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    my name is Aswin Aravind
    mechanical engineer
    intrested in aquaponics.aquaculture.and machine desinging
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    agriculture, aquaculture,and machine design

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  1. Baby

    hai aswin can u give ur mobile no.

  2. Completed the masonry works just waiting for pondliner...
  3. New Garden iavs for ORGANIC veggies....circular fish tank with sand bed around the perimetre..(7/8 area) Simple design and easy to construct... Also minimises equipment, time and cost....
  4. Thank you Ande.....got the reply what i am waiting for...
  5. What is the best width and height of iAVs sand bed ridge for better results... I found that plants near to the detritus lays shows good growth than others.So ridges with less height will do any thing good.....? I tried some thing like this...
  6. Best wishes sir...you are so so fast.....
  7. I am gonna make an acrlic box to protect these components...
  8. I know its bad to put electrical box near the water containg fish.they will always splash water on it.but this design is for educational purpose only..ti guess his artangement makes easy to understand iavs...
  9. First video taken..... https://youtu.be/Yt3ZzwDw6ZU
  10. An experimental iAVs trial...media used is river sand...powered by 20 tilapia. Designed for easy understanding and educational purpose....
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