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  1. Hi Gurkan and welcome to APN, There's a lot of information on this site to delve into if you wish and we're here if you have any issues or questions. Feel free to ask or answer any questions and contribute any way you wish. I looked at your pics, thanks for sharing, I like keeping rainbows, they are good fun, aren't they? Cheers.
  2. Hi everyone, I think the basis of a good iAVs is the fishfood you feed your fish. I'm a simple type of person and put simply for a good iAVs to produce good produce is dependant on the input. The input of an iAVs is the fishfood in my opinion. I need convenient good quality, easily available fishfood to power my future system. What fishfood is best for trout and Barramundi in a iAVs system? Cheers.
  3. OK here's the cost of liners sourced from Practical aquaponics website. Going on the rough size of the L shaped beds. My workings are as follows: Width required is Height + Width + Height + 80mm = 40 + 410 + 550 + 410 + 40 = 1450 mm Grow bed 1 is 1500 long therefore Required length is 40 + height + Length + height + 40 = 40 +410 + 1500 + 410 + 40 = 2400 mm Grow bed 2 is 950 long therefore Required length is 40 + 410 + 950 + 410 + 40 = 1850mm Therefore I need two liners 1 of 2400mm x 1450mm and 1 of 1850mm x 1450mm PAP price per metre is $14.65 Liner is available at 2.05 metres wide. so 1 metre long is 14.65 x 2.05 = $30.03 per linear metre. Bed 1 = 1500 x 30.03 = 45.04 Bed 2 = 950 x 30.03 = 28.54 I do not want to be joining the liner so buying the 2.05 width is the best option for me. Total cost of liner is $45.04 + $28.54 = $73.58 = $74.00 plus delivery. Not to bad in my book. So far for sand and liner The cost is 621.00 + 148.00 plus matirials to build = $769.00 plus cost of matirials to build for 2 L shaped garden beds. Looking ahead I'm probably looking at a cost of around $1,000.00 plus a little to build a nice iAVs sand garden. If I want to add a fish tank then it'll probably add another $200.00 or so for liner and mateials to build it. This is a reasonably accurate costing and I'll make it more precise when I decide weather to keep fish and weather to invest this much money into it or not. It paints a very good picture of the costs I can expect to build a very good food production system in my urban backyard in South Australia. Hopefully this helps others. I know it's a far cry from Mark Mcurtry's idea for building for the impoverished but this is what I have to do to adopt it to my life in a Western society with a high cost of living and limited resourses e.g. sand at my disposal. Cheers.
  4. Hi Gary, Thanks for the heads up re garden beds. I'm flexible there and do have the skills to build new ones if I have to. I was just looking for an easy way out. The bags cost $7.05 each plus GST so that's 7.05 x 1.1 = $7.75 ea plus delivery. I reckon you should be able to get some reasonably close to you when you get onto the mainland. but in a large quantity it's frigg'n expensive in my book. Cheers.
  5. Hi folks, My next move, considering I haven't made a decision on buying sand yet was to go to Rayners building supplies at Thebarton in Adelaide and make a desision on what grade sand I would buy. I enjoyed the experience...They hade several different sample jars of different blended grades of sand which was right down my ally because I could feel with my fingers and hands which grade would be appropriate. They also had a laminated spec sheet to refer to which suited me to a tee. I decided to buy 2 x 20 kilogram bags of 16/30 grade which equates to a range of 0.6mm to 1.18mm. I now have theses bags of sand at home where I can do some testing on the sand. At the very least, if I decide the sand is no good I can put it into my citrus pots which are going gangbusters by the way. Looking ahead and this is another thing I have to cost is finding those L shaped gaarden beds. This is now a process of wait until they become available at Bunnings. They cost around $149.00 ea which I can live with. The other thing I'm going to have issues with and need to take costs into consideration is food safe liner. I'm yet to go down that line of investigation but am expecting it to be another difficult to source and expensive issue. When I go down this line I have to also take into consideration my fish tank/s size/s. All of this also needs to be taken into consideration and settled in my mind before starting the project. Cheers.
  6. Hi everyone, I have put this up for people to refer to when calculating sand requirements. I'm open for critique Gary, If you could proof read this for me and correct if needed. ok so I convert this to centimetres then L X B X H. 1.5 x .55 x .41 =0.33825 = 338.25 litres plus .95 x .55 x .41 = 0.214225 = 214.225 litres Total max volume of bed = 338.25+214.225 = 552.475 litres. 552.475 litres converted to sand weight = litre = 1.53 kgs beach sand = 844.845kgs beach sand so 845 x 2 = 1690kgs for 2 L shaped grow beds. so for me 1.5 tonnes of wet sand will be just right taking into consideration free form bed height.
  7. Hi Gary, Raised Garden Beds – Organic Garden Co Still flexible, depending on timing and what's available at the time. I would like to use two L shaped garden beds from Organic garden beds available at Bunnings they measure on the outside 1500mm x 550mm wide x 410mm high. So effectively each L shaped bed would consist of two beds one 1500mm x 550mm x 410mm and one 950mm x 550mm x 410mm. I like these because they look good and there are no screws or bolts to worry about. Cheers
  8. Hi folks, I have done some ground work and revisited buying pool filter sand and it is more expensive than ever. I can not buy it directly from AIS as they only sell to wholesalers. I understand that and appreciate thier help and advise. So I revisited a building supply company who I originally dealt with 4 or 5 years ago. the two blended grades they supply which were as close to the ideal size were 8/16 and being the coarser size and 18/40 being the finer size. So I asked a price for two ways of packaging by the bag and in a bulka bag. Surprisingly, the bulka bag was only $70.00 cheaper. The price for 1.5 tonnes delivered in bags on a pallet was a mind boggling $581.00 plus $40.00 delivery for the bulka bag was $510.00 plus delivery. $40.00 if just delivered in a tip truck in which the bag just gets tipped straight out of the truck finishing anyway up, or a min $180.00 by a crane truck. I would of begrudgingly paid 270 odd dollars for a tonne bulka bag like it cost 5 years ago but a tonne bulka bag now works out at around $380.00. Interestingly the bagged sand costs the same. The price of sand for me is out of control and I need to do some serious thinking of what I want to do now. Do I make the decision buy the raised garden beds I want(when they are available) then get serious, measure them all up and buy the exact amount of bagged sand I need or do I wait and try to come up with another source of sand? Oh how I envy those who can source clean sharp silica sand freely. Cheers.
  9. Hi Heinrich and welcome to APN, Your system sounds very good and I love the fact you have put some readings into your post. Is there any chance you could take some pics and start your own aquaponics systems thread? We just love pictures here. Have you harvested any fish yet? Cheers.
  10. Hi Gary,

