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  1. The sincere point of sharing your practical experience is great, am following to hear and see another of your success story and learning every bit
  2. To Dr. Mark, the good some times is ignored by those who wants financial profit from it because of it's simplicity and benefit to the greater masses. You have brought knowledge and innovation on how to feed people in need. Gary, your posts have been most informative. I've been out hunting for materials to start my iAVs, it's funny how you suddenly realize what you thought as simple as sand, no dealer in my area understands about sand content. All they know is this is sharp sand for building and this is sand for plastering (you choose how you want to use it) mainly from local river divers and small dredgers- will do the 5 gallon bucket test Am starting with a 1000 liter IBC fish tank and 2 sand grow beds of 16'L X 4'W X 1'H each I've not been able to source a timer and amazon won't send it because it to small to meet their export size, so the pump will be operated and timed manually until am able to get one. Sourcing a pump was also a big challenge I intend to slightly tilt the IBC in the ground to give a semblance of curved base since I can't find a conical based tank as recommended Am planting pepper, cucumber and lettuce Am using catfish that's commonly found here, nobody seems to have tilapia I intend to share my experience so people especially in Nigeria can pick interest Please I'll need suggestions and guidance from all especially from Dr. Mark, Gary and Vkn
  3. Vkn, You have done such a great work and your practical knowledge in commercial iAVs is priceless. The information you offer (I have read all the threads) is highly appreciated by me, thank you for showing it is possible. I notice in all your shade house there is a blue net like material under the cover material, is there any particular reason or need for that?
  4. If you go to the dowload section http://aquaponicsnation.com/forums/files/ You will find all the original docs on iavs, if you are looking for "recent" or "new builds" you will find some in the members system section you can also use the advanced search function and use tags (search words) like iavs, sandbeds, sandfilter ................... Also you can go directly to the iavs web site http://iavs.info/ cheers Thanks for guiding me through it was a big help
  5. VKN, 6. I can't 'speak for' anyone else, but I would be very appreciative if in addition to your photos and video posts that you also included operational parameters and performance data as available. For example, what is the irrigation schedule used and volume (or % of tank vol) moved per event, number of tank exchanges per day, feed input rate (averaged over a 3-4 month crop cycle), et al. [vkn]I am making a note of this and shall address such stuff that matters in the future posts. At times I feel my posts here are monologues and there are no interesting questions/responses from the audience, trolls aside. IAVS as at today is not very popular and not many people are aware not to mentioned having any knowledge, as a person I was directed to this system from this site some days ago and I've practically spend hours searching the internet for more information with very limited result if not from APN. So please continue with your information sharing but don't expect much response or contributions as the people are not just there, but as more people access quality practical information like yours and video-(which is more informative on step by step how to do) they will see the advantage and simplicity of this system over gravel/DWC aquaponics and the community will continue growing. Now they have me, one added to the community and will soon start posting my practical experience
  6. VKN, Am new to this forum and reading all the good works you're kindly sharing about IAVS Please kindly direct me to any latest update/site on IAVS The information on IAVS is very few/not comprehensive for people to appreciate the simplicity/efficiency of this system and virtually no good videos to encourage and support new comers, I thinks that's where aquaponics has gotten an upper hand and popularity over IAVS. I appreciate everyone who is kind enough to share their practical experience and information, if the information is out there people will follow
  7. Hello from Nigeria, Having started with Land (dirt) farming about five months ago and in searching for information on better farming techniques I came across aquaponics. Am interested starting a small system, maybe mini commercial to learn and understand it and then grow to a profitable commercial business. Any information, pictures/sketches on piping/system set up, best method to plant cucumber, pepper, carrot and lettuce for commercial will be appreciated. Thanks all
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