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  1. I have got answer from www.blacksoldierflyblog.com My Question: Message: Are BSF exist in Malaysia? How to attract them? What color attract BSF? Like blue color attract mosquito. Afiq Answer: Hello Afiq, I do believe BSF are in Malaysia as they are known to exist in Vietnam and the Philippines. They are best attracted with rotting fruit, vegetables, and grains. I have had good success using a fermented paste made with cornmeal. I'm not aware of any color that attracts them. ~Jerry
  2. Hi Asan, Why you do not turn some of the bsf larvae into BSF. thats gotta be work. you will have many BSF larvae. So, your biopod won`t go stink. I hope, you find this useful. Afiq
  3. hey Asan, which area do you live? Like me, I live in Sentul.
  4. Hai Asan, SELAMAT DATANG Welcome to APHQ, I live in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur. Village: Kampung Batu Muda. If you want to post anything like BSF grubs or egg, this is my address: No. 19, Jalan 4/12A, Kampung Batu Muda, Empat Tin, 51100 Kuala Lumpur. Any members in APHQ can post to this address. (even overseas) You are APHQ member now. Afiq
  5. My Conclusion About Attracting BSF Hai all members, Yesterday I saw a big mouse around my house and a lizard inside my BSF trap (compost bin). There were many fruit fly in my compost bin. So, I make a fruitfly trap and put inside the bin. (for observation). This BSF project is dangerous too. It attract many annoying creature like rat, lizard, and etc.That`s my conclusion. Afiq
  6. Hi James, Welcome to AHQF. I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At here was rainy season. I want to make Hydroponic first. Afiq
  7. Hi Halifax, Welcome to AHQF, I`m interested in aquaponic too. But, I don`t have one. I want to start Hydroponic first. I`m starting lime and papaya plant project. I`m going to attract BSF ( Black Soldier Fly) too. Afiq
  8. yeah We could Work together, but i`m just teenager.
  9. this is also the objective for this thread. keep it up!!
  10. :eek:Go to the objective for this thread. it`s forum rule.
  11. Hey Asan, Arthoz we can be partner of BSF production. what name we can use for our group. I guess ``Penternak Lalat Askar Hitam``. Moto: We produce grubs for decompostion and Last Century WAR.
  12. Thanks. I will put my DIY biopod under strategic place.
  13. Hey Gary ,etc. Can I put my DIY biopod at direct sun at afternoon? i`m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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