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  1. This recipe needs to be measured exactly;-) Marinade:- Brown sugar (handful) Soy Sauce or Maggi seasoning Vegetta (gourmet stock) Lemon juice Garlic (minced or fresh) Mix marinade ingredients to taste, add livers and leave to marinate for up to 24 hours (in the fridge). Put livers in fry pan trying to leave off 3/4 of the juice, fry till remaining juice evaporates then fry with oil. I have tasted these livers cold and they were very nice, haven't made them up yet - can't get livers. I will definitely make some up when I can get them. Hope you enjoy them.
  2. I think it is a sad reflection, that many farmers are forced off the land, bought out by agribusiness. They may have the money to set up systems, but they don't have the heart to run a farm. I constantly hear of farms where mass animal deaths occur because no one is there to look after the animals. You can not run a farm 9-5. The rules and regulations we are forced to observe are so rediculous as to be completely unworkable. Yet, imported food is not subject to these same regulations. Gary, I agree, nostalgia is a wonderful thing when it is another's. I think a lot of older folk could tell tales of woody turnips and cabbages, and mediocre veges. Even heirloom vegetables have been crossed over the years and I am sure are not totally pure to the vege from years ago.
  3. How true, Gary. My parents went through the war in Europe. My mother remembers people coming to their farm and offering gold rings and persian carpets for a crust of bread. Hence I and my children have been taught all our lives how to grow and make our own food. My children can dress any beast/poultry and cook them as well. They can pickle, smoke and cure just about anything. I am proud of them and they are proud of themselves. I feel confident that they will survive (almost) anything. We have spoken of plans for various events, so they will have an idea what to do. I pray they will never have to go through anything cataclysmic, but I know they will be able to survive.
  4. Hi Poultrygeist, Welcome, you will learn a great deal here, never be afraid to ask questions. Annie
  5. Hi Ian, Great idea, Neil and I should be able to get there. Looking forward to putting faces and voices to names. Ann
  6. Hi Gary, I was wondering when a magazine would be produced, I'm sure it will greatly increase interest in Aquaponics. The more the merrier. Congratulations on your contribution. Please register my interest. Cheers, Anniefish
  7. Hi Obo, I don't think it was the temp so much as the effect on ammonia, etc. and the rain water here is very sweet which put everything out of whack. I think I erred on the side of caution, not wanting to change Ph and such too much too quickly, looking back I probably should have brought the PH down as quickly as possible.
  8. Hi all, I think it is all a growing curve, as you develop your system you change and grow. I have had a complete disaster this week. Lost all our jades (about 100). Had a series of seemingly unrelated events over the last couple of weeks that have ended with dead fish. Two weeks ago lost most of the water from the fish tank while away, the person looking after the fish filled the tank. All seems well. Last week we had extremely hot temps ft temps up to 26-27 C. One dead fish. Fish not feeding. Thursday afternoon we had a violent hail storm and nearly 3 inches of rain. Again not home to divert rain/ice water from fish tank. 10+ dead fish. Immediate thought - poor fish had a blast of icy water and couldn't handle it. Next morning more dead fish. Partial water change and salt added, after checking ammonia and nitrite levels which were elevated. That afternoon more dead fish. Saturday another water change but continued to lose fish. I think the hot weather increased the toxicity of ammonia and not being on the spot to change water and adjust Ph the fish died. :mad: I seem to remember reading that you are not a serious AP'er until you have lost fish. Do you think I now enter that catagory? I have had a good dummy spit and pitty party and now am wiser. You live and learn, wish it didn't have to be so drastic though. Anniefish
  9. I came across this article, if we want change, we have to do something about it. Write a letter and put your opinion forward. I think the majority of us want changes to labelling of GM foods, let's let the pollies know what we want. http://123campaign.com/link.php?ml=4ae8f2dd53296&lk=4ae7c8bc83645&lf=2009_10 Cheers. Anniefish
  10. Hi all, Thought you might be interested in this article - http://truefood.org.au/newsandevents/?news=66 Ann
  11. Hi Allen, Welcome, I like the look of your system. Ours is also made using barrels and lots of bits we had hanging around. As you say, it doesn't matter what your system is made of, so long as it works. Keep up the good work. Annie
  12. Hi nwestwood, Your celery look great, do the lettuce get enough light? If they are growing up to get light they might not grow hard enough to stand up. Then again the other lettuces do well, maybe one of those mysteries of life.... Annie
  13. Hi Krimann, To tell you the truth I don't really remember how I found AP. I was probably surfing the net finding info on gardening and low water usage and came up with AP. I am ever grateful that I did. Our original system has been running about 6 months and we set up another a couple of months ago. We have tried most types of gardening with mixed results, but this one is THE one. We are grateful to Murray and Gary for numerous visits, and endless questions (both stupid and useful), always answered. The forums have been the best tool to use to find information. Cheers, Annie
  14. Umm Gary, what does Jan think? Anniefish
  15. Mmmmm....so when I see a truck load of pigs go past screaming their heads off they are being treated humanely, when I see truck loads of chooks with no protection from the wind blowing through their open pens, that's humane, when I see a cattle truck on the side of the road with the driver perched on top with a cattle prod trying to get beasts to stand up, that's humane. Sorry, not in my book. I know animals have to be transported but please don't try and tell me it is done humanely. If the rspca was serious, slaughter houses would be closer to farms as they were in the old days, where every town had a butcher. Sorry, enough soap box. Anniefish
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