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  1. Lord Viykor

    My bees

    The native hives got a few comments, once they knew they were stingless bees they were really intrigued. The honey bee hive is up in one back corner of my block, the neighbours don't spend a lot of time in their yard in the area near my hive. They probably don't know I gone one.
  2. My first system is a simple flood and drain setup with a tee valve returning 1/2 the pump flow to the fish tank to aerate the water in a jet similar to your photo. With my second system I have a second 'cheapie' pump with a length of poly pipe attached to a watering can 'rose' nozzle just below the water level. It is on a timer and runs 15 minutes on every 45 minutes. Both of these setups seem to be working for me at present
  3. It's been a really long time since I've posted on how my aquaponics is going, I'll plead work commitments as my excuse. Out of the 230 days I spent at work this year I was away for 101 of them. My lovely wife kept watch over the aquaponics, bees and gardens. I was ready to pull the second system to bits as it seemed pretty static for about 8 months. Since around October with it warming up it has really taken off and I happy with how it's going. It would be nice if I didn't keep loosing produce to the rats in the area. So far we've harvested 8 out of our 10 original Jade Perch and restocked
  4. Lord Viykor

    My bees

    Got around to taking some photos at last. I really need to plant some nectar bearing native plants now to help them along.
  5. Lord Viykor

    My bees

    Got my 2 Trigona hockingsi hives from my lovely wife for Christmas, so I now have 3 types of native bee and a honey bee hive. I may need to plant some more native plants to make sure there is enough nectar and pollen for them all close by. The link shows the types I now have - http://www.nativebees.com.au/StinglessBees.aspx
  6. Lord Viykor

    My bees

    Hi, It's a ten frame hive with a Langstroth brood box, thinking of going with the WSP (W.S. Pender) type of supers. A bit smaller so they should be easier to handle when full, the plan is to use two supers once the hive strengthens. Hi Gary, They shouldn't bother the native ones too much, from what I've read it's the fact that the honey bee works in lower temperatures that can cause problems. They tend to pick of the available nectar and pollen. Also confirmed yesterday that I'll be getting two more native bee hives for Christmas.
  7. Lord Viykor

    My bees

    At present I have two native bee hives on our suburban block they are of the Genus: Trigona and Austroplebeia the Binomial name is Trigona carbonaria. and Austroplebeia australis. I'm looking at adding a couple of Trigona hockingsi hives as well. Today I picked up my first honey bee (Apis mellifera) nucleus and set up a new hive in the corner of the back yard. Local council by-laws allow us to have one hive, need to submit some paperwork to the DPI and get it registered. I'm very excited to finally have a honey bee hive up and running, it's been a long time coming.
  8. Lord Viykor

    Native bees

    Been really busy with work Gary, work in the rail industry as an auditor. Never had to travel so much before. So only really started to get stuck into the yard and aquaponics again. Have to do some updates of my systems and other garden setups.
  9. Lord Viykor

    Native bees

    What type did you get Terry?
  10. Hi Gary, our chook pen has a solid painted floor. Thanks for the offer of assistance, I'll have to pick your brain when I come to set my quail enclosure.
  11. I purchased a cubby house off eBay to use as a chook pen, nearly finished setting it up. Also got some Rhode Island Red/White Leghorn crosses and a couple more Australorps Full size pics here Once the chook pen is finished I'll start on a quail enclosure.
  12. You've got it correct Gary, I've added a tee piece and tap so I can divert some of the flow back to the sump.
  13. My second system is finally cycling away, still needs a few glitches ironed out. Two of my five beds start to 'trickle' drain as soon as they start filling I'm assuming my leak holes are too big. I've blocked one with bluetac and it seem to fill and siphon ok. I also assumed my beds would totally drain once they siphoned, they seem to retain maybe water to a depth of 50mm. The main tank overflows occasionally as the return line to the sump and the overflow to the grow beds don't move water quick enough. I have added a tee piece from the pump line with a tap to allow some flow to immediately
  14. I'm a bit concerned that my bathubs have started cracking in the enamel, the weight of the gravel on the steel frames could be the beginning of a headache. At present I plan to silicon over these areas to 'seal' everything up.
  15. Gary, it does come with the three year warranty, that was one of the factors in buying it as well as the 44w power consumption.
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