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  1. Well, I'm doing research for my future cash crop and haven't really put much thought into which marijuana strain I would like to grow. I'm looking for the highest strain to harvest, but quality is a must as well. I did a search for "Highest yield" and "harvesting" here and this was the only result ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** posting of web addresses is not allowed*** it contains all the information I was looking for to came up. I'm a stage 2 Pancreatic cancer survivor. Doctors declared that im now cancer free and i'm so glad to hear that. Since then marijuana products has been a great help to me so i decided to grow my own marijuana for my personal use only. But growing marijuana requires more knowledge and need to understand its life cycle. I have encountered many different problems in growing myself but that doesn't help me stop from growing my own herbal medicine. https://www.bonzaseeds.com/blog/orange-haze/
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