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    I've been interested in this for some time and finally starting changing my DIY Above Ground Pool pond into a tank, that fills a gravel bed and has automatic drains out to my dirt garden. Plan to really alter and change a log of things in the future as Turtleponics is quite fun.
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    RC cars, Gaming Pcs, Farming, Aquaponics

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  1. Got some turtleponics going.
  2. Pretty cool, I would think heating your tanks could be pretty costly.
  3. Hello all - I'm not new to aquaponics at all. However new to having a system near completion. So i have a normal urban backyard and my wife has limited me on locations, so I've got my corner of the yard and here it is. My system is nearly 100% automated besides feeding my fish and turtles. It auto drains and fills, the water drained goes to my growbeds and then have a float valve to refill. I absolutely love dense over stocking and I know what can happen. However i like the ecoaystem design. Got about 100 fish in the tank - minnows, goldfish, koi, crayfish, turtles, and ramshorn. 3 turtles 1 full size res, and 2 small res. Im gonna start a youtube channel on my system because i think its fun, and will also probably cook since my family says i do it well. All typos I blame on my phone.
  4. Not new to the concept of Aquaponics, but new to having a complete system. I currently have a thousand gallon tank and 100 gallon grow bed, as growing food out of the tank isn't completely my goal, having the huge biofilter was important too me. My main goal is just to grow tons of food in my backyard, and front yard while keeping it looking pleasant. It has changed quite a bit since that picture shown, I'm gonna start a youtube channel and kinda show my journey building out my system. However, it's too hard to stay consistent with all that. I like talking about this stuff and reading other posts and commenting, so I thought I'd join up and check everyone else system out in the process.
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