    Please remove my post on your 100 day sprint thread and your following explaination.

    I did not understand it was a purly personal thread so my comments on it are out of order, apologies for that.


    1. GaryD


      It's a personal thread only in the sense that it's about my behaviours/strategies.  Each person will be different...as you pointed to in your comments about your solar system.

      I welcome your comments...but what I was trying to communicate was that if you were going to do your own challenge, you should begin your own thread.  You've got a big headstart with your solar installation.  Regardless of what you do about your own challenge, I'd encourage you to keep talking about how you use it to get maximum benefit from it.  A similar setup...perhaps a little smaller to reflect my particular situation is definitely on my radar.

      Actually, it would be good to see various people from various regions undertake something similar...to see what their strategies lists would look like...and to see the influence of climate and location.


    2. bigdaddy


      No worries Gary, 

      I understand. I wasn't really intending to add much more than I did, just to point out that I was going about it a different way.

      One day, when my focus is on the little things, like the 100 day challenge really is about in my opinion, I'll start a 100 day thread of my own.

      The differences in my lifestyle I employ because of my solar system, will at some stage be added to my solar thread or I'll start another thread, then in the future, I could make the link and join the threads together to show how much of a difference this whole approach can make.

      My solar system is large because I have a reverse cycle fully ducted air conditioning system which is fantastic, far better than my old ducted evap and ducted gas system I had in my older home, but it does use a lot of energy. I think for you, in the future a smaller solar panel system would be ideal. Not sure if a solar battery would be cost efficient but all the whole solar thing is another planning challenge in itself for another day for you I would guess. 



