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  1. My wife and I originally joined site interested in some of the same livestock michrich seemed to post a lot about some of my wording may be coming from his way of posting information. I do apologize. I am more interested in the purchasing of organic products. Mikes post seem to be more seeking for other examples or information. I noticed he hasn't blogged much since we joined maybe he has found what he's looking for. Hope we do soon too.
  2. Many places I know have livestock. Lots of manure is created. If I collect this mixture would it become problematic or mixing of different manures increase quality?livestock I plan to collect from are cows horses chickens pigs goats rabbit and more . Maybe random manures as well like scat found in the woods.
  3. Thanks you so much ravnis. Can the Texas A n M be certified organic?I hear they are great meat producers . Compared to other corturnix quail are they below average on egg production and fertility rate.guess I'm most interested in the breed with beat of a all those qualities .
  4. So human population could actually starve to the point you speak of gary? In small areas I could see but on a global scale? I could see starvation of that level only if some kind of major event happened and killed off large part of food chain. Guess that's more what post about if major events did happen that caused food shortages but if just economy collapsed we have food still I believe.
  5. Any link of pictures or videos of how rocketstoves and biochar work?. I am really interested in how this is producing or converting energy material ect. I would like to see one in operation this would help with better with the understanding of the product.
  6. What would rocketstoves heat used for. The biochar byproduct what is it uses? How exactly are you turning stuff into biochar?
  7. Wow lots want to eat your ducks they must be super tasty lol. I noticed flocks raise away from large natural water are preyed upon less. Larger animals like dogs ginea or peacocks could help warn and protect ducks and other flocks herds ect .
  8. Ants was example probably bad one. Insects in general could help starving population. Probably has many times before already. Microfarming insects for human protein could be more productive than other livestock but guess people don't wanna eat bug burgers lol
  9. we once heard that ants total mass equal human population overall mass. May be untrue (tv) they are high in protein. That's just one of 1000s of possible edible organisms that are overlooked . If economy crashed you could find food. People starving today probably location or governmental issues.
  10. Projects 13 and 15 how do they work exactly?something hard to do or make?
  11. Thanks problem is finding exact breeds I would like.in America seems aylesbury and jap. quail are had to come by. We looked locally often.im looking for duel purpose rabbits . Californian or New Zealand I guess type of breed I need for fur and meat.
  12. We also have family and land in Texas Alabama Georgia South Carolina Noth Carolina Tennessee and Kentucky. We are very interested in raising organically tilapia rabbits Japanese quail and aylesbury ducks. We plan to do vertical farming of some sort and raise livestock and vegis in a barn/greenhouse type building. Probably will use hp or ap system to increase food rate.livestock will produce fertilizer for the aquaponically grown fodder for the livestock. Basically making my own food for my livestock most efficient way possible.
  13. Any links to farms that sell organic breeds of poultry fish or rabbit? Cheers ande
  14. We had hawk problems but for years never did because hawks or some kinds must be scared of peacocks. After our last peacock died hawks in years time took out over 400 chickens and 3 dozen ducks. Hawks and owls will pluck chicks right in front of you. Hawks will eat only the breast of the larger poultry and both with break into pens and pull bird from them fast. When dealing with group chicken hawks like dealing with pack of raptors. Extremely fast and smart.
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