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  1. Thanks so much for the information. I have joined your Facbook site and hope to get lots of information from teachers that are doing similar projects in their schools.
  2. Hey All, I am a middle school teacher in Ohio and am working on a project with the local boy scouts. We would like to get some game fish at the fry stage in the fall and raise them in a 55 gallon tank. Then take them and release them in their pond in the spring. I have done this with a trout in the classroom project, but it has become more of problem with meeting the states requirement for where we have to release them. I have talked with fish and game about the type of fish, they suggested Bluegill, Redear Sunfish or Catfish for the pond. Here are my questions: How many fish should I get for a 55 gallon tank assuming I get them in the fry stage like 2-4 inches in length? Can I raise more than one breed at a time or should I just stick with one for now? Should we get something like crayfish to help clean up the tank naturally? Types of plants we should have? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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