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    I am a science teacher and a softball coach. I grew up on a large farm and now have a small farm of my own. I have recently gotten interested in aquaponics as a hobby and to grow vegetables and some fruit for my family. I am researching everything I can to decide what system I will set up.
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  1. LOL I'm sure you right but what I meant to ask was will a greenhouse stay warm enough to grow plants in the winter and not allow my fish to die? How do you supplement heat in them? As you can tell, I'm a true green horn when it comes to aquaponics and horticulture. Farming large scale corn, soybeans, and wheat is where all of my experience lies.
  2. Will I be able to run a hoop house through the winter?
  3. How do you train crappie to feed on commercial feed?
  4. Thank you very much for the information. How do you handle the winters? That is why I am building mine indoor in my barn. The temps get down sometimes around 0. The last couple winters we have had uncharacteristic snows and cold. The issue I have is with the lighting. I don't want to spend a lot on lights and electricity so I was looking at solar grow tubes but after asking about them on here I am second guessing. Would I just be better off attaching a greenhouse to my barn? That would be a lot of money for a beginner I think.
  5. Ksmith

    Solar grow tubes

    No, I have a 200 square foot insulated room in my barn that I was converting to a green room. It has 2 standard Windows on the west facing wall. I thought for th price of an LED I could put 1 of these in and I would have to worry about the electric cost. It would take 3 of these to light my grow beds but I would just add 1 light at a time as my system grew. I don't know though that is why I was asking. It sounds like I will have to bite the bullet and get the lights. Thanks for the help.
  6. I am a first timer with an aquaponics system. I fractured my back in a car accident and I have had a lot of time to study aquaponics systems while I heal. When my Dr. gives me a green light I plan to start building one. I grew up on a large farm but since I moved and baca me a teacher I wasn't able to do a lot of farming or growing other than some house plants. Now my wife and I have purchased a small 20 acre farm and I am able to do more of what I loved doing while I grew up. I haven't even started an aquaponics system and my wife and I are both hooked with the possibilities. I have already learned a lot from this forum and am looking forward to picking every ones brains even more.
  7. Thank you. I thought it was going to be bluegill but I just wasn't sure. That will definitely help. I have a 1/3 acre pond behind my shed and if I put to many in the tank I will just transfer the excess to my pond. I just recently restocked my pond so a few extra bluegill won't hurt. Since I am using a 300 gallon tank with a radial flow filter only, how many do you recommend. I will have about 36 square feet of grow beds but can expand to close to 60 square feet if needed. I have a 200 square foot insulated room in my barn I am building in.
  8. I am setting up my first aquaponics system and I am considering either tilapia, bluegill, or crappie. Which would you suggest? I live in KY and tilapia require a license. My favorite to eat is crappie but I mostly find information on bluegill. Since they are both sunfish, they can't be that much different to raise.
  9. Will solar grow tubes provide sufficient light for my plants? They would be much cheaper than LED lights and I shouldn't have to worry about the plants not getting the full light spectrum.
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