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    Aquaponics/iAVS enthusiasts and weekend hobbyist (for now). 35-y/o Korean/US citizen acitve duty military. Currently living in California.
    Started aquaponics early spring of 2019 and have since been passionate about learning and experimenting with aquaponics. I truly believe this is the future of agriculture and am constantly perplexed as to why this has not taken off in the industry. I hope more and more people learn about this amazing capability and leads
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    Aquaponics, iAVS, tilapia, water quality, fish health, system optimization

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  1. Aufin, thanks. Sorry I left out some additional info: It'd be in my garage and there's some windows on the garage door for light to come in. I can probably put all the gold fish in an indoor tank and keep just the tilapia in a 55-gallon. I know it's still too tight but unfortunately that's all I got right now. Maybe I can use a second 55-gallon and split the fish up at least.
  2. Thanks! Sorry for the ignorance but is it because it doesn't get that cold during the winter months?
  3. BLUF: Bringing the fish indoors for the winter and would like design advice using (2) 55-gallon drum barrels. I have (3) 5-gallon buckets as optional usage. First of all, hi everyone. I'm so glad to have found this community and looking forward to learning/sharing. I am a relatively new AP guy. I have a 350 gal, three-tiered IBC-based AP system. Top tier (largest) houses the fish, middle tier is the grow media/filter, and the bottom is the sump w/ DWC (raft). I use a single pump from the SUMP back up to the main IBC tank. The system was started back in June and finished cycling around mid-August (took a little longer than expected). I used feeder goldfish for cycling. I've since added 4 adult Tilapia (8-9"), 16 medium Tilapia (4-5"), and approximately 25 feeder goldfish (1-3"). The media grow bed (lava rocks) is growing with plants (half-filled). The sump is currently empty. My water parameters are as follows (pH/Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate): 7.2/0.25/0/3). The Nitrate's are a little lower than desired but so far it's been just OK. Anyway, winter is approaching out here in the high desert of California. The nights will drop down to high 30s (F). I am going to harvest the remainder of my plants and am deciding to bring the fish inside vice heating the tank. I purchased two 55-gallon drum barrels and also have multiple 5-gallon buckets to use. Anyone have any design ideas specifically for just keeping the fish warm and comfortable through the winter? I was thinking keeping the fish in a 55-gallon drum that would overflow into a 5-gallon swirl filter and then into a 5-gallon bio media filter and where a small pump would feed water back into the main tank. Any other ideas?
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