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  1. thank you very much bigdaddy I hope I can get it. regards Mohamed
  2. Hi Everyone, Is there any equipment/device/kit that available online to purchase, for measuring various elements ( such as PH,) in Aquaponics/iAVS system? Kindly share if there is a list of all elements to be checked regularly. Regards Mohamed
  3. thanks Ande and noted your comments. buckets I thought can be scattered on the terrace unlike sand (long ) bed which may cause more load to that particular area. regards Mohamed
  4. Hi everyone, I am planning to build a home in india ( presently working KSA) and thinking of doing Aquaponics system (iAVs) on terrace due to shortage of land. I wonder if I could use buckets instead of sand bed to reduce the load. Mohamed
  5. thanks Ande for your kind welcome.
  6. Hello all, Thanks for the add. am originally from India, currently working in Saudi Arabia. I am very new to any type of culture. but really interested in growing own veggies & fruits. found many discussions here very informative and really appreciate everyone behind this. hope I can start a system within weeks though I have very little opportunities. thanks once again and good day.
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