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    Retired now to the Land of Smiles.married yet again and with a beautiful three year old daughter.
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    Main interest now is the development of AP here in Thailand.

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  1. I am in the process of decoupling my system,just waiting for the sealer to cure in the sump,any way I have scoured as much information as I can from these threads,but this one went quite September last year and I wondered if there any updates ? So who is running separate systems ? Are they running ok ? Any information to be shared on running procedure ? Water exchange,PH control,nutrient dosing etc etc.
  2. We do sell from the garden,fish when there ready to harvest and whatever is ready in the DWCs,we don't have set customers but the locals who know we are here just come by when they want salad,it helps against the feed and electricity costs,Its still very much in development as we work out the best ways of growing Aquaponically here in Thailand.
  3. Thank you Ravnis,I have been working on this for three years or more learning a little more everyday,one day who knows I might even get it right....
  4. After spending time browsing the excellent information here in the forum I decided to join and well join in so to speak,system as it stands today but it's an ongoing project,expansion in the process,new design tunnel to come plus I want to run both system in there own separate loops,Google brought me here when I searched decoupled systems.
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