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  1. Good question Hunterpehrson, I can't answer that straight out but First of all you should cycle your system and let it settle into a routine, I practcably, daily test for pH, nitrites, ammonia, temp and nitrates and log it down. during cycling. Cheers
  2. Hi Chris, and welcome tp APN. Did you make any decision on what you are doing? To answer your question in laymans terms if your media is gravel, expanded clay or the like then a 1:1 fish ank to gro bed ratio would work or if you are looking at iAVs then a 1 fish tank to 2 grow bed size would be best. Off course you can get techical and go into the FCR etc but a lot more perameters need to be determined for that and aquaculture people on this forum would be the best to ask abouT that. Regarding a sump, this depends on how much grow bed and what media you are using or you may not even need to use a sump. I've done it both ways sucessfully. The lighting depends on the climate around the fish tank and grow beds. e.g. Are you planning for indoor use? or outside, what periods of sunshine do you have in the winter and summer and so forth. So where are you at right now? Cheers.
  3. Hi Myke and welcome to APN, This is a great place to look and talk to people about your plans. Feel free to share, ask and talk about your system. Cheers.
  4. Hi Rav and all, I'm glad to see both of your health issues have improved. I started the keto diet about a year ago. Every morning since I started I have a bulletproof coffee. I initially went on a 8 week plan and stuck to it reasonably rigidtly apart from the odd special occasion which I indulged and had normal food for dinner. Before those dinners, I did drink a keto substitute (salts) drink before the meal which helped keep the ketones up when the carb intake increased. Long story short, I lost 18kgs within a couple of months and I did not do any extra exersize. Where I live, men are encouraged to get "mens tests" every year (a set of blood tests which measures your colestorals, blood sugars PSA's and a few extra tests which I can not remember. I did one of them when I started this diet and had good reason to do another 4 months after and found my already good sugars were still good and my aready good overall colestoral which was very good had dropped so I am encouraged that a high fat, medium protein and low carb diet when done well, helps my colestoral. Having done various diets before, including the juice diet I mentioned a couple of years ago, I found this diet to be reasonably easy. I still struggle with my addictive nature like eating way too many cashews, but have not had a coke since the day I started the diet. I may of had 1 packet of potato chips overall but still lo-ove my coffee, in particular, caps....I have stopped using cows milk and use a particular almond milk to make or order caps when going out. This has also helped in the keeping the weight under control thing. I would also say though, if you are thinking about this diet then commit to doing it all the time or I do not think it will work, you do not want to get the yo yo effect when your body is constantly adjusting to a fat diet then a carb diet. Another thing is, I found I needed to drastically increase my water intake to well over 2 litres a day I'm just saying these things just to give information about my experience. One thing I would warn about , is not to go against your doctors advise. If they advise not to do the diet then do not.My G.P is non plussed about it, he neither encourages or discourages it. I want to investigate and research CBD oil (cannibis oil without the THC componant in it) as my daughter suffers depression amonst other things and see if it actually works. I have asked my uncle who was a surgeon before he retired and is very knowlegable about medical things about it and his answer to me is there is research around which says it may be helpful for certain things or words to that effect.I have a friend who has MND who uses it and it seems to help, I have another friend who has a particular internal arthritis, I can't remember the name who is usung a government sanctioned CBD oil and he swears by it. In this state in this country, the trick is finding a G.P. (doctor who is prepared to help you jump the hurdles the government, medical profession and big Pharma have put in the way) I've yet to get into that as it is time consuming and I have my own personal issues to sort out first. I'm very interested in your ERW water could you elaborate more please? Cheers.
  5. Interesting article. Cheers.
  6. Gee Wizz Ande, That fox has traveled a long, long way. Cheers.
  7. Hi Ricardo and welcome to APN, Yes, overflows are important, covers are also useful. I'm no 168 in that very helpful PDF Ande posted. I found the trick is to use fittings that are adequate but easy and cheap to find. I'd be interested to see your progress. Please post plenty of pics of your build in the build section so we can see your system. Looking forward to watching your progress. Cheers.
  8. Hi Markymark and welcome to APN, +1 to Andes comments. I look forward to seeing your progress. Cheers.
  9. Hi amarnanibharat, If DWC is the way you want to go then properly designed filtration is the key IMO. I'd connect each one of your rows up by having a drain in each tub going to a single drain then running the single drain to the end of the row then a single drain for each row draining to a media bed filter at a minimum, then run the media bed filter to the fish tank. If you can or will add more or better filtration then your system will have a higher chance of success One other question. How do you plan on growing your plants in your rafts? Cheers
  10. Hi Folks, Some time ago I asked the question of weather iAVs produces any odours the question was recently asked again so I did a quick search and could not find my question or answers to it. To save us both some time, could someone please reanswer my question, plus if there are any different answers people have now we are sometime further on, could you please post them here. Cheers.
  11. Hi, Farbulous A couple of thoughts on your questions. 1. Since iAVS uses a sand bed as a biofilter, do folks using this type of system, (ideally if y ou're using it indoors,) find that there is much odor from the decomposing fish waste? I asked this question some time back and the answer was no smell, the answer is somewhere in this forum ATM my time is limited but if you were to search for subject matter like iAVs questions or the like,I think either Gary or Mark did answer that one for me. 2. Do people use worms in their sand beds to help break down the fish waste? What are your thoughts about having worms in the sand bed? Whilst I can't see anything wrong with this, I don't use them even in a gravel bed biofilter. I tried in the early days but found they disappeared. When growing worms separately, I found 22C or 23 C is the ideal temp for worms to be working at their best, 3. Can the design of the system be modified to incorporate other modules such as NFT troughs, DWC rafts, (non-sand) media beds? I would assume that any of these would be placed after the sand bed for the purpose of filtration. If one or more of these modules were part of the overall design, would that necessitate a sump tank? I can't see anything wrong with adding NFC, DWC or any other forms of growing systems to your original and yes after the sand biofilter. The sump question would depend on your design but I would think to add a sump would be the easiest. Remember adding anything to the iAVs sand filter will complicate things more and that is veering away from Marks idea of keeping the system as simple as possible. But give it a try and let's know how you go. Cheers.
  12. Hi Praetor360 and welcome, You've come to the right place to learn. Enjoy the journey. Cheers.
  13. Hi OP,

    I was just looking through the forum and see you popped in.

    Have you been well?

    What are you up to now days?

    I bought a new place about 18 months ago and at the moment and all things being equal this is where I plan to stay until I die. 

    Adjusting to very small back and front yards takes a bit of getting used to. but living close to everything and having all this fair city has to offer outweighs all of that by a long way.

    Just thought I'd say hi and take care.


  14. Ha, ha, ha, ha.....Very clever Ande... Well the expected top was actually 31C for Sunday not the 39C top which my app told me. A drop of 9C in 1 day, which is not uncommon so, you must be getting some nice warmth coming through now Cheers.
  15. That's a beautiful place over there Ande, and I love the flowers. The temp reached a max of 40 C here yesterday. It would of been very hot in those V8's yesterday, flying around the 250 km's of the street circuit. Went into town last night and were people everywhere! Another 250 km's to race today with some relief from the heat expected We're heading for an estimated top of 39 C today. So let's pump some more temp into that tube for you.
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