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  1. pretty much what i was thinking of doing i have about 700 fish in total. hoping to take weigh 50 and do the math. Was hoping somebody would have a better way to tackle this.
  2. Lol, neeat. I also meant weighing them as well. Title edited.
  3. Hello all, when adjusting feed it is crucial to have a count of the number of fish in a tank. is there an easier way of counting and weighing 500 or more fish within a tank.
  4. i mean i had the cement tank cured before adding fish into it and its been 2 years now. My flow rate to the swirl filter is 8300 lph
  5. So far nope. pH has always been stable between 7.0 and 7.6. My target fish size is about 300gm. Forgot to mention that my design is a CHOP system.
  6. Thank you Toga. The fish tank is made of concrete. The system has a 3000 liter swirl filter, a Bio Filter, a Mineralization Tank, a Sump tank and 4 grow-beds. Here the idea was to grow more of fish than plants hence an undersized grow-bed. HAP 120 aerator aerating the fish tank, Bio filter and mineralization tanks. A 1500 AC pump.
  7. Thank you Toga. Any idea how the figure 75% was determined ? is it from the FCR. FCR is Feed conversion Ratio which is obtained with the formula Feed Given / weight gained. I am trying to get max fcr for my investment on the feed and don't wish to over feed them.
  8. Hello all, Are there any feeding chart that i can follow as a reference ? I found one on internet land but just not sure if it would be ok to use it as a reference. I have 700 tilapia and the growth rate looks good so far. they are about 20gm average.Added them two months back. The link above has formula to estimate the groth rate of tilapia mentioned as FCR 75%. How true is this ? Appreciate anyone could comment on it.
  9. Hello, all I am from India. Doing Aquaponics in a 12,000 liter tank with 700 Tilapia.
  10. Hello All, We have a concrete tank which has been cured and a first harvest was done. The fish (just Tilapia and Nutter) did not put on any weight and growth. That was because the aeration was very poor and the water quality was very bad. This was designed by another person who had not much clue what he was doing. Here are some facts Tank volume: 15,500liters filled volume: 12,800liters Number of fish to add is 700 all would be harvested at 300gm 4 Growbeds from 2 IBC tanks Latter after the harvest i added 3,000 liter swirl filter 1000 liter sump tank, 250liter mineralization tank 250liter Biofilter with 20L K1 Media. Could somebody please advise me the calculation to size the Biofilter and the Growbeds. Currently i have about 715 fingerlings of avg weight 8gm feeding 1mm pellet feed.
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