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  1. In my country I don't have that product and its a little expensive to buy online. I will try to find something similar.
  2. Hi! Thks very much for the help! I build an overflow to avoid rain problems! Nice to know another portuguese member!
  3. Hello Ande! Thks for your kind explication. In deed what I have is a APN/HQ (I dint know how to name it). So, now I know that I must add some nutrients to the water. My question is if those nutrients are bad to the fishes..Thks
  4. Hello! I made an "hybrid" system that joins aquaponic and hydroponic systems together. I plane to grow some little vegetables but Im not sure if I must put some nutrients in water to properly feed the plants... does anybody have this "mix" system? For example, I think that aquaponic system does not produce iron... Thks for help!
  5. Hello! I have an aquaponic system in a IBC. In winter, in my country rains a lot and my aquaponic system is uncover. Does anyone have an ibc system without a shelter? Because I think that with rain the fish tank will overflow..
  6. Hello! Im from Portugal and I build an IBC aquaponic system. I subscribe this forum to learn more about this topic.
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