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    Growing big peacock bass, Oscar's, and koi. D.I.Y. everything or your useless.. Sometimes I just want to kick myself what I volunteer for.
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    Aquaponic Hydroponic.. Aggressive tropicals, doing what they claim cant be done.

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  1. Rafts are easy, cut small x in 1/2 styrofoam place seed inside x cut.. push toothpick thru side of x cut so root can follow to water. Seed will sprout rather quickly and the toothpick will need to be changed to popsicle stick so plant does not choke out from foam crushing it.
  2. You will find it very difficult to complete a flowering stage of the life cycle. The AK-47 grows well as well as blue dream, girl scout cookies and kandy kush is slightly fussy. If deepwater culture is your goal you will most likely at the very least have one or two emergency situations that give no advance warning. Be very mindful of light reaching roots. Hydrogen peroxide is your friend against root rot. If you are flooding tables be sure to allow plants to sit in flooded area for quite a spell.. Marijuana loves aquatic life. They will grow enormous with very little light. A LED grow light will save money last forever and produce almost no heat.. I have found having two 100 gallon tubs & two identical pumps is best. Obviously one for floating plants in, the other tub for fish with a constant flow from tub to tub.. Comets and goldfish are excellent for this task.. In order to switch from veg to flower you will definitely need to feed fertilizers but organic will suffice. Good luck to you. P.S. feed fish 10+ times per 24 hours.
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