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    Starting an aquaponics system from an existing koi pond (no koi at the moment) with my grandson. I have gardened for over 30 years and want to pass the knowledge on.
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    Basenjis, Gardening, Sharing the joy of gardening with my Grandson

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  1. My Grandson and I have been planning to transform a koi pond into an aquaponics system since January 2020. The pond is in an atrium--inside the house, but in its own room that is only open to the outside by an opening in the roof. There is a pothos plant in the pond and I need to know if I it is safe in an edible environment. The koi enjoyed the plant. We have lots of questions. I've gardened for over 40 years, but not in the heat of S. TX. That's why we decided to move into the atrium. All backyard gardening efforts have failed due to the heat. I just couldn't keep up enough moisture in the plants. The atrium provides some shade along with the pond. I plan to add outdoor fans to keep the temperature down. We look forward to learning a lot and hopefully enjoying the fruits of our labors. Thank you in advance for sharing your wisdom.
  2. I just wanted to make sure Philodendron is safe in the same system with edibles. I have an existing koi pond (no koi at the moment) that has Philodendron in it. I've started tomatoes, cantaloupe, chives and marigold in containers. My Grandson and I are planning to build the system over the next few weeks as a way to make learning gardening fun for him. If Philodendron doesn't mix with edibles, I can pull it out and drain the pond.
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