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    A newbie to aquaponics - researching different set ups before making or buying
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    self sufficiency, upcycling and recycling, gardening and addicted to rhubarb

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  1. thanks for that info Ande - appreciate everyones advice and suggestions
  2. thanks for the feed back Here in New Zealand is the Autumn ( fall ) season and in the South Island in the canterbury Area of Christchurch The Fish species that admittly cant eat Gold Fish ...I intend to use Crop: variety is the key for me, but strawberries and spinach to start off with. Although having a small garden shed for the proposed bubble tub - the shed has no window for natural sunlight and shed has no power hook up. Would having a large enough coldframe to house the bubble tub with a solar powered air pump be ideal Secondly...how would I adapt a 12v air pump to run on a car battery without having a car attached ? I have been offered space in a community garden tunnel house thanks
  3. HI All - firstly I appreciate all advice and suggestions Can I use a bubble tub such as the ones on various websites for aquaponics ( though they are selling for hydroponics ) or making a set up that uses a ebb flow / flood and drain kit the system I evently will get will be outside question - with the bubble tub and the plant roots constantly in water - what are the downside of this Thanks
  4. Evening / Morning / Afternoon, depending on where you are in the world I'm a newbie to aquaponics..so to start off with... any suggestions and advice highly appreciated to my newbie questions. I had always heard of hydroponics but aquaponics is a new word for me. Neither have I dabbled in but since I enjoy fish, eating and keeping that with this interest and gardening..Have a great day / relaxing sleep
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