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    ex-Coast Guard college student trying to develop a self sufficient system to maximize the short growing season here in Montana.
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    Aquaponics, good ol' fashioned dirt growing, bonsai, koi ponds, axolotls, self sufficient systems

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  1. Yes there are risks of salmonella, e. coli, etc. in amphibians waste. I know there is also a risk of those harmful bacteria from fish but which animal is at a higher risk I have no idea. I bought a bacterial water testing kit which is actually meant for pools but should work fine for me, figure I'll test the water once a month. I was also going to do some research on using UV light to kill harmful bacteria, downside would be if it killed the beneficial bacteria too. Have you seen the UV light water bottles? Something like that, I'd run the water through a clear hose under the UV source. But again, if it kills ALL bacteria then it's not a good solution. Additionally, salmonella is an anerobic bacteria that grows from redox reactions within the organic material. How? No idea, but I do know that some anerobic bacteria can be killed by atmospheric levels of O2, ~ 30%. I'll do more research and post anything helpful I find, there's gotta be a way to isolate and/or kill the harmful stuff. I might go talk to the environmental engineering guys at my school.
  2. Hard to say what kind of salamander you're seeing without a picture. Black with yellow spots, I would guess a tiger salamander just because they seem to be to most common in the country. Axolotl's are actually a kind of neotenic tiger salamander, so they never leave the juvenile state. Interestingly though, they develop lungs as well as retaining their gills. They're pretty hardy and active, mine are already eating worms from my fingers. The also like cooler water and don't need a light source. It would be interesting to experiment with other critters in an aquaponics system. I had a 150 gallon koi tank in the past with some blue crawfish living in the rocks below, they seemed helpful in cleaning up uneaten food and breaking apart large chunks of waste. I've also heard of people using apple snails alone in an aquaponics system with good results however i have no experience with that. I'm starting small (only 4 plants) with the axolotls and if the results are good, I'll expand.
  3. Greetings! I'm new to aquaponics and so figured it would be a good idea to join a forum and get connected with people more experienced than I. As you may have guessed, I'm experimenting with a small scale aquaponics system using axolotl salamanders instead of fish. I have limited space where I live and quite honestly, I don't like the taste of freshwater fish anyway. Also, I believe there are some advantages of using axolotls instead. I just got my 3 axolotl babies today so hopefully getting everything going in the next few days. I plan to document my experience with this experiment and if there's an interest, would be glad to start a thread about it. Also, anyone on here from SW Montana, I'd love to setup a time to come see your system and learn some tips. Thanks
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