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  1. Interesting, which big box store if you don't mind me asking? I'm building a pondless waterfall at my brothers house and was thinking of testing roofing liner due to no fish or plants in it..and he is trying to keep costs down as much as possible and is on board with roofing liner if cheaper. I'm curious if it would say the same in my area. thanks for all the replies so far! Still digging through all this looking for solid answers
  2. Thanks for posting the links. I suppose reasearch is the wrong term. Just from what I've read online and in AP books it seems like a gray area and hoping to find something concrete on it
  3. Hello everyone! I was curious if anyone has ever seen any testing done in aquaponic systems that use pond liner in the grow beds/tanks? From the research I've seen it is recommended to not use pond liner due to not being food grade liner. Although I have visited some well known AP setups and saw them using pond liner. Anyone have any thoughts?
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