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  1. Thanks for the responses guys, They will be separate systems(my ornamental fish and the tilapia). I'll check out the PDF now, ande. I was already leaning towards finding dedicated food for the tilapia, but now I'm going to. It also just wouldn't make sense to try to feed the tilapia food which is like 10x more expensive than commercial fish feed. ~Chilla
  2. Hey everyone, first post here and just getting started in the scene, well, expanding on my fish keeping hobby. I have been scouring the internet for a a couple of days now and cannot find any info pointing me in one way or another regarding this subject, so I decided to sign up here and ask the question straight to the community. Is fish food generally bought to feed ornamental or pet fish such as Hikari, NorthFin, Omega One safe to feed fish you may eventually want to consume yourself? The reason I'm asking is because I already have food of said variety, and where I am, it's seemingly pretty difficult to find commercial fish feed. What are the differences in safety/quality? I know economically there is a huge difference, but if price suggests quality, it would be pointing in the direction of pet fish food such as NorthFin. I am somewhat concerned about trace elements making their way through the fish and into humans, but haven't been able to verify that. Please provide your experience/insight on this subject as I have 20 blue tilapia fingerlings on the way (:
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