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    Aquaponics/iAVS enthusiasts and weekend hobbyist (for now). 35-y/o Korean/US citizen acitve duty military. Currently living in California.
    Started aquaponics early spring of 2019 and have since been passionate about learning and experimenting with aquaponics. I truly believe this is the future of agriculture and am constantly perplexed as to why this has not taken off in the industry. I hope more and more people learn about this amazing capability and leads
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    Aquaponics, iAVS, tilapia, water quality, fish health, system optimization

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  1. Aufin, thanks. Sorry I left out some additional info: It'd be in my garage and there's some windows on the garage door for light to come in. I can probably put all the gold fish in an indoor tank and keep just the tilapia in a 55-gallon. I know it's still too tight but unfortunately that's all I got right now. Maybe I can use a second 55-gallon and split the fish up at least.
  2. Thanks! Sorry for the ignorance but is it because it doesn't get that cold during the winter months?
  3. BLUF: Bringing the fish indoors for the winter and would like design advice using (2) 55-gallon drum barrels. I have (3) 5-gallon buckets as optional usage. First of all, hi everyone. I'm so glad to have found this community and looking forward to learning/sharing. I am a relatively new AP guy. I have a 350 gal, three-tiered IBC-based AP system. Top tier (largest) houses the fish, middle tier is the grow media/filter, and the bottom is the sump w/ DWC (raft). I use a single pump from the SUMP back up to the main IBC tank. The system was started back in June and finished cycling
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