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    I'm very excited about aquaponic system. I'm want make my own ones.
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  1. Hi Toga, A) Instead of only 1 hose outlet pumping into grow bed, perhaps increase this to 3 or 4 outlets. I will open outlet wider, it have valve for I adjust water flowC) Instead of 6 minute pump cycles, increase this to 20mins On / 60mins Off... or more. I will increase the cycles to 20 mins on/ 60 mins off , 10 times / day D) Keep fish feeding to a minimum whilst mortality continue. I already decrease feeding. I make all test for all three tank, please open my attach file Couple of picture for my mortarily Thank Tam Monitoring LH model A.xlsx
  2. Hi Toga, A) Is the drain located in the centre ? Yes, in the centre of growbedB) Do you have a stand pipe / strainer raising a little from the bottom ? If so, How high is it from bottom ? No, I don't have stand pipeC) Can you describe in a little more detail how you made / setup the standpipe / strainer and/or how you prevent the sand from draining into the fish tank ? I use plastic membrance as picture in bottom and next is biger sand - gravel. I don't size of gravel, about 5 kg each tank, and next is my sand
  3. Hi Toga, I reply for more detail of my system, A) - System Layout / Specs Layout of growbed looks circular. This is my system picture: What is the Depth ? With diameter is 1M, depth 0.4m (with fish tank diameter is 1M, depth 0.7m) Where does water go in ? Water from bottom of fish tank go in grow tank and come down fish tank Where does it drain out ? At the bottom of grow tank Where is the fish tank ? As the picture Shape & Depth ? As the picture Where does water drain in from growbed ? At the bottom of growbed Where does it pumped out from ? (location of pump inside the tank) I put pump at the bottom of fish tank What water volume does it pump per hour ? Pump volume is 2000l/h What are your pumping cycles ? Water was pump 6 minute on and 114 minute off; 8 times/ day from 6 AM to 6 PM Do you pump at night also ? .... OR Only pump cycles at day time ? Only pump at day What grade is that sand ? .... OR ... Is it a fine 2-3mm crushed gravel ? It is my sand size sieve g % on 2 mm 0.74 0.21 on 1 mm 257 73.64 on 0.7 mm 75.2 21.55 on 0.5 mm 10.44 3 pass 0.5mm 5.58 1.6 Your excel file data suggests yet more questions need to be asked. The lack of daily test results makes it more difficult to track, trace, identify and resolve issues as they arise and recede. B) - Water Testing What testing methods/kits do you use ? (Liquid, digital, powder, tablet - What Brand/s ?) I use liquid test from JBL How old are they ? from 2016 Can you do all tests at same time and post a picture of all the re Please explain this notation in your data file. Please view all picture test kit from my file attach Is this additional O2 from compressed air cyclinder ? ... OR Is it from an Air Pump ? - OR - Blower ? From air pump Is "OXY" on any type of daily cycles ? ... OR "OXY" is on 24hrs day ? all 24 hrs day D) - Importance of Test Results Have I mentioned the high importance of accurate, daily records ? Oww... Yes, I have. It is almost impossible to accurately determine where your system sits within all the potential Nitrogen Cycle scenario's. I note you have 3 systems, but data for only 1 ? You should test each system every day - test everything - and record the data separately. 3 individual systems = 3 individual sets of water test records. Thank, I will test separate for each, all my test now from tank 1 E) - Importance of Test Results You current data points out an interesting piece of information and raises another question. Are you doing anything at all in the slightest bit different between the 3 systems ? System 1 mortality is much lower in this round of issues. It is still my view that you have rampant bacterial issues on several fronts. 1) Your Nitrogen Cycle (bacteria) is not / has not cycled correctly 2) If the current fish mortality look the same as previous - ie: bleeding into fins, redness of tissue I would recommend that you consider; Doing all tests again - on all tanks - record each tank separately - and post pics & data Reduce the feeding portion a little (for the short term) Do a 30% water change on each tank. Consider adding another 1ppm of salt to each tank. Post a couple pics of any future mortality. I will make all test today, and will post asps Monitoring LH model A.xlsx
  4. Hi Toga, This is my tomato (22 day old after plant into system) As I told you, your fish not die, I add more 70 fish each tank,Monitoring LH model A.xlsx But after 2 days later, fish continue die, I also test water quality, I want to ask you why NO3 in not increase (it just now 5 mg/l) I add excel file with detail of mortality. Please give me some advice Thank for your help! Tam
  5. Hi Toga, I had already add more fish, 70 fish/ tank, I will monitoring my cycle, and may be add some another plant as your advice Thank for your help! All the best for your investment, Tam
  6. Hi Toga, Thank for your help, Today, my morality issues stop, do not have any fish die I had feed them, them seem so hungry after 4 days don't eat any thing I will add more fish tomorrow, With my tomato, it have some bug, See picture for more detail, Can you advice me some way? How can I use for kill them? Thank! Tam
  7. Dear Vkn, I would have started with small fish numbers or much smaller healthy fish for starters. Your starter fish looks much bigger to me. What about your plants? I bought fish with 6g/ individual. With my plant, I plant 4 tomato/ 1m2, , plant seem deficient nutrient (as picture I attach), 11 days after I plant in grow bed Dear Toga, 9% Salinity = 90,000mg/l I follow your advice, with add 2g/ 800l of each tank today Have mortality rates decreased since you started water changes ? The rate of mortality continue increase, As you see my record, the mortality continue increase, Even I stop feed fish, the belly of fish so big, some fish have different swimming pattern, sign of deficient of oxy, Hope adding salt can help fish stop die, Thank all, Tam
  8. Hi Toga, Are they 3 separated tanks each with their own separated grow beds ? Yes, they are Do not transfer anything between the tanks or grow beds I used only one net for three tanks. Maintaining farm hygiene is paramount. Thank for your advice I had never done any hygiene - Sterilize your nets (soak in very strong salt water works OK) The best way when using net for all three tankI note your pH has risen since you started.a) What is the pH of your source water before you add it to your fish tanks ?b) Where is this source water from ? (ie: A dam, river, well, bore, city tap water, collected rain water)c) Do you store your water before use ? and if so - What is the material of the container ? (ie: plastic, concrete, earth dam, rubber liner)c) Did you pH test your sand before purchase/use ? a) PH is 7.8 before I add it to my fish tank b) Well in ground (used to water plant, plant was grown in soil), collect water from rain c) No. I just pump the water from well to every tank d) I did not test PH of sand I have just test it, PH is 7.4 Disease Mitigation - (This is why adding salt is good - search this forum) Can you help me find position of adding salt way? I can not find it
  9. Dear Ande, I'm so sorry for my misunderstanding, This is first time I reply in forum. Tam
  10. Hi Ande, I waiting for some advice, My fish was continuing have death, After I replace a half of water, check SiO2 again, it still 3 mg/l, Please see picture below for clearly observe I don't know what I will do? I would like to receive your help. Thank! Tam
  11. Dear all, I had started new IAVS system. Fish tank is 800l, plant area tank is 400l, I had 3 system like that I use the silicate sand, After 3 days after I add fishs in tank, fish still have die - 1 fish die / day/ tank. Every tank I add 40 fish/tank; 6g/1 fish; I feed fish with 6g of fish feed/ tank Now in tank1 have 3 fish die, tank2 have 3 fish die, tank3 have 2 fish die. I make test with water today, with all information like: NO2 0,1 mg/l; NO3 1-->10mg/l; SiO2 3mg/l; PH 7,8; O2 8mg/l I think I not washing sand enough before, so SiO2 so high, it make fish die Please help me, is this the cause, how I can determine this Thank, Tam
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