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    I spent the lasst 20+ years of my life on IT, decided to completely switch roles, and now I own an aquaponic farm.
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  1. I will try to bring them back to the system slowly during this week; I already removed the presumed toxic plants.
  2. Actually, fish waste is properly collected form the bottom of the fishtanks into the filters, from there all the waste goes down and gets iin the mineralization tanks where it bubbles for quite some time before going back to the main system...
  3. Actually I meant only removing those plants that are not there for food production.... they are just two plants -- BTW I already remove them; the roots of the levomenthol were extremely deep into the growbed, very nice menthol smell everywhere.... I really think that was the biggest issue....
  4. Definitely, agree on that -- It´s useless to add more fish to a sick system; I need to work on resolving the potential toxic issue first, and then worry about introducing other fish. Do you have any DIY filter designs I could get my hands on, by any chance? Thanks a lot.
  5. So you suggest I should add carps to the tanks that currently don´t have any fish?
  6. Can you point me in the right direction as to what species to utilize? Here is my problem: the water on winter can go down as much as 6c (42f), while in summer it goes up to 19c (66f) --- Tilapias are great on summer, but they die miserably on winter... trouts pretty much stand the temp, but they are extremely sensitive.... do you know of any "4x4" fish? some sturdy fish just to produce enough poop for my system to run? I do not intend to sell / kill fish, I just need them to poop.
  7. I really appreciate this information. I will inmediately remove all the non-essential plants tomorrow. Thanks a lot!!
  8. Hi all I would like to seek for your advise on this topic. About a year ago I set up an aquaponic farm; I have two independent systems (let's call them system #1 and system #2) under the same greenhouse; each system has 2 IBCs as fishtanks, 15 square meters for growbeds, and 5 square meters for floating raft. Each has two IBCs as sump tanks. I started with Tilapias - big mistake because of temp- during winter I spent thousands trying to keep water at a decent temp. On jan, I gave them all away, cost was crazy. Then I got trouts (240 fingerlings, 60 for each IBC). They were doing great at first, but one day, around 100 of them died suddenly, all from system #1: My immediate thought? oxygen -- so besides the 4 air pumps I already had for both systems, I got 4 additional 60LPM pumps and 8" airstones, and put one for each fishtank. On march, 10 more died out of the sudden, no reason -- system #1 again. On april, 2 or 3 more died, so I got tired and started checking up system #1, I took all the fish out from that system and put them in a separate, 300 liter tank with fresh water; I do water changes every 5 days -- water is sometimes soo dirty I cannot see the trouts -- but nothing happens to them -- happy and eating. Yesterday, I decided to take around 100 liters of water from system #1, and mix them with other 200 liters of fresh water, so the remaining fish could start to acclimate to their original system --- today, 2 of them dead. pH: 6.5 on system #2, 6 on system #1 Nitrites: very low on both systems Nitrates: around 20 - 50 on both systems Ammonia: 0.6 on both systems Water temp: oscilating between 15 - 17 C daily. EC: 0.351 on system #1, 0.353 on system #2 ppm: around 200 each system. I did a complete change of water for system #1at the end of march. Plants in system #2 are beautiful, but in system #1 are very small, they look sad. I just don´t understand why the fish suddenly die, during night. I´ve cracked my head for months now, and I cannot seem to find the answer; also plants are not growing as they should. Is it possible that some plants affect the water or the fish in some way? I ask you this because in one of the grow beds I have some very nice little plants, like water lilies, except they grow on soil; Also I keep a very small plant of levomenthol - I keep them because my mother likes them and uses them - but I am starting to think maybe some plants are affecting the chemistry in some way. Is there anything you can think of? Thanks in advance.
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