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  1. Interesting, Thanks Aufin, I will research this iAV style!
  2. Hello, brand new to Aquaponics. A lot to learn!! We're in southern Georgia, so it gets very hot in the summer (90-100) and can dip into 30's in winter at times, so was thinking about a 10x12 Greenhouse. Is this feasible? 1. Started design with IBC (275 gallon) but read ratio of Bed to Water should be 2:1 so, since I have only bout 70 gallon of "beds" decided to try a 55 gallon drum.2. Plan is ten 4 gallon double dutch buckets for things like tomatoes, squash, peppers, strawberries and the like. I've read that perilite works well with dutch buckets with painter strainer bags.3. A tray for things like garlic, herbs, or starter plants. Not sure if this should be water or have media in it.4. Square vinyl 5" x 6' posts with grow cups for leafy things, lettuce, spinach, some herbs, just water, no media?5. All this drains into a Reservoir, which is then pumped across the the tank.6. Interested in "geyser" type airlift pump, either to get the water from Reservoir to Drum or from Drum to Buckets, or both?7. Since Im in South Georgia, was think Tilapia (but some shrimp or mullet would be great bait to have on hand!)8. Based on my initial research was thinking about a "Constant Flood" system, seems a bit easier, and more forgiving? 9. Am I totally insane?
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