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    I still grow my own food in growing chickens for eggs and growing vegetables. I removed my RAS 12 months ago when a BIO filter crash killed my 7 year old silver perch. I needed the room in my barn to build a caravan so as there were no more fish the RAS went.
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    Growing vegetables at home and building things

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  1. Hi BD My system is still running however the two smaller fish tanks that used to house my Silvers and Murray cod were removed two years ago because I needed room in the shed. Trout and Silvers together appears to be fine as long as the Silvers are bigger than the Trout and at the moment they are. The Trout will catch up, but I expect they will be harvested before they are a threat when the water temperatures become an issue. I still have the tanks removed from the shed and thinking of using them again but somewhere outside. Are you currently running Silvers and Trout in your system ? Regards Rudy
  2. Hi Dasboot You have a very impressive system and I have read up on it over the years on a different forum. Aquaponics in Thailand interests me as I am a frequent visitor to rural Thailand. Regards Joey.
  3. Hi Dasboot My system consists of a RAS housed in a garage and a growing system located outside in a poly tunnel. The RAS can be run as a stand alone system or be connected to the growing system. This is done by switching on a pump in the Growing system sump, water is pumped back into the RAS. Excess water in the RAS sump overflows back into the Growing system. This way the water levels in both parts are kept in sync. Most of the time I leave this pump switched on. Regards Joey
  4. Hi Guys Just a note to you let you know that I haven,t given up on aquaponics. Although some of the plans for my system that I talked about have never eventuated, I am still running my system, two weeks ago I travelled to Buxton and purchased 30 trout yearlings. I am now running a mixture of trout and silver perch in the same tank. My wife complained about her vegetable growth and that is the reason I increased my stock level. I have noticed some of the silver perch normally on a hunger strike due to the cold are now feeding along with the trout. I have been following the forum and have been reading up about IAV,S and as a result, the other day I spent a few hours driving around the local garden supplies looking at the different types of sand available. I bought an old boat two years ago and that has taken some of my time away from aquaponics. Cheers Rudy
  5. Joey

    Silver perch

    Hi Rodc I have a batch of Silver Perch that I have had for over 4 years. They are survivors and have outlasted many batches of trout as well as a number of power failures. They can certainly survive the weather variations that Melbourne can dish up to them. I have had these so long I have become attached to them and I have never considered them as food. I am prepared to part with some of my smaller ones for $7.00 each. They vary in size 250mm to 500mm. You can PM me if you are interested. Cheers Joey.
  6. Hi I just want to add that this to my previous post. This airlift works extremely well, if it is used in circulation mode at zero lift. Therefore the new system I want to build for this will have zero lift. Also the water tank I wish to use as a sump, limited the length of my 90mm lift tube to 1.3 meters it still achieved a good flow as shown in the video. Cheers Joey
  7. Hi I built a trial airlift based on details supplied by the same people two years ago. I used a 90mm pipe and ran a 30 watt air pump. The video shows the flow achieved as I varied the height of the outlet. I was impressed with the flow, but I have still not built the system. Cheers Joey
  8. Hi Recently I have decided to remove a hedge to increase light available for my fruit trees and also provide additional space for my vegetable garden. A good friend of mine has manufactured a tripod out of left over steel and provided a 5 ton block and tackle. To build something like this costs approximately $250.00 a lot cheaper than buying a stump grinder. To remove a tree stump simply set up the tripod above the stump and winch it out, the whole process takes about 10 minutes. Cheers Joey
  9. Hi Gary Good to see it all progressing. I have a small pond and a few tubs filled with water lillies, I use gold fish for mosquito control and they do an excellent job. They dont require aeration or filtration and I never feed them. Cheers Joey
  10. Hi Edmolina European wasps while there is only a few flying around I tend to ignore them. When the numbers build up and they start to annoy people I will take your advice and despatch a few. Cheers Joey
  11. Hi Gary Thanks for the reply. They are european wasps and they are common in our neighbourhood. Unfortunately I can't locate the nest so I guess all I can do is set the traps to reduce the numbers and not try not to agrivate them if they are flying around. I did not know that they damaged fruit and blamed all damage to my apples on the birds. On a recent trip to thailand there was an Asian wasp nest in a tree near a vegetable garden we visited. They dealt with this nest very easily. They waited for nightfall then lit a fire in a bucket on a pole. The bucket was raised to surround the nest and all wasps were destroyed. Their wings were burned off as they left the nest. Cheers Joey
  12. Hi Recently I was trying to eat a meal outside and was driven inside by a group of wasps that decided to join the party. Knowing that they bite if provoked I decided to move and eat inside the house. This prompted me to make a wasp trap out of a lemonade bottle and placed a mixture of beer and jam in the bottle as bait, for two days it did nothing, first I thought I has wasted my beer, then over the next day it killed 22 wasps and not one bee. This morning outside there were a few wasps flying around checking out the under side of leaves in my garden plants it seems they were looking for aphids or caterpillars. Perhaps I should have left them alone. Cheers Joey
  13. Hi Gary As I dont want my supply to dry up I won't quote my source in Melbourne but they focus on Hot house plastics and farm dam liners not so much garden ponds. I usuall buy offcut pond liners in sizes 2 or 3 metre x 4 meter pieces. for about $20.00, I not sure of the thickness, however I have used these in my gravel growbed, wicking beds and DWC troughs without problems. As I need some more for my next project I will be paying them a visit soon. Will let you know how I got on. Cheers Joey
  14. Hi Gary If you have businesses that supply liners for farm dams in your area you may be able to buy suitable sized off cuts from them at a reduced rate. Thats how I buy my liners, I never buy liners from bunnings or pond supply companies. Cheers Joey
  15. Hi Gary Good to see that progress is being made and that mango tree certainly had a good grip on the ground. Cheers Joey
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