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    I am a garder for about 17 years, and like to experiance lots of fields related to gardening with people from all over the world.
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  1. Amazing! In my country (United Arab Emirates) during the summer it get's soo HOT, therefore, we have greenhouses for planting veggies during the summer. Kindly take a look at my latest video If you have any comments or Q.'s please through them in! we're here to exchange information
  2. Hi, I know this sound a bit weird, since this post was posted loong time a go, I just thought of sharing what we have at my greenhouse lately. Please Enjoy all If any questions, am all ears for ya out there Mohamed
  3. Hello all, I have greenhouse which have currently 58 GB's, and would like to add to it 40 GB's more, however, i don't want to spend that much on plumping and all that. Therefore, since I am having four lines of GB's, I want to make siphon for each two lines of GB's, meaning at the end I'l' be having only two siphon if all that worked out though. The Q. here is, is that possible? If yes how? if not, why not? Here is what i have at the moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2cW2ew7J7U&t=803s TIA all
  4. Thank you sooo much Willroy, You're comments were well appreciated for real I am doing almost exactly as what you've mentioned in your comment. Thus, lemme see what would be the result in the next few weeks! Frankly speaking! the other day i checked the Ph and guess what? it was 8.4, but! The look of the plants was fabulous! even though lots of people whom i know from all over the world, they say that the 8.4Ph level is not good!! I am learning as our system grows.. so again thanks a lot and please keep in touch. PS. If you have some times, please post some video of your system. Regards, Mohamed
  5. Hello again, We keep missing each others comments; i guess because of time different Well, my friend does something in between Hydroponic + Aquaponic! what do i mean? well, here is what he does, he harvest fish, plenty of them in kind of ponds, sized about 5mX8M, and he segregate these fishes based on their ages (mainly he sell them in local market) so anyway, he is having fish waste! so he plants in the soil! even thought in my country we have sand only! not like in other countries where they have muddy soil and it's' full of nutrients. So, he plants the seeds in the soil direct and water them with fish waste, plus he uses his cattle fertilizer too, he plants from Aug to June, three times a year, leaving one month which is June for cleaning up the soil and preparing it for next session.what he does it's kind of impossible here in my country, why? well because of the heat!, it can reach 50+ during the summer + we don't have much water. We have wells at the farm, and we have to dig deep about 1200 ft to get good amount of water, am sure you don't have to go all that in your country The shade, i thought about it months back, as i was told by one of our employees, but i was thinking aaaah no need meantime So what i'll do i already called some welders nearby, they'll come and give us quotations in regard to the shade and we will see what can we do about it from there In regards, to the rest of your comments, i'll as you said read about it and come back to you for sure, i'll make a video; as it might be easier so that you can see "seeing is believing" Talk to ya later Mohamed
  6. Again Thanks Joe I visited one guy today here in UAE and he suggested the same thing as you said! He said that i ought do three things, starting with shade for the fish pond, install ceramic filteration system and last but leat installing swirl filter, he said by doing so, i'll see changes within a week from doing so.. meanwhile I am searching on where can i buy these item, or even if i can do them my self... I hope i can update you with new video soon chat later, as i am busy tonight, it's here 9:12PM - 03:10:45 AEST Cheers
  7. Dear Toga, Thanks a lot for replying to my inquiries. You'll have the answers underneath each questions you've asked down PS. I just inserted the first video i made related to the green house.
  8. Hello All, I am new to this forum. I would like to get some help from those who have experiance and can help me. I have an old green house in my farm, so i decided to make use of it since we didn't use it for a long time. Therefore, i decided to renew it and started my aquaponic in it with a total of 58 grow bed (IBC Tank). I connceted 1HP submersiable pump to the nearby fish pond (we have about 2000 Tilapia), the water comes and waters the grow bed for 45 minutes and then stops for 15 minutes. The plants aren't doing well! I honestly don't know why?! I tested the Ph last time and it was 7.6 I asked one of my local friends who have Hydroponic sysem and he said it might be because of the watering timing! He sugguest, i should water the plants for about 30 min. and stop the water for 3 hours and see how it goes, and if 3 hrs too much i should gradually decrease it to 2.5 hrs and so on till i get to the right level. <-- though I am hesitance about this; so thats why I searched in the net and came across this forum. I'll post a youtube video on what i've done and i hope i can see good feedback that will help me over comes this situation :-) Thanks all in Advance, Mohamed
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