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    I've run large reef tank systems and would like to build a system that's working for me instead of me working for it :-)
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    Aquaponics, greenhouses, reef tanks, general construction

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  1. Hello all, I've recently moved and am looking to re-use equipment from my reef tank for aquaponics. I've thoroughly cleaned the equipment I'm planning to re-use with vinegar / bleach / muriatic acid as required and left outside after rinsing for a couple months to make sure there aren't any remnants from the saltwater setup. I'm curious if I could replace the solid waste export portion of my aquaponic system. I've got a skimmer that's rated for 525GPH flow and is able to drain waste externally (hopefully so I don't have to collect sludge). It is a Skimz Monster SM202 external protein skimmer. This is my first aquaponic tank so if I'm missing something obvious please let me know. I'm in the early planning stages of my build and trying to pull together a bill of materials. Thank you
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