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  1. I live in zone 8 but unsure what depth I would need to keep them alive . If a cold snap did happen could I cover the pool or would that cause problems?
  2. Hey Guys just wondering will tilapia survive outdoors in South or North Carolina during winter? I heard was possible depending on depth but unsure . We once had some live in pool that had liner but was also between greenhouses believe was 8 ft deep. I'm unsure about being in open area raised in pond .
  3. Because of size I would not eat them but they make ok fish bait and could be used to make mill or fertilizer . They breed so fast In a year i had thousands . They give live birth do not lay eggs by time the are birthing 3 or 4th spawn the first two are giving birth and can produce over 4 dozen offspring and actually large for fry when born .
  4. Mosquito fish can live in very harsh conditions over 100 degrees to under zero they will live. They have the ability to change genes up to 20 percent in one generation. This family of fish was one of the first to travel to space and they lived. This fish breath air and can live short periods of time out of water. They also have the ability to cross breed with guppy family and give birth to fertile younge carrying both parents traits. These offspring normally are larger and healthier than the first generation . Cross breeding mosquito fish can be difficult espically male guppy female mosquito fish cross.
  5. Cucumbers pea squash combo in field production was more than 200% than expected. Soon one or two weeks or less cucumbers and squash with be blowed into soil and more double the amount as last time will be planted mainly for profit and maximizing production of this area.I should pick 50 plus bushels or more by end of August just in this one area alone of our property.😃We pick a bushel of peas cucumbers And squash again today plus lots of blueberries.
  6. Can soldier fly larvae be used as fish bait? I wouldn't wanna hook them if they had problems staying on hook or native fish didn't wanna eat them. Regular magits from blow and house flys break down waste . Would it be better to feed waste to something like a pig first?
  7. Glad to announce my mosquito fish trap been. Working all summer. Even with the overgrowth and common rain falls . I've watch the mosquito fish pull down insects trying to lay eat in the water so they are very aggressive. Love the fact mosquito fish give live birth to larger fry and fast growing. 3 females in a year time turned into countless amounts. They can travel unsure how but short distances for one pool to others. Very adaptable fish even though mosquito larvae their favorite food they will eat almost anything even plant material.
  8. Soldier flys are interesting but how would someone benifit from them if they wasn't raising livestock to feed them too?
  9. Picked fist batch of the new peas today this varietys pods grow over foot long posted picture on Facebook when I gt better lighting I'll show you guys how full the rows are. Ate blueberries and strawberries homegrown today too. 😃
  10. Wow that's cheap how old is the equipment because unless some major maintenance is needed should be worth more but maybe the location is also making price low.
  11. Another thing I guess I better go to school so I can type English correctly on my smartphone or I could just use app 4 it. 😃
  12. Bing and Google are awesome 😃 Guess I'll do it my way bc seems internet misleading at times . For example Google betta breeding. Nothing is right how they are spawning them unless this is some hobby form or not trying to be productive.I'm finding and using own methods may be better than anything Google or Bing has to say definitely didn't need them for my produce.
  13. Yall ain't seen nothing yet lol but thank you greatly 😀my grandfather and horticulture teacher would be proud. Starting to think some people actually have green thumbs. 😃😃ðŸ‘ðŸ¼
  14. Lots more pictures added today I believe one of my betta videos loaded too. My betta line can change color in light halfmoon crowntail cross with fin combo. No one today has heard of a breed of betta that can do this but my line can and I'm really good at designer breeding aquatic animals.
  15. What would be the preferred method of raising quail only a medium to slighter larger scale in quantity? I figured I could just hatch out the last batch of eggs and start over or just buy more...... ðŸ™
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