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  1. hi, i have planted a well developed corriander plant with roots in my aquarium aquaponics directly immersed the roots in the water. for the first two to three days the new leaves were sprouted but after four days the plant was getting dried out. i dont know what was happening to the plant . anybody please help me find out what is the problem.
  2. how to take out the solid wastw from a rectangular tank??? can a pump do it or should we do it manually????
  3. hi i'm new to this forum, how many days it will take for a tank of 25litres (5.5 gallon) capacity with only two sucker mouth fish to produce AOB's and NOB's ??? can i add plants to the system now or should i wait and for how many days ?? i am planning to plant a corriander on a floating raft. i have no bio filtration unit . should i install one or no need?? the temperatures in india are high as it is summer here and water temperature goes around 25 degrees centigrade in the tank. i am feeding the fish pellet food and there is an air pump also .
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