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  1. Hello guys, Currently i'm getting approx. 15-25 BSF grubs daily.. which is more than sufficient for my aqua fish... i'll try to explain how i did it.. i would say from day one, it would take about 1 week to get some BSF grubs. First, I've revamped my BSF composter tub/bucket. I'm using 2 paint tubs (plastic), with different sizes. The small one (5 litre) and a big one (17 litre). The small one will be placed inside the big tub. Cover the big tub from water/rain and placed it somewhere shady/not to hot and make some small about 3/4" holes at the sides (top part), to allow holes for adult bsf entrance. The inside of the big tub shall be dry and I also put in some coconut fibres to keep it so. The small tub is where the "waste" is. I iniatilly put some "spoilt rice" and also poured in some milk and some fish food (pellet) too. Its not necessary to cover the small tub, because everything is inside the big tub. Another thing, its important to put the setup on some water barrier so as not to allow ants coming in. Only when BSF colony is established (1 week) then ants and flies won't be around.When the BSF larva gets matured, it will climb out from the small tub sides and will fall into the base of dry big tub....ready for harvest. Some important points.. 1. initially, before rotting of the waste... all sorts of flies will come, and you can hardly notice when does the BSF adult came.. 2. once BSF colony established, add in more waste in small amounts..fruits will accumulate lots of liquid...(you can pour the liquid out)... at this stage no flies nor ants dare to enter..so you can basically put in any kind of waste..i've tried putting in left overs from the dining table, mango fruit leftovers, teabags, coffee, spoilt rice etc.. 3. i managed to control the smell with the above method... small tub inside "covered big tub"... 4. I also observed that these BSF grubs can climb vertically, if there is some dampness.. The inside tub is normally wet due to condensation. Hence the grubs can easily crawl vertically, and nose dived to the bottom of big tub. 5. I store matured grubs using Jam/Mayonese glass bottles.. poke some needle pinholes on the plastic cap, to allow breathing air for the grubs. Also mix some coconut fibres to the grubs, to keep things dry. Thanks.
  2. Hello all, Here is a short video clip showing about 50 bsf larvae which was harvested from my mini bsf composter... now I can supplement the fish food average 30 grubs a day.
  3. Arthoz, I don't have bad smell experience with meat when composting using a styrofoam box, fill in the meat matter and cover it with some earth. Also pour in some water daily, and for aeration I will almost daily poke thru' the box with a 4ft steel flat rod. I will continue composting meat matter as such until the box is full and the composted soil can be directly used for potting. As for orange skins and peelings, I really like the earth smell after it composted after about 4-5 days. Here are some pics of the adult grubs that I found by digging the earth compost box. I found about 25 of them for the past 3 days. Sorry I don't have a good camera, only a camera-phone. Pic 1. shows the grub alongside a measuring tape. Its about 2cm long.
  4. It has been a pleasure learning the bsf larva production process. The forum, the videos and also from few others have inspired me to make my own diy pod. It works but for sure not as good as the commercial one. But I have to abandon this bsf project for the time being due to environmental matter. My bsf colony is in a dense housing area, and the smell is particularly sensitive. I will start with crickets or worms to feed my aquaponic fish. As for this bsf thing, I have some ideas to share with you guys having the commercial one. This system will eliminate the accumulation of bad smell from the liquid. You only have to remove the bottle and let the liquid drops into wc bowl. This can be done diy, or your plumber could do this in a fly.. The sketch below shows my idea. I won't be constructing this, hopefully someone will and show us some pictures/results! Thanks for watching.
  5. For automation of the flushing, the "bell valve" can be used. I recall during my schooldays, our school toilets are equipted with auto flushing urinal bays. I used to wonder how it works. Auto timers are relatively new. I'm sure it is the "bell valve" that was installed in a ceramic container up above near the ceiling. The input is from the main supply/tank. The setup can also be placed near your home sewage system, just connect the wc bowl via a "S" trap or "U" trap piping and joint it to the main sewer or direct to the septic tank. Together with the auto flushing cistern, everything can be housed in one shed. Apart from the leech, how about the rotting matter itself. Does it smells bad?
  6. Matt, It was on the newspaper few years back. I can recall reading somewhere back in 2005 or 2006. But I can't trace any of the news in the Internet. Back in 2006, there was a facility being setup in Pasir Gudang, I think it's the biggest bio-diesel plant in the world! It was officially launched by the previous PM, Pak Lah. The bio-diesel plant is supposed to get its feed by oil palm waste/byproducts from the plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia. I’m not sure whether they are using BSF or not, but the rumours is there. This plant doesn’t belongs to Felda, and I’m pretty sure, Felda has it’s own agenda in attending to their nationwide wastage. On current economic situation, I think the factory is having problem with supplies. Transportation/shipping costs has been escalating ever since. Link to the opening launching speech:- http://www.pmo.gov.my/ucapan/?m=p&p=paklah&id=3034
  7. Yep, spot on Gary! Now it has been two days in a row my wife and daughter complaining about the stinking smell. It was my wife who was excited in the first place, giving me all sorts of kitchen leftovers/peelings to stuff it in my pod. Now she's complaining and threatens to dump everything into the public bin. I had to convince her by showing a few adult grubs and feeding the fish with it. I had to make a promise, not to continue adding anything more to the pod and this could be my first and last effort on breeding BSF, for the time being... Maybe I'll try "worms" or "crickets" (seems more environmental friendly to my surroundings.) It hasn't rain for a few days now, and the smell is worsening. When I refresh the ant trap, water falls to the ground surrounding. It’s reasonably ok, if it rains. The rain water will flush everything to the drainage system, but if it does not rain, the amount of water used for flushing is insufficient to move everything to the drain, hence accumulating at the surrounding. I think, the best solution to the drainage of the biopod system (the commercial one) is to incorporate something like in our home toilet. If you have a spare rest/toilet room, just sits the biopod above the WC bowl, let the liquid drips into the bowl and device some automatic flushing water to the bowl for every 5 minutes or so. Or, if you live in a country side, built up an enclosed shed, dig a large hole (as septic tank), construct a wc bowl sitting on a conc platform and place the biopod on top. In Malaysian rural village, toilets are made as such. Circular concrete culverts are used as septic tanks.
