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  1. Hi Ande, You've done all the hard work now and no doubt can figure out where you can do better, now it's just a matter of refining things then maybe trying different things, meats, cuts, even veges! I've done veges before and they turned out very nice. I've noticed your house doesn't have the odor of the food hanging around like it does when food is cooked normally. Cheers.
  2. bigdaddy

    Pond liner

    Hi folks, Does anyone know where I can get food safe liners/ liner material for my fish tank and growbeds. In the Adelaide, South Australia area at reasonable prices? Cheers.
  3. I love composting worms, There are several types around, tiger and red wrigglers that come to mind. In my neck of the woods tigers used to be ok to get hold of but now days it seems red wrigglers are by far the most common. I found both castings and the fluid which can be collected once passed through a plastic worm farm have been useful but castings are the thing, they are very nice to have in your garden. I tend to veer away from using manure to compost but have found they do like vege scraps. The things they do not like are citrus, garlic or any of that family, onions etc They work well in temps about 22-24 C when it gets very hot and you have a can of worms like I have or similar you must make sure you water the outside of the container regularly as if you don't you will cook your worms. They do not work well in colder climates either the further below 22C the less efficient they become. I've had the ambient temps down towards the 0C and they are not keen on that around 6 - 9 C they just go slow. My farm is packed up and not working atm but I'll get back into it sometime. Cheers.
  4. Ha, ha, ha, The good thing about being an experimental home alone cook is you eat your mistakes lol. Cheers.
  5. Hi Gary, They can be expensive and now days there are much cheaper options available. Ande has a fancy recirculating type. I have the original 11 litre Sous vide supreme water oven type. I got it for an absolute bargain at a sale from Myer years ago for $200.00 You can get a basic water oven type from Aldi in Under $100.00 by memory from time to time. I get the bags and rolls from there too and use their vacuum sealer. Anova sell recirculating types, I think they are good but don't know. https://anovaculinary.com/anova-precision-cooker/wifi/ There's pros and cons for both, in the end it's what you prefer that counts. How are you planning to brown your meat Ande? Remember, to brown your meat as quickly as you can. You can quickly sear it in a fry pan or do it my favourite way at the moment is with the burner. Oh and remember to keep the juices in the bag to add to your gravy mix. Yum... Cheers.
  6. Hi Ande, https://sousvidesupreme.com/pages/cooking-guides This is my go to guide. Cheers
  7. Yeah ha! Get yourself a nice big stainless steel or whatever pot and go for it. If you can get a double walled pot with a lid on it top stop evaporation that would be good You can use any waterproof container with a lid on it it's just if it's double walled you can save heat escaping that's all. Now you'll have to get a vacuum sealer and special vacuum seal roll so you can seal your meat. You can also use ziplock bags in a sink of water. Meat into the bag, bag into the sink of water, the pressure of the water around the meat pushes all the air out then do up the zip lock. When cooking I would keep the ziplock seal out of the water and make sure the meat is covered by the water just in case the seal didn't work. Double sealing on a vacuum sealer saves any hassles that way. I tend to brown the meat with a butane trade hand burner you can use a cooks burner if you want but my way is cheaper.
  8. I don't know about others but the food from my aquaponics tastes very good. I like the article, it emphasizes a question I've been asking myself and others for a while now and that's the one about fishfood, for an aquaponics system It also emphasizes another question I've had for years and that's the one of the amount of plastic, fiberglass, metal or combination of all used in a system. Even in an urban environment, aquaponics may not be the right choice for people. It is for me because I like keeping fish, but if people are not at home all the time to keep an eye on things than gardening without fish is a better choice. So" is aquaponics the right choice?" Cheers.
  9. Hi GGore and welcome to APN, I wouldn't do anything yet. We do need a few more details. What type of filtration do you have, e.g. how big is your grow bed and what is your media? What is the tank temperature what are your Nitrites reading? What are your Nitrates? Do you have any plants in your system? What is your water source pH? Do you have any fish, what type are they and how many do you have? Cheers.
  10. Hi Chinchilla, This is only my opinion. I would use your ornamental system as a stand alone ornamental system and make a completely different aquaponics system using the normal eating fish to drive it. I would feed my ornamental fish the specified food for ornamental fish and the aquaponics fish the proper food for the aquaponics fish. That way you would be safe. If you are still looking at using your ornamental fish to feed the veges and fruit then I would consider researching if those fish could work using the normal aquaponics fish food. To my uneducated brain, fish are fish so finding an appropriate aquaponic fish food with the appropriate specifications for both should not be a problem, you may know better. Cheers.
  11. Hi Gary, I'm still playing around in the sand pit. Cheers.
  12. Hi everyone, Here is a snapshot of my backyard at the moment. All the underground work is done Water is live Access to electricity Sorting solenoids and inlet for system. Cheers
  13. Hi everyone, In an iAVs does the quality and type of fishfood have a bearing on the nutrients feed to the plants. e.g. If you are going to use rainbow trout as your nutrient source. Would any type of commercially available floating pellets fish food be sufficient to provide the correct nutrients to your plants for example to tomatoes as they are a high food feeder? Cheers.
  14. Hi, AlmostGostu and welcome by the way, Never feel stupid about asking questions here, that's why we have this forum. I didn't answer your post because I don't know much about protein skimmers and saltwater aquaria so I leave the answers to people who do. Except to confirm, we wouldn't need that in our backyard fresh water systems. Feel free to start a thread of your own in the build section and post some pics of your set up. Cheers.
  15. Hi JacquesC and welcome to APN, I don't know much about tilapia, but we have a Mediterranean climate here in Adelaide, South Australia, traditionally dry hot summers, lovely springs and autumns and cool to cold, sometimes wet winters. What's your climate? Cheers.
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