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  1. http://www.ct.gov/caes/lib/caes/documents/publications/bulletins/b380.pdf With lots of added details and explanation. Very interesting, thanks vkn
  2. Thanks for the advice. I was hoping that the sand would be sufficiently colonized by beneficial bacteria even without plants. I guess you might need a larger sand filter and/or more constant flow for sufficient filtration.with no plants. I feel regular 10% water changes could be necessary for small systems too,
  3. I agree I think cycling for a good while is essential before getting the fish. I plan to concentrate on keeping the fish healthy, and the plants are secondary at this stage. Just treating it like a pond or aquarium with external sand filter. I also plan to have the fish tank well insulated or in ground to control temperature fluctation.
  4. I was thinking of trying mini carp AKA Goldfish - apparently they tolerate wide and fluctuating conditions. I was also thinking of some native minnows or Gambusia from my local stream for free.
  5. Thanks for the update Gary, much appreciated. I can see that a mini system could be finicky. Do you think a small IAVS system may need constant aeration for the fish, considering the irregular nature of the water pumping ? Maybe the water got too hot causing a drop in dissolved oxygen. I imagine a small plastic tank would be prone to overheating, especially if the sun hit it.
  6. Thanks for documenting your IAVS project. Just wondering if you had a problem with this system that stopped it growing plants and fish ? It would be really helpful to know of the possible pitfalls because I am thinking of doing a similar system.
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