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  1. 10 year warranty though which I was surprised to see. At $399 it might be worth a trial
  2. Cheers Gary, I'm always lurking around somewhere! I immediately thought this may be an ideal tank to be retro-fitted into a smaller garden shed to save you having to remove the panels from the shed to get a tank in. I have that issue here now. I have been mulling over how to get IBCs into my shed without buggering up both!
  3. Hi all, Been a while since a posted! Hey, I came accross tis new tank design and wondered how it would fare in AP design? Thoughts? https://greencowater.com/pak-flat-tank-specifications/
  4. Ha, thanks Gary, I'm always lurking about somewhere!
  5. Hi Ande, At that age it will be a ambitious exercise, but well worth the effort to honour the death of a healthy production animal. The meat will be quite strong flavoured, buy if you family like bold flavours in cooking then there is plenty of scope. Do you have the ability to age the carcase in a cool room for upto 2 weeks? Will definitely make a world of difference to the tenderness. Even if you could quarter the carcase and age in a refrigerator for at least a week you will be well served. Recommended prep options; - Corning (curing) the back legs eg as for corned bee
  6. For inspiration Gary - http://shippingcontainerhomesaustralia.com.au
  7. Wow Gary & Jan - what an ominous but exciting turn of events! I would like to thanks Donaldson family unit for their contribution to our little corner of the world. It is one of the delights to be able to pass on batons from experienced teachers to students if I can use the clumsy metaphor. Gary you have inspired me personally and also instructed on the ability to critique, and to be able to hold that ability at arms length so as not to bring personality "too" much into any scenario. I for one have benefited greatly!! I know that this is but a sabbatical, but no one knows what lies ahead.
  8. Cheers Ande, Will do - Paul knows a few things about yabbies
  9. Hi All, Been a while since I've been active, so forgive me if I have missed other discussions. I am having great difficulty in working out how it may be possible to run yabbies in a AP system? I'm still in the design build phase, and have plenty of flexibility in tank. I'm hoping to run silver perch, yabbies and freshwater mussel. The mussels I want to run in a sand bottom sump type of tank before running into a mechanical filter, so they can skim organics material first. My main focus is yabbies though, but I have little practical knowledge on best practice husbandry. Can any one help me
  10. Good work guys. Looking great and hope all goes well on the tech end
  11. Hi Gary, I'm guessing they were what we know as Opossums, and they are omnivorous. Favourite foods are fruit and roadkill! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opossum In the tree of life - they are more closely related to our Quolls
  12. Welcome Darren, You will find all the info and more here - and remember there are no stupid questions, only stupid people!
  13. Excellent news - congrats Toga. Many even hands make for light work. Thanks for joining the mod team!
  14. It is a terrible thing in your mind to commit to removing your animals for a time. They are more than just a food source. I am a firm believer that micro-livestock are so very good for the soul. You want to provide them with the best possible life, and then harvest them to provide with the best possible nutrition for your family. I am facing a similar scenario here being too damn busy to properly redo the yard and housing to make it easier to manage. But Jan, the value of having the best possible set-up to help you with husbandry is damn near invaluable!!!! Take the time to have a fresh star
  15. Thanks Gary, To that end I would encourage folks to checkout what the River Cottage crew and Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall have been campaigning about. They produced a TV series aiding the understanding of just where our chicken comes from in a very serious and straight up approach without all the silliness from the animal rights people. Really encourage you to take a look. http://www.chickenout.tv/ You might have trouble getting the 4 tv episodes (2008) - PM me for further comment if that is the case.
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