12. nice. Is that a full IBC in the ground? I have solid sheets of limestone 1 foot down in my yard, I'm jealous. I would like to see pictures of the inner workings of that blue barrel. From what I can tell....The fish tank drains into the middle of the blue barrel, then drains out the top side to the grow beds?
  13. I think my plants need more processed fish poop! I don't think my 9 koi fish are getting the job done. Any day now I expect some tilapia. What's up with the tilapia Kellen? Also, is it bad to have the 6" koi with the tilapia fingerlings?
  14. That looks nice! Can the baby chicks make it up those steps? I have a small A frame on the ground that my chicks stay in for about a month until they can make it up into the main coop.
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