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  1. thanks to both of you. No not that far south in fact I.m straight east of Dallas The fact of not having to run a chiller is nice to know . I was wondering how they lived in these shallow creeks around here in the summer. You dont see them if there is no shade but the water is not cool by no means. Thanks again for the help and commints.
  2. Thanks again kellenw . I had marked off gold fish when I found out minnows were more prolific and was told 20 minnows would be 400 in a year.Yes plant are my main concern but with todays economy, Im having to look for new sources to supliment my income. I will be getting in my winter supply of cow feed soon and I think I will be able to feed some of that since it is mostly corn w/high fat content. It also has a pettery high protein. This portion would almost be free compared to comerical fish food. I'm sure I would have to supliment it but I like the idea of low operating cost.
  3. Thanks You answered that question. Now I need to know what to feed minnows. I learned this evening that I will need a chiller in the summer and I need to check out the cost of this as well as operating cost. There seems to be a need here locally and I thought this would be easier than trying to market other fish. I do not intend to make fish an income I just want to offset or eliminate my feed cost. any commints are appericated. The more I learn the dumber I get.
  4. Thanks for the reply. But I must not understand something. I can build a tank as big as I want assuming minnows would require more space so I would have more fish. Most people are limited to size of tank.Will this make a difference or is the nuteriants just not avilable from minnows? And in turn do you still have to circulate the water at the same rate as for other fish? Thanks again
  5. Im still trying to get some bugs worked out before I begin construction.I have not been able to establish what minnows eat. If I was to use minnows I could leave my tank outside and have more room in my greenhouse for plants. Im not interested in breeding mosquitoes but will consider doing so if it is finically fesible Any commits appericated.
  6. Well now I know what to do with my ducks, put them uphill of my garden Thanks for the information.
  7. I have been reading all I can about AP and now I'm wondering about building a duck pond instead of a fish tank . Duck food is basically free,I can feed the floor sweep out of the feed bins. From what I've seen it would only take about 6 ducks to equal a big wad of fish. Any commits appericated.Thanks again.
  8. Gary does a wick garden grow as fast as flood type beds. I understand in a greenhouse the flood type grow faster and of course longer season than dirt gardens. From what I read a wick setup would be ideal if water was an issue. I guess it would also work with fish you would just need a larger reserve.
  9. Thanks guess I'll have to stick with the gravel. How can I be sure I'm getting the right kind? Can I just pour some viniger on it and watch for bubbles? most rock around here is trucked in. Our native rock is mostly iron ore and rather soft, I'm afraid it will slowly stop up a system.
  10. does any one use sand in their grow beds? What exactly a wicking bed? it sounds like a growbed that doesn"t completly drain out Thanks again.
  11. I hope Im in the right place and Im still planing. Can I come out of the GB go into a sump and pump the water into a DWC system before returning to th FT? As for the Diverter can a lawn sprinkler valve be used like on auto lawn waters?
  12. im new to this and need to learn more about how to put together a system in an old greenhouse.
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