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    A dad of 3 and apprentice Electrician whom newly found out about Aquaponics and I am very interested in one day having a large set up on a nice plot of land but for now I will be starting small on the porch of my apartment.
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    Sustainable clean food for my family

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    Washington state (Seattle)

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  1. **Update** I now have. 20 gallon fish tank and have two Manson mixing tubs that I will be usuing as my flood beds any recommendation on what size pump I’ll need for this small set up the beds will not be very far above the tank so I don’t think I’ll need much lift but I’m unsure of what size pump I’ll need at this point
  2. Looking for recommendations on pumps I’m thinking I want a submersible and one that has adjustable flow.
  3. Thanks for the advise I was not aware of letting your system cycle first that definitely could help avoid some issues off the start, can you elaborate more on what your saying about what may be a better set up since I don’t plan on eating the fish? I didn’t quite understand sorry. But I think I will go with basil and green onions too start with thanks!
  4. Hello everyone Wes here from Washington state new to Aquaponics, actually haven’t even set up one yet but I am in the planning stages looking for any and all advice, I will be reading threw the forms for info and to hopefully avoid any beginner mistakes. I will be starting small, very small really I’m in a apartment and my system will be on my porch for now at least due to a lack of space ( 3 kids and the old lady). Hoping to get herbs and basic veggies out of it for now. Me and the family have actually recently switch to a plant based diet so I won’t be consuming the fish I do believe I am going to go with a continuous drain and fill set up with gold fish, and expanded clay as my medium. So any advice to my current planes will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance too all.
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