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  1. Hmmm. Priva.nl or rather ecofutura plant seems interesting. other or dont exist or dont have or have shut down their page
  2. Does anyone know if there is some ap farm in Netherland? Can you plz send me pm or on email:marin.perko@gmail.com It is urgent. Many thanks.
  3. cecil, how are your trouts thisdays? Growing i presume? What size (grams), are they now? Did u had some troubles with some illness to the fish?
  4. Ande, dunno if you send me once (cant find it now), who in Europe can produce drum filters, water pumps, some sort of watter messurment / control system ( like 02, temp, watter flow probes) , with main control, alarm sirens, sensa phones, air quality systems etc?
  5. Sepate loop i get. but isnt that tri ht to achive? many valves, pipelines etc? For Ft, it could be lagrer, the one o schematics are 950gallon/3596L, 243cm in diamatere with oxy saturators for each one (small circles by FTs). other option are 1500gallon. place where FT are skeched is suppose to be solid, bick, with good hydro and thermo isolation and open towards GB, but now as you mentoined perhaps it wouldnot be a bad idea to close them or separate from rest of facility. I was imagining placing the sump under ground between FT and GB shelfs, to reduce the presure on the floor above from GB or FT. Opinion?
  6. Hi guys. I need help on my Commercial AP project. In attachment is floorplan for my facility (green are bigger shelfs, red are small-nursery system). In addition i have created how would that looked like.....You can see an entrance, offices, then FT (wich would be in shade, and then area for GB. On the right 8or left) side, u can see small circle and square (drum and bio filter). If you are wondering why every second panel is missing, it is beacuse one panel is solid and the next (where there is none), will be polycarbonate panel for maximum sun light. You can see in floorpplan (darker and lighter panels configuration). Now, i want to putt Sump somewhere under whole this, probably under ground, but dunno where and how. RAS in this case goes like this: FT, mech, bio filter, GB (nursery system will be separated from main system). biljke i ribe_B - primjer izmjene(1).pdf
  7. Anyone can recommend good, quality Trout feed manufacturer/supplier in Europe? Thanks.
  8. To: bigdaddy I am trying to calculate how much water would be need to be added due water loss to different reasons, beacuse adding new water also cost, and having such big system as we are planing, water loss from, lets say 3-7% per month (depending on what month in year it is), could be expensive. Must look into that. Croatia/Varaždin is low to high humidity area, coz' we lay near big lake. Wintes can be cold, but lately it is not colder than -5C, but summer can be up to 35C. So thats it. .
  9. Hi all. People i have an question! Attached is a project design of my commercial AP system. There would be Drum filter to Bio filter to GB of 485m2 (FT are 6*3596L). Do i need an sump tank? How big? WHere to placed it? Putt water pump in sump or not? Can i use sump also as UV sterilazer? Cheers.
  10. Aha. i get it. What would happend if water temp galls evrn lower, say to 10C? i imagine, they would move less, eat less, and finaly poop less!? and if water get over 20...like 25!? For O2, i know at 2.5mg/l trouts are dead. say i keep O2 from 6-8mg/l? And i am planing to build an UVC in waterflow tank before water returns to FTs. what should i look to "kill", what microorganizmes, so relativly clean water is pumped back to trouts?
  11. Aha, got it. Cecil, another question. Any spexific food for trout? floating....
  12. People, How much water can be lost in indoor system with constant ait temp. of 20 celsius (from ft, grow beds etc). Starting amonut of water in system that i am planing is 166.000l. How much would be monthly loss?
  13. Addition: now in Croatia is -8. is it posible to raise trout in such condition in greenhouse or does ft need to be in some solid compaund (heating and cooling of air is included). in summer it can get to 35. what is trout optimal temp and O2 flow for indoor gorw?
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