  11. Hi Gary, I've been following your progress and previously looked at Ande's original thread on this...I find your little initiatives interesting. Personally I'm doing my bit in a different way with my solar panels and solar battery but this still rquires a different way of doing things, for instance, stack the dish washer and put it on during the day when you won't be using the battery, rather the sunlight as opposed to puting it on at night and letting it do it's thing while you are sleeping. I find it amazing the financial savings you can make whilst looking after the environment as well. Same as you I guess but different. Keep up the good work mate. Cheers.
  12. bigdaddy


    Hi Ande, Looking good 🌸🌸 Cheers.
  13. Hi Gary, Intersting article Ande put up I've been intersted in this type of thing for a long time. I've been following your progress I'm doing it somewhat differently with a big investment in my solar panels and solar battery, which, By The Way, is paying me back in spades. This investment has "forced" me to change the way I do some things. For instance I now put the dishwasher on during the day, preferably just before or after lunch when the solar panels are working full tilt and the battery is charging. This is your thread so I wont list all the different things I do but sustainability does cause one to think differently about the way they do things. The weed burner thing you have...They work well, I would keep a keen eye it for the fire it may cause. I can tell you from experience they are good at lighting fires. You are smart picking the low hanging fruit first, remember, we advise people starting off in food production to start small first, it's no different here IMO. Cheers.
  14. Hi kst, The water tests look good. I'm not sure about the carbonates bit. I'm very basic when it comes to running the system, maybe others will kick in and enlighten us about that . I am a stickler for is getting the basics right or thereabouts first so if I could ask a few more questions please? Could you tell us more about your system? Maybe start your own members systems thread. Your growbeds, How many litres of media grow beds do you have? What type/s of media is it and....How many litres of DWC do you have? What sort of filtration do you have? How old is the system? Fish, Do you have fish? How many fish do you have and how many litres is the fish tank? Do you have a log of your previous water tests? The reason I ask that is maybe we can get a history of what has happened and what is going on. Is this a new system and maybe it is still cycling, although your tests indicate the cycling is finished and it has levelled out. Is your test kit accurate and working ok? I would perhaps stop adding things at the moment for a few days and see where the systems pH levels out to. Take daily readings of your system including tank and water temps and ambient temps. log it down and see what happens. I find it is easy to jump in and change something quickly as I want it fixed ASAP. It a natural thing for me, when I should just take a step back do nothing for the moment and let things settle down. In the meanwhile maybe someone can jump in and tell us about the carbonates. Keep us posted of what's happening. Cheers.
  15. Hi kst and welcome to APN, One question I have is why are you adding potassium carbonate and calcium carbonate to buffer your pH?. More specifically why are you buffering your pH? Cheers.
  16. And morphing a bit... Google search...You type a straight forward subject into search and it comes back something way way different....Actually Google voice control does the same sometimes … I have a payed for Spotify account which I enjoy and sometimes I tell the google assistant enabled appliances I have to play a particular song and it insists on playing a completely different song lol. Cheers.
  17. Yeah, interesting article. I see the Apple car is still being developed. Looks like tech giants like Apple have their eye on the car market to "Intrude"...Integrate further into your private life and control it with their own eco system...It doesn't take much imagination to maybe dream that car giants such as Tesla, Porche, Volkwagen, Ferrari, McClaren may look at veering into the home market or tech giants such as Samsung, Google, Microsoft will integrate into the car market in the future... Cheers.
  18. Hi Tariq and welcome to APN, Ask as many questions as you wish. Enjoy the journey. Cheers.
  19. Hi Benjamin and welcome to APN, I can't seem to get your link to work . Could you please open up your own build thread and post your questions there? Before you do that, could you please tell us a bit more about yourself and what you would like to build. How big, what the system consists off, weather etc... Cheers
  20. Hi Dugonit and welcome to APN, Enjoy the journey. Cheers.
  21. Hi Russell and welcome to APN, I'm not sure what is needed to start up a commercial aquaponics system but I do know we generally don't need anything to start up a backyard system, I presume you already know that. There are some members who pop in occasionally who are involved with commercial aquaculture who may be able to help. In the meantime, why don't you pop over to the introduction section and tell us a bit about yourself and what you are doing and want to do then move over to a build section and show us what you are doing? We love to see some pics and hear what you are up to. Cheers.
  22. Hi Alexander and welcome to APN, We look forward to looking at your pics. Cheers.
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