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    EPDM Pond repair is an ideal DIY product, instant and long-lasting results with easy to use application and 100% curing of pond leaks.
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  1. To make a pond for any shape and to reduce the risk of leaks, you must use flexible liner and in my experience pondpro2000 EPDM flexible pond liner is the best choice. For more details: https://www.pondpro2000.com/blogs/tips-applying-pond-liner-sealant/
  2. An easy and flawless way to patch your liner is to mend it with pond pro 2000, DIY version of fixing leak of pond liner, easy to use and perfect for joining without trouble. For more details: http://joankeeleypond.blogspot.com/2015/01/are-you-diy-guy-want-simple-method-to.html
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