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  1. One not-insignificant drawback of the sand bed design is that large quantities of appropriately sized sand can be quite expensive. A recent build I completed (two beds: 3ft x 12ft, 4ft x 12ft) required 2 cu yds of 'playground' sand at $150 / cu yd! In the big picture $300 isn't the end of the world, but that particular sand was the most expensive aggregate sold at my local rock yard, 5-10 times more than gravel or lava. The price is not a deal breaker per se, but for those looking to DIY something as cheap as possible, it is a factor. Anyways, this has got me thinking..... Sand is a great fine particle filter. I've been experimenting with a single 5 gal bucket full of sand to filter/digest the solids caught in the Radial Flow filter attached to my 500 gal koi pond. It was doing great while the temps were cool, but with the last couple warm months this little filter can't keep up with waste production. Appropriately sized though it would work just fine. My thought is to use the iAVS sand bed concept as a fine filter and mineralization stage, but modularize it, separate from the growing area just like we've done with dedicated solids and bio filters in other systems. Perhaps an ibc or two of sand would be enough. Obviously it's more about surface area than depth but I'd need to find a compromise using conveniently available materials and techniques. Finding the minimum sand bed area needed for a given tank size and stocking density would allow me to use a cheaper medium like 1/4" cinder for the grow beds, or DWC or NFT. This would give me many more growing options and setups, especially if I simply added the sand bed filter to the drain of the solids filter. My fish pump could keep going 24/7 keeping them happy and healthy. Of course I'm aware I'm just reinventing the wheel here...implementing a slow sand filter and disassembling the iAVS concept to use only the features I need.
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