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  1. Hi Alexander and welcome to APN, We look forward to looking at your pics. Cheers.
  2. Hi Everyone, I think I'm resigned to the fact I'll have to spend some coin on sand. Gary, Your desk top sand garden thread has given me a great idea that I never thought of and it will help immensely on choosing the correct sand for my build. I'll just grab a bag of AIS filter sand from my mate and make a similar set up to you, I know the bags have grading sizes on them so I can work from there, then I'll know where to go without having to waste any money. I could do with a decent propagating set up. Cheers.
  3. Hi Gary, Roughly what size is your sand? Cheers
  4. Thanks for that Gary, I was looking at alternative sand to the kiln dried sand but the more I look into it the more convinced I'm going to have to bite the bullet and but kiln dried sand. I actually rang up AIS and spoke with one of their sales reps and he was saying the only way to get uniformed clean sand is to kiln dry it. They only supply wholesale and in the bags or bulka bags now so I'm going to have to head over to Adamis sand and metal or someone like that. While I'm there I can look at and get my hands into their cheaper sand. Once I've done that I will decide if it is going to b
  5. Hi Everyone, Just looking at sand gardening. With iAVs, it is very important the sand is inert, with sand gardening, is that as important? i.e. can you have some carbonates with it. Is the pH just as critical as it is with the fish? Just to clarify the reason for my question. I live in an area where the correct sand to run an iAVs with fish is hard to come by unless you pay big money for it. I'm wondering if I can get some garden variety sand commonly available which is much cheaper to run in a sand garden. Cheers.
  6. Where can you get the seedlings from? Cheers.
  7. Bigdaddy was under pressure last night so he got the bit between his teeth and got cracking. I left my run to late for my liking but compromised for convenience. Coffee machine being descaled, dishwasher on, Sous Vide set on to 62 C. Breast fillets out, didn't have much time so some bought satay sauce sufficed for tonight as opposed to the much better one made from scratch. Vacuum sealer out, I used bought pre made sous vide bags this time for convenience. I normally just wait for the water in the sous vide to heat up on it's own but I was going out and had to be there at a certain
  8. bigdaddy


    Hi Gary, Does Bamboo grow well in Adelaide? Cheers.
  9. Hi AexKarrk and welcome to APN, You'll find some good friends here and there is a wealth of information available for you depending on how far you wish to delve. Feel free to post and ask any questions you wish. Good luck in your new venture. Cheers
  10. A few years ago I also sous vided satay chicken. This one is so easy.... I love chicken breast so I use them, you can use thighs for a little bit more moisture. Chicken breast cut into chuncks, the size you like, chicken satay sauce into the sous vide bag with the chuncks seal up on moist setting (This is where your skill of a "vacuum sealer operator" comes to the fore, because you have to keep an eye on the fluid contents and just before they reach the sealing strip hit the seal button) an hour or two on 62 C (not precise in the time setting) later viola you have satay chicken.
  11. Hi Gary, They're cute, I suppose they would be the cherry tomato of cucumbers? Cheers.
  12. Hi Ande, That pipe we have...Could you send some of that meat down it to me and be sure to add plenty of crackling please. That looks so, so good mate. I agree, The actual overall work is less IMO, you might have to plan a bit more and change your mind set, but if you keep to the principles and keep it precise, It's very good. Did you know you can sous vide veges? They taste so, so good. Cheers.
  13. Hi everyone, It's very nice to see that one of our largest companies in our country are serious about tackling climate change. https://www.boilingcold.com.au/forrest-pushes-fmg-net-zero-emissions-2030/ Cheers.
  14. How did you go Ande? Or did you do what I do sometimes and just ate the food and forgot about taking pics of the final cooked product :). Cheers.
  15. I like all that as well, especially the smell of cooked onions. Cooking odours when I sleep is a bit much and it's nice not to have odours in the kitchen the next morning too. Fish is a classic smelly food when cooked IMO. Throw it on the barby outside and your problem is solved. Last night I had stuffed chicken breast with peas, broccoli and chips a little variation on the meat and 3 veg but very nice. I pre prepared the chicken a couple of months ago. This is what I did. very simple and very effective. I gently fried some garlic paste and then wilted some baby spinach leaves and l
  16. Hi Oldelbrow and welcome to APN, It sounds like you've done some homework, your filtration seems about right for the size fish tank you have in a backyard aquaponics setup. I live in Sunny South Australia with not quite so cold weather as you may get but certainly not tropical or warm all the time. I like to lightly stock then build if I wish . I start with 20 fish, around 50mm fingerlings, in a 500 litre fish tank but in reality it really is only about 400 litres. For me to work out the FCR rate and to precisely measure the amount of food you feed the fish was a bit heady and o
  17. Hi Ande, You've done all the hard work now and no doubt can figure out where you can do better, now it's just a matter of refining things then maybe trying different things, meats, cuts, even veges! I've done veges before and they turned out very nice. I've noticed your house doesn't have the odor of the food hanging around like it does when food is cooked normally. Cheers.
  18. bigdaddy

    Pond liner

    Hi folks, Does anyone know where I can get food safe liners/ liner material for my fish tank and growbeds. In the Adelaide, South Australia area at reasonable prices? Cheers.
  19. I love composting worms, There are several types around, tiger and red wrigglers that come to mind. In my neck of the woods tigers used to be ok to get hold of but now days it seems red wrigglers are by far the most common. I found both castings and the fluid which can be collected once passed through a plastic worm farm have been useful but castings are the thing, they are very nice to have in your garden. I tend to veer away from using manure to compost but have found they do like vege scraps. The things they do not like are citrus, garlic or any of that family, onions etc They wor
  20. Ha, ha, ha, The good thing about being an experimental home alone cook is you eat your mistakes lol. Cheers.
  21. Hi Gary, They can be expensive and now days there are much cheaper options available. Ande has a fancy recirculating type. I have the original 11 litre Sous vide supreme water oven type. I got it for an absolute bargain at a sale from Myer years ago for $200.00 You can get a basic water oven type from Aldi in Under $100.00 by memory from time to time. I get the bags and rolls from there too and use their vacuum sealer. Anova sell recirculating types, I think they are good but don't know. https://anovaculinary.com/anova-precision-cooker/wifi/ There's pros a
  22. Hi Ande, https://sousvidesupreme.com/pages/cooking-guides This is my go to guide. Cheers
  23. Yeah ha! Get yourself a nice big stainless steel or whatever pot and go for it. If you can get a double walled pot with a lid on it top stop evaporation that would be good You can use any waterproof container with a lid on it it's just if it's double walled you can save heat escaping that's all. Now you'll have to get a vacuum sealer and special vacuum seal roll so you can seal your meat. You can also use ziplock bags in a sink of water. Meat into the bag, bag into the sink of water, the pressure of the water around the meat pushes all the air out then do up the zip lock. When c
  24. I don't know about others but the food from my aquaponics tastes very good. I like the article, it emphasizes a question I've been asking myself and others for a while now and that's the one about fishfood, for an aquaponics system It also emphasizes another question I've had for years and that's the one of the amount of plastic, fiberglass, metal or combination of all used in a system. Even in an urban environment, aquaponics may not be the right choice for people. It is for me because I like keeping fish, but if people are not at home all the time to keep an eye on things than ga
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