  8. My house is in a typical Kuala Lumpur housing estate. Low cost type, with good drainage, oxidation pond a mile away, congested parking and overloaded public rubbish bins, but generally kept clean by the contract cleaners and frequent heavy rainfall nowadays. I guess BSF would be anywhere whenever there is a rotting substance laying around, be it a dump site, jungle or city.
  9. Hello all. Gary, I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself here first before participating in any of the threads. To others, I'm from the metropolitan city Kuala Lumpur. The capital city of Malaysia. I lived in a small 2 storey house with only about 10 x 8 feet space for any gardening. With hardly direct sunlight, I've tried hydroponics, earthboxes and now I'm into aquaponics. I have a micro aquaponic setup, basically comprising of.. 2 feet glass aquarium tank aquarium pump styrofoam grape box as growbed + hydroton in containers 2 x 13 watt high efficient fluro lights fish .. 1 kaloi, 4 sepat (gourami), 1 goldfish, 3 grass carp -the pump run on timers. 15 mins on, flood the box with overflow pipe, switched off for 45 mins, then back on for 15 mins. It is a flood and drain system operating during lights on (12 hours daily). setup started 1st Nov, and here are some pictures.. 1. pic taken 26thNov - 3 weeks of growth 2. pic taken 2 days ago - 4+ weeks 3. bak choy - 3 days old I'm a married man with kids, and hobbies includes diy, guitars and bowling. Other diys that I've done and completed over the years includes chicken egg incubator, earthboxes, hydroponics, simple cupboards and shelfs etcetera. Later on I would like to do more diy on sustainable living and renewal energy. The micro aquaponics project kicked-off while I was doing my other incomplete diy project .."The Stirling Engine"... I was holding the red silicone tube (for temp up to 600 deg) when my eyes spotted the leaking old aquarium lying around. I have a few pumps lying around unused, and with the hydroponics skilled horned, I've started everything up and running within hours. To Gary and the administrator, thanks for a great site. I've learned a lot from you guys. May god bless you. Cheers.
  10. This is a pic of my biopod. A water bottle is used as the harvester joined with a hot bended pvc pipe which fits nicely with the rubber hose ramp. Next is my micro-harvester which I use to segregate the mature ones which was found in the styrofoam earth compost bin pictured on the right above. I found out that the wood container suited the matured larva well. My Questions: 1. I gave my fishes some live grubs last night. But one bsf larva managed to climb the vertical glass wall for about 4 inches and almost escaped if I'm not watching. Is this possible? BSF grub can climb at 90 deg.? 2. I placed my compost besides a wall which is normally lightened-up throughout the night hours. Is it ok to place the pods under lights? 3. Do BSF have any color preference? I knew mosquitoes are attracted to blue color. TQ
  11. GaryD, I have fixed a curved ramp using half cut garden hose. I'm not sure whether it'll work, because of the overhanging situation of the hose might cause congestion/bottleneck and the unlucky grub will be diverted to the bottom where it can get drowned. Maybe when the grubs are matured enough I'll tilt it to help them out. For my next biopod, I am thinking of using concrete as the ramp. The overhanging problem can be totally omitted. I'll use wire mesh as the formwork and paste on concrete, molding the whole 1 inch spiral/curved ramp as smoothly as possible. Wafiq, Your idea for the bsf club in Malaysia is great. But bsf is not new here. Commercial production of biodiesel has been going on for a while now at the Felda Plantation schemes. The palm oil by products is used to feed bsf grubs. Matured grubs which contain 45% protein & 35% fat are harvested in large scale and processed into biodiesel. Arthoz, The 1cm grub that I saw is creamy white in color, slimy and pointed at one end. After few observations later I think it's not bsf grub. It looks like it is from the fruit flies. There are a lot of fruit flies; its reddish in color, plum, and mates like a dog. There are lots of this type of grub and the bigger one (1cm) will climb out of the pail and crawled and suddenly it flips itself about 2 feet away from the pail. The flipping grub will lands everywhere, around the pail. A month ago I've put in some chicken skins and fats and covered it with earth inside my other compost box. Last night when I dig in, I found about 20 matured grubs . To make sure those are really matured bsf ones, I put the grubs inside a small tin can (the condensed milk type), and feed it with some stuff from the pod. I left the tin tilted in a plastic container, and when I came back 13 of them have crawled out. I’m sure those are bsf grubs, dark brownish color, looks really scally and segmented and the fish is starting to love it.
  12. I've deleted from my posting. Pls delete from your posting too.. tq
  13. send me an email to ............. Or try this link http://www.use.com/19138c4e97dbc3728ddc
  14. Link to image ... http://media.use.com/images/s_4/19138c4e97dbc3728ddc.jpg
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