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  1. I have read that BSF larvae and worms are an excellent source of protein for tilapia, but contain too much fat, which can cause problems as the fish develop into adulthood (liver damage, breeding). I'd like to be able to reduce the fat content of these livestock rations, as I am ardently against the use of fish meal, yet would like to achieve decent growth rates. Has anyone attempted this with success? I've read posts about a guy who tried chopping them up and boiling them, but wasn't able to render any fats from them. Could an alternative simply be in not feeding the fish BSF larvae
  2. I was able to build some biopods out of hypertufa (perlite, peat moss, portland cement) that are relatively lightweight and durable. So far, they're working great, and have great drainage. Its only shortcoming is that it needs a good lid. can be viewed here: http://www.earthfarms.org/blog/?page_id=142 If they were easier to ship, I'd gladly make and sell them to permaculture enthusiasts such as yourselves. They're actually pretty easy to make.
  3. I'm a 24 year old college student who's trying to make a career out of sustainable farming out of my backyard through the use of black soldier flies, humanure composting, rainwater harvesting, and raising chickens and goats